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Amtrak is the lolcow of services I swear to God

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>Services one to three trains a week
>One way towards Chicago and Kentucky
>One way towards DC (what most passengers use it for)

So you think one to three a week is easy to manage? You think one to three a week can lead to some decent outcomes? Think again nigger
>They come on random ass days at random ass times
>Often, if multiple come in a given week, they come at the same fucking time for some fucking reason
>No set time either. Your train might come at 1 in the evening or it could come at 4 in the morning
>Oftentimes, and this only got worse this year, the train could be at full capacity since it's in the middle of the DC-Chicago route
>Recently, since WV has some particular restrictions due to COVID, West Virginian passengers are just bitched at by hicks from Kentucky for following the law (masks, sitting a row away from other people, etc)

>Wanna go to Pittsburgh?
>Wanna go south?
>Suck a dick you're going to have to transfer multiple hours into your trip, into some hick-ass shitty rural Appalachian station for possibly ten hours to do so
Did the fucking Monorail guy from the Simpsons design this? Fuck Amtrak seriously