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Trump has gained among black voters since the 2016 election

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It does actually seem that Trump has gained support among African-Americans since the 2016 election.
The network exit polls had Trump winning only 8% among black voters in 2016. Hillary Clinton took 89% of their vote. That is, Clinton won black voters by an 81-percentage-point margin.
Trump's average net approval rating (approval rating minus disapproval rating) with blacks right now is -72 points. In other words, he's shrunk his deficit by 9 points.
I would argue, though, that the President has made an even bigger improvement. To make an apples-to-apples comparison, we can look at a post-election Pew Research Center study with verified voters. Pew found that Clinton had an even larger margin 85-point margin with black voters, of 91% to 6%. If this study were correct, it would mean that Trump had doubled his black support since the election. (Note: Trump's approval rating with blacks in a Pew poll in June, not included in our average, was 14%. Again, this suggests he has gained since the election.)
Even with averaging, the African-American subsample in these polls is small enough that our current estimate of Trump's approval rating comes with a fairly wide margin of error. That's why I decided to look at the President's average approval rating since April in Gallup's tracking poll. Doing so gives us a total sample of about 2,500 black respondents, a fairly robust sample size.
In this Gallup data since April, Trump's approval rating has averaged 13%. His disapproval rating has averaged 84%. Both of which are slightly better for Trump than our average since July.

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Stagnating salaries: Real US wages are essentially back at 1974 levels, Pew reports

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>Forget the chatter about tight labor markets, low unemployment, and vastly improved productivity. Purchasing power for most Americans has stagnated for decades
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Temple Unveils Baphomet Statue at Arkansas Capitol

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The Satanic Temple unveiled its statue Thursday of a goat-headed, winged creature called Baphomet during a First Amendment rally at the Arkansas State Capitol to protest a Ten Commandments monument already on the Capitol grounds.

With Satanists, atheists and Christians among those in attendance, several speakers called for the removal of the Ten Commandments monument or for state government officials to install Baphomet as well. The Satanic Temple said the Ten Commandments monument violates constitutional freedom of religion rights and that installation of their statue will demonstrate religious tolerance.

Satanic Arkansas cofounder Ivy Forrester, who helped organize the rally, said "if you're going to have one religious monument up then it should be open to others, and if you don't agree with that then let's just not have any at all."

The statue of Baphomet, who is seated and accompanied by two smiling children, can't be installed under a 2017 law that requires legislative sponsorship for consideration of any monument.

The Satanic Temple has said it will sue the state, claiming religious discrimination. But when the Satanic Temple tried to join a case the ACLU had already brought against the state, the ACLU asked the court to bar the intervention. A judge has not yet ruled whether the Satanic Temple can join the case.

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Germany: Doctor Stabbed to Death in His Own Surgery by Somali Asylum Seeker

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>The mayor of Offenburg has cautioned against anti-migrant sentiment after a doctor was reportedly stabbed to death in his own surgery by an asylum seeker, with his 10-year-old daughter forced to watch.

>In what was a seemingly unprovoked attack, a 26-year-old Somali man is reported to have stormed a family doctor’s surgery at 8:45 a.m. without an appointment and stabbed the doctor, named by local media only as Joachim T., who died in one of the practice rooms shortly after.

>A manhunt involving 20 law enforcement vehicles, a helicopter, and a dog squad was launched shortly afterwards, and officers located and arrested the suspect about one and a half kilometres from the surgery. He was identified as an asylum seeker who arrived in Germany in 2015 and was granted a residence permit to live in Offenberg.

>Johanna Skopp, who lives directly above the practice, told German tabloid Bild she heard “pitiful screams” ringing out from a room below before hearing “the doctor’s daughter call out, ‘Dad, Dad!’ several times”.

at what point should all n*n-whites hang? are we past that stage?
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CIA Keeps Database of ‘Japanese Style Faces’ to Use on Online Forums

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>CIA documents published by WikiLeaks show that the CIA kept a database of “Japanese style faces” to utilize in online forums.
The WikiLeaks data dump, which consists of 8,761 files and documents, was taken from a high-security isolated network situated inside the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Within the data dump a folder called “Japanese Style Faces” can be found. These consist of ASCII expressions designed to represent faces and emotions, commonly used on internet message boards to denote a particular reaction.

>Some have hypothesized that these emoticons are designed to help CIA hackers infiltrate online communities, posing as normal users of internet message boards in order to collect data or possibly push a particular narrative.

