Alabama disaster plan would deny treatment to those with "severe mental retardation"

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Some state plans make clear that people with cognitive issues are a lower priority for lifesaving treatment. For instance, Alabama’s plan says that “persons with severe mental retardation, advanced dementia or severe traumatic brain injury may be poor candidates for ventilator support.” Another part says that “persons with severe or profound mental retardation, moderate to severe dementia, or catastrophic neurological complications such as persistent vegetative state are unlikely candidates for ventilator support.”
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New carpets at Kennedy Center or Ventilators for New Yorkers?

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"Cuomo said the state now has only about half of the ventilators it will need during the worst phase of the outbreak. In about 21 days, Cuomo said, New York will need 30,000 ventilators for critically ill coronavirus patients.

"The hospitals don't need them yet," Cuomo told CNN. "The hospitals aren't at their apex. The hospitals have enough ventilators today. But the numbers are going up. So the point is, 'They're in a stockpile, you must not need them' is just ignorant. Of course you don't need them today. You need them when you hit the apex, which is 30,000. We're not there yet.""
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Trump Turned Down Emergency Coronavirus Funding in February

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Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, says that Trump administration officials declined an offer of early congressional funding assistance that he and other senators made on Feb. 5 during a meeting to discuss the coronavirus.

The officials, including Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, said they “didn’t need emergency funding, that they would be able to handle it within existing appropriations,” Murphy recalled in an interview with Yahoo News’ “Skullduggery” podcast.

“What an awful, horrible catastrophic mistake that was,” Murphy said.

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CNN: Lying is OK if you're saying something nasty about Trump

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>CNN’s Jake Tapper Admits He Allowed Ocasio-Cortez to Lie About Trump
CNN’s Jake Tapper is admitting he knew Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told a lie about President Trump on his Sunday show and he chose to not challenge or correct her.

This is a remarkable admission from an increasingly unstable CNN anchor, who just last week demanded the American president stop communicating directly with the American people.

Before I get to the specifics of what happened, I want to be very clear about what happened…

This is not a situation where a politician snuck one past an interviewer.

No, Tapper knew she was lying and chose not to correct the record or challenger her.

And how do we know Tapper knew she was lying and chose not to correct the record or challenge her?

Because Tapper is proudly and publicly admitting he knew she was lying and chose not to correct the record or challenger her.

To make matters worse, and as if to prove he could use a few weeks bed rest to box his moral compass (if he even has one), Tapper is blaming Trump for his own breathtaking lack of journalistic ethics.

Here’s what happened…

Ocasio-Cortez appeared on Tapper’s State of the Union Sunday and repeated the long-debunked lie that Trump described the coronavirus as a “hoax.”

After Tapper was criticized online for not challenging or correcting her, he smugly took to Twitter and admitted he chose to allow her to lie to his audience, and then bizarrely blamed Trump for his own moral lapse.

“I thought about it, because the president did not call the virus a hoax,” Tapper tweeted Sunday to someone who said he should have fact checked Ocasio-Cortez.
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Cuomo Demands Filthy, Diseased New Yorkers Be Allowed To Spread WuFlu

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>Cuomo threatens to sue RI over new policy to find New Yorkers in the state
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said Saturday that if Rhode Island does not roll back its new policy of stopping vehicles with New York license plates and collecting information about New Yorkers who have entered the Ocean State, he would sue.

“If they uphold that policy, I’m going to sue,” he told CNN Saturday, adding that the two governors would likely work it out “amicably.”

Rhode Island's governor, Gina Raimondo (D), issued an order Friday enacting new measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The governor's measures allow law enforcement officers to stop cars and collect information about motorists should they have a New York license plate, according to a report from Bloomberg. The National Guard will be stationed at Rhode Island's airport as well as Amtrak and bus stations to question passengers about their travel plans.

The National Guard will then knock on doors in coastal communities to identify people who've been to New York state to ensure that they are following a 14-day quarantine.

“Right now we have a pinpointed risk,” Raimondo said, according to Bloomberg. “That risk is called New York City.”

New York has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other state in the U.S., with nearly half of all cases in the country there, particularly in New York City and the surrounding region.

