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Cargo bicycles

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Since I'm using my bicycle as an utility device, often I find myself running out of cargo capacity in my rear cargo bags. The loads I carry (~ 20 kg, anything larger I'm carrying by car) are also problematic.

I'm thinking about pic related as a solution, and as one less reason to use my car, especially with an electric version, that could make a 20 km/direction trip fully loaded (local farmer's market, currently that's done by car because of the expected heavy loads) without any difficulty.

Yeah, I'm not /fit/, so I probably can't cycle centuries.

Only problem is that even from aliexpress, it's fing $1k + duty, taxes and shipping. From yurop, the quotes I've heard are closer to €3k.

Also, I haven't seen a cargobike with 28" wheels, and being 6'3", that could be a problem.

Is this a good idea?
What alternatives are there lugging cargo around with a bicycle?
What non-car alternatives are there? Are electric scooters any good?
Also, cargobike general.