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Dual bike ownership

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Who here has two bikes for two specific purposes?

I'm one of those who was originally looking for a 'gravel bike' because I wanted a bike that would serve me well as a commuter and as a recreational bike, but the truth is I learned that if you want to do two different things you need two different tools, and so I got a road bike which I commuter'd up and a 90's mountain bike which I gravel'd up.

It was without a doubt the best cycling related decision I ever made, and the benefits go way beyond simply having two bikes that each fulfill their alloted roles perfectly.

>I can keep my commuter bike set up for winter longer
in the UK we have rain all fucking year so instead of removing fenders, switching tyres etc I just leave that bike winter ready most of the year, if we get a hot spell then I might slap the licks on and pull the fenders off, but I used to do that shit several times a year and it was a ball ache.

>Spare bike
if one bike dfevelopes an issue I always have the opther bike, it's not happened too often, once I had a puncture which I discovered as I was leaving the house for work so I just hopped on my mtb and fixed it when I got home, another time my mtb chain snapped, no worries,. I removed the fenders and other shit from my road bike, stuck the treaded tyres on and too that gravel riding and it was surprisingly decent, although it did make me appreciate and miss the 1990's mtb geometry of my samba.

So fuck trying to get one bike to do everything, just get a bike for every need. Pic related is just there for the keks.