>Nate Church, Breitbart’s resident anime expert, spoke briefly about the emoticons saying, “The worst part about these “Japanese style” ASCII expressions, is that they’re not even very good. The majority of Japanese ASCII is meant to mimic the emotional shorthand used in both manga and anime. Any of these would stick out like a sore thumb in the communities for which they’re intended. What the CIA really needs is a dedicated weeb.”

How do we deal with this subversive menace, /news/?

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Kofi Annan, Former UN Chief, Dies Aged 80

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World figures have been paying tribute to former UN secretary-general and Nobel laureate Kofi Annan, who has died at the age of 80.

Current UN chief Antonio Guterres hailed him as "a guiding force for good" and Russian President Vladimir Putin described a "remarkable person". Ex-US President Barack Obama said Annan had always pursued "a better world".

The Ghanaian national served as UN chief from 1997 to 2006 and is the only black African ever to hold the post. Since then he has served as the UN special envoy for Syria, leading efforts to find a solution to the conflict.

The career diplomat died in hospital in the Swiss city of Bern. He had been living near Geneva for several years. He "passed away peacefully on Saturday after a short illness", the Kofi Annan Foundation said. He was a "deeply committed internationalist who fought throughout his life for a fairer and more peaceful world", the statement added.

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UTR2: Black Lives Matter "Activists" Surround Cars, Attack Drivers: ‘Back the F*ck Up!’

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>Black Lives Matter activists wearing ski masks attacked and threatened drivers in Washington, D.C. during a counter-protest against the “Unite the Right 2” protest in Lafayette Park.

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Georgia Cracker trashed

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>>Georgia state representative Jason Spencer shouted racist obscenities, including multiple instances of the N-word, on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America?

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Trump cancels military parade, says he will head to Paris

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>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday he had canceled a planned military parade for November due to high costs and would instead visit Paris to commemorate the end of World War I, a day after the Pentagon postponed the event to at least next year.

>Trump had requested a parade to honor U.S. military veterans and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war, after marveling at the Bastille Day military parade he attended in Paris last year.

>But, on Thursday, a U.S. official said the cost of such an event could top $90 million, nearly three times as much as the White House had earlier estimated. The Defense Department ultimately postponed the event, originally planned for Nov. 10 in Washington.

>Trump, in a pair of tweets, said he would instead celebrate the occasion in Paris on Nov. 11, the U.S Veterans Day holiday.

>He also said he would attend a parade at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, but gave no date. A spokeswoman at the base was not able to immediately provide the date for the event.

>Critics had blasted the planned Washington parade, questioning the lofty cost and the need for it as the Pentagon has sought to stabilize an over-stretched military.

>But in Trump’s tweets, the Republican president blamed local Washington officials for seeking a “windfall,” and suggested they were inflating the parade’s costs.

>Washington, D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, hit back at Trump, saying in a Twitter post that she was “the local politician who finally got thru to the reality star in the White House with the realities ($21.6M) of parades/events/demonstrations in Trump America (sad).”
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study concludes "medicare for all" legislation would cost 32 trillion $ over ten years

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- That estimate constitutes a net savings of 2 Trillion $ over the same time period as compared with the status quo.

- A Koch affiliated conservative think tank produced the study.

- The study used Bernie Sanders' proposed legislation which would cover all Americans and would include much broader coverage than available even to Medicare recipients today, eliminating entirely all deductibles and co-pays for conventional treatment and pharmaceuticals for all Americans.

>A new report on Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" plan outlined a whopping cost for the federal government. But the price tag may not be as overall eye-catching as it initially seems.

>The report, from the libertarian Mercatus Center, found that Sanders' plan to extend Medicare to all Americans would increase federal healthcare costs by $32.6 trillion from 2022 to 2031 if implemented as written.

>Republicans pounced on the number, arguing that it showed such a plan was not feasible.

>House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted: "$32.6 trillion dollars. That's how much Washington Democrats' single-payer healthcare proposal would cost over 10 years. Even doubling all federal individual and corporate income taxes wouldn't cover this cost. It is just absurd."

>But the cost for the federal government tells only part of the story. The government is one piece of the health-system puzzle.

>The Department of Health and Human Services also measures the total amount spent on healthcare in the US, including by states, private citizens, the federal government, businesses, and more. This all-encompassing number is known as the national health expenditure, or NHE.

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