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Muslim Screams "Allahu Akbar" As He Slaughters People In German Supermarket

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A machete-wielding man shouting Allahu Akbar has killed one and injured several others after going on the rampage through a German supermarket this afternoon according to German news agency dpa and the Hamburg police. The attack happened on the corner of Fuhlsbüttler and Hermann-Kauffmann streets in the north of the city, police said. People were warned to stay away from the area. Witnesses said the attack happened at a branch of Edeka, Germany's largest supermarket chain.
s Focus adds, an unknown attacker indiscriminately attacked customers in a supermarket branch in the Hamburg district of Barmbek with a knife and killed a man. After the attack, the perpetrator escaped. Witnesses followed him and informed the police. The officers were then able to arrest the man in the vicinity of the crime scene.

Bild newspaper published a photo of a man purported to be the attacker covered in blood. It said police were looking for a second man. The newspaper said the attacker began wildly striking at shoppers before being stopped by police.

According to Bild, the man shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as he launched the attack. A witness told the newspaper: 'The man has suddenly struck out on customers, there was one dead and several injured.'

The Hamburg police has confirmed the attack on Twitter. There were no details behind the attack motive.

Local media also reports that a terror alarm had been triggered. The police also added that 'initial reports about robbery as a possible motive so far have not been confirmed.'

Germany remains on high alert following a series of terror attacks in the country last year.
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House panel agrees to probe Comey & Clinton Emails

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House Judiciary Committee Republicans Wednesday heeded President Donald Trump’s relentless calls for more investigations into Hillary Clinton, agreeing to seek documents relating to the FBI probe of her private email server.

"If it's in the public interest to investigate the Trump administration, it is most certainly in the public interest to investigate the real crimes by the real criminals," said Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a committee member.

Trump has been prodding Attorney General Jeff Sessions via Twitter to revive an inquiry into the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee who lost the election to Trump. Clinton’s use of the private email server as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 was investigated for months by the FBI.

Lawmakers had been resisting reopening inquiries into Clinton and Democrats’ conduct during the campaign. But judiciary committee Republicans seized an opportunity Wednesday after Democrats tried to win approval for a probe of Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey in May.

Republicans surprised them by turning the tables and pushing through a plan to learn more about the FBI investigation, notably why former President Bill Clinton was meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix tarmac as her department was probing Hillary Clinton.
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“Gender Unicorn”, Parents Outraged!

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More parents are speaking out as more teachers adopt the "gender unicorn" method of "teaching" sex education. The so-called “gender unicorn” is raising concerns and sparking anger across more states as teachers involved in sex education adopt the mythical character, which was created by transgender activists to teach children as young as age five about sex and gender identity. Why does a child as young as five need to be exposed to this confusing material? This is still the question many are asking.

The Daily Caller reports that the creators call the gender unicorn an upgrade to the "gender bread person", by replacing the man with a sexually ambiguous mythical creature. In addition to a host of semantic issues, the gender unicorn’s creators state that the male and female binary in biology is “a European construct.” The organization that created it says it is “dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and gender nonconforming students through advocacy and empowerment.”

Writing for the Oregonian, Elizabeth Hovde says that elementary and middle-schoolers in her school district’s health curriculum haven’t been subjected to learning about the gender unicorn by the schools themselves, but some of their teachers have been more than eager to adopt the mythical