"I think what they did is wrong, it was reactionary. I think it was illegal but we'll work it out amicably, I'm sure," Cuomo said. “ No state should be using police to prohibit interstate travel in any way.”
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Coronavirus pushes GOP's Biden-Burisma probe to back burner

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As the fallout from the coronavirus dominates Washington and the country, one high-profile item has fallen out of the spotlight: a GOP effort to investigate Hunter Biden and Ukraine gas company Burisma Holdings.

The slide to the back burner of the controversial probe comes as coronavirus cases in the United States have surged in recent weeks — from 2,224 on March 13 to more than 100,000 now, according to New York Times data — reshaping every aspect of American life, including the priorities of Congress.

Just over two weeks ago Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was talking about issuing his first subpoenas, but now, he acknowledged, that's been put on hold as the Senate takes an extended recess until April 20.

“There’s not much we can do for the time being, is there?” Johnson said when asked about his subpoena plans. “It is what it is.”

Even before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced the change to the chamber’s schedule, any action unrelated to the coronavirus had largely ground to a halt as lawmakers focused on passing back-to-back relief bills.

The Senate's Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last held a public meeting March 11, according to the panel’s calendar, the same day that Trump would announce in an Oval Office address that he was halting travel from Europe for 30 days, among other steps.

Aides say staff-level work will continue but the limbo status for what was expected to be the investigation’s next phase underscores how quickly the virus reshaped plans on Capitol Hill.

“Our oversight team has continued their work on ongoing matters,” Taylor Foy, a spokesman for Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who has joined with Johnson in the investigation, told The Hill.


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>COVID-19 has been genetically researched and discovered to be the result of Chinese wet markets originating from...bats.

>The "Bat soup" meme has now been proven very likely to be true.

>Also all the people claiming it to be made in a lab are in all likelyhood, Chinese shills.

New research has played down conspiracy theories suggesting that the virus was created in a laboratory.
With COVID-19 infections around the world now exceeding 550,000, more people than ever have been seeking an answer to the question of how the virus came to arise in the first place.

While the official story has always been that it was first contracted through contact with animals at an illegal seafood market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, conspiracy theorists have long played down this explanation, instead favoring the idea that it was actually a man-made creation.

Now however, a new study involving a detailed analysis of all the available evidence has definitively debunked this particular theory and reasserted that the virus did indeed develop naturally.

The key to this lies in the fact that the virus does not share any "previously used virus backbone", meaning that there is nothing to suggest that it is was created in a lab.

Instead, it arose through a recombination of two viruses found in bats and pangolins.

Joe Biden's Sexual Assault Accuser Breaks Silence With Graphic Allegations

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>She details an assault she says occurred in 1993.

>In April of last year, Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of inappropriate behavior when she worked at his Senate office in 1993. Now, she's accusing the Democratic presidential nominee of sexual assault, according to a graphic interview with podcaster Katie Halper.

>When Reade initially came out about her experience with Biden, she told The Union that he did uncomfortable things like "put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck." Reade also said that she cut ties with Biden's office over an early 1993 staff argument. According to Reade, Biden wanted her to serve drinks because he liked her legs. Reade says she didn't hear this directly from Biden but she learned of it during her argument with staff. Reade refused to serve the drinks, which she believes was a move that affected her career.

>"My life was hell," Reade said. "This was about power and control. I couldn't get a job on the Hill." She eventually left Biden's office in August of 1993.

>Now, Reade is speaking out even more with a sexual assault allegation against Biden. Katie Harper posted an excerpt from an interview done with Reade to Twitter around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, writing "This is a story that @ReadeAlexandra has been trying to tell since it happened in 1993. It's a story about sexual assault, retaliation and silencing. #meToo."

>In the interview excerpt, which is posted to Soundcloud, Reade described a graphic 1993 incident where a superior asked her to take a gym bag to Biden "down towards the capital." Then she recalls being called towards the "side area" where Biden greeted her.

>"We were alone and it was the strangest thing," she said. "There was no like exchange really. He just had me up against the wall."
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Probably gonna loose my job

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Fuck you hobby lobby, because firing hundreds of workers is so fucking Christian
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I heard you yankees are starving because Amazon stopped delivering food...

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I checked my grabfood app and its shilling me chinese, fast-food and bubbletea. All available for delivery within 40 minutes. The prices are bullshit though...

Thus spoketh singapoor. Pic unrelated
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