Australia provided fertile ground for Islamophobic culture, experts say

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>Authorities in New Zealand arrested a suspect and charged him with murder but have not released his name. In a manifesto published online before the attack, the alleged gunman describes himself as “an ordinary white man, 28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class, low income family.”

>It remains unclear whether he had established links to far-right groups, but such groups have been active in Australia for decades. Some experts say that anti-Muslim rhetoric has been normalized by mainstream right-wing news outlets, many of which are owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

>These publications have fomented “the kind of Islamophobic culture which makes it easier for extremists to think that they are legitimized to enact their deadly fantasies,” said Ghassan Hage, a Lebanese Australian academic at the University of Melbourne.
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"Boy" Scouts welcome new female members by buying them their uniforms

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Husband of slain 44 year old NZ woman: All is forgiven

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Man forgives NZ shooter and pledges brotherly love less than 24 hours after wife shot dead
>'I don't hate him, I love him': Widower forgives Christchurch gunman who killed his wife

A senior leader at the Deans Ave Mosque who lost his wife in the terror attack says he has forgiven the shooter.

Farid Ahmed says the extraordinary gesture to the man who killed so many of his friends is what his wife would have wanted.

Christchurch terror attack: Crowd sings 'Imagine', 'Hallelujah' at victim memorial
Christchurch terror attack: Where you can pay your respects
Christchurch terror attack: Sam Neill's 'helpless anger' after deaths
The widower was first interviewed at the cordon on Friday shortly after the shooting broke out. At the time, he hadn't heard from his wife, and since then he's received terrible news.

Husna Ahmed ran classes for children at the mosque, while her husband gave sermons.

"She was probably more open than me; she could reach anyone, she was magnetic," Farid Ahmed told Newshub.
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Ocasio-Cortez's 'unfavorable' rating skyrockets, with most people viewing her negatively: poll

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U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s unfavorable rating has spiked after just months in Congress, with most of the public viewing her negatively rather than favorably, a new poll shows.

A Gallup poll released Friday shows that Ocasio-Cortez's unfavorable rating has risen by 15 points since last September, when she had yet to win the general election, increasing from 26 percent to 41 percent of the American adults polled.

She has also managed to increase her favorability rating, but only by 7 points. About 31 percent of surveyed people view her favorably, compared to 24 percent in September.

Since September, Ocasio-Cortez became more widely recognized across the country, with half of the respondents saying they have never heard of her before. Now only a fifth of surveyed people says they aren’t familiar with the self-described Democratic socialist.

The poll notes that Ocasio-Cortez’s name recognition is growing compared to that of other politicians at the same point in their careers in Congress. More surveyed people know the New York Democrat than they knew Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz as freshmen.

Nearly three-quarters of Republican respondents say they view her negatively, with only 5 percent having a positive view. Among the Democrats, 56 percent of respondents had a favorable view of Ocasio-Cortez, compared to only 15 percent of the Democrats polled who don’t support her.

She’s also favored by adults 18 to 34, people of color and women. Yet she’s facing a favorability deficit among men (-24), whites (-24), and adults 55 or older (-22).

Among self-described independents, she has a negative net rating of 5 percent .
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The "Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act" (HB 481)—the “heartbeat” bill that I am rebranding as the “Women’s Womb Takeover” bill—passed in the Georgia House of Representatives by just two votes last week. All Democrats present voted against the measure except one, and some Republicans either walked or voted “no.”

HB 481 was rushed through the committee process, brought on the floor late into the hours of Crossover Day when bills have to pass to the other chamber, and passed the Georgia House of Representatives. So I agree it’s not a laughing matter—but neither is the government telling me when I must have a child.

HB 481 is not done. It’s in the Georgia Senate as I write this opinion. It can still be stopped, I believe. So whether I actually file my “testicular bill of rights” or not, I will continue to work with the Senate to try to stop this heinous, unconstitutional measure that attacks women’s core rights to privacy and family planning. I was elected by 54,000 Georgians to fight for their interests—and I will continue to do so no matter what stands in my way.
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Several Websites Blocked by Australian and New Zealand Service Providers

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In the wake of the Christchurch shooting, New Zealand began restricting access to several websites for New Zealand citizens. The ban targeted less popular websites that were hosting footage of the attack without incentive or resources to remove the content as it appeared.

Twenty hours ago, Telstra also began pulling down sites for general Australian access. These now include several Chan-forums, Live-Leak, and 0 Hedge. Vodafone and Optus are two other major providers that have since restricted access to these sites as well. At this time, iiNet has not restricted consumer access to websites.

A New Zealand teenager is also facing court charges over distributing footage of the attack online. The teenager, whose name was suppressed by the judge, was also charged with publishing a photograph of the mosque with the message "target acquired". He faces a maximum of 14 years in prison for each charge, prosecutors said.
A judge did not grant him bail and he is due back in court on April 8.

The absolute state of Russians

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>The new rules allow prosecutors to direct complaints about material considered insulting to Russian officials to the government

Feels good not living in a totalitarian shithole.
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Turkish Sunni Islamist jihadist kills three Dutch civilians in mass shooting

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Dutch shooting: Utrecht police arrest suspect after three killed

A man has been arrested following a shooting on a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht which left three people dead, police say.

Five others were injured in the incident, and authorities say the attacker's motive remains unclear.

Gokmen Tanis, a 37-year-old Turkish man, was detained several hours after the attack. It is not yet clear where he was arrested.

The incident sparked a city-wide manhunt and the closure of schools.

What happened on Monday?
At about 10:45 local time (09:45 GMT), police were called to reports of a shooting on board one of the city's trams at the 24 Oktoberplein junction.

One witness told local media that "a man started shooting wildly".

Several of the injured are in a critical condition.

Another witness told Dutch public broadcaster NOS that he had helped an injured woman when the tram came to an emergency stop.

"I looked behind me and saw someone lying there behind the tram," he said. "People got out of their cars... and they started to lift her up.

"I helped to pull her out and then I saw a gunman run towards us, with his gun raised," he said. "I heard people yell 'Shooter! Shooter!' and I started to run."

The gunman then fled the scene, leading to the manhunt which lasted for much of Monday.

Schools were closed and security was increased at airports and mosques while counter-terrorism police worked to locate the suspect.

A photograph of him was posted on social media by police, who warned people against approaching him.

A number of raids were reportedly carried out and counter-terrorism officers were pictured surrounding a building and patrolling the streets near to where the attack happened.

What do we know about the suspect?
Police said the shooting appeared to be a terrorist incident but, at a press conference on Monday evening, a prosecutor said it could have been motivated by "family reasons".
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Mass Shooting at Christchurch Mosque

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On-going story, but tl;dr big shit going down in Christchurch, New Zealand.

>(CNN)Police in the New Zealand city of Christchurch are responding to a "serious and evolving situation" involving an active shooter, with witnesses describing a gunman entering a mosque and opening fire.
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Teenager hit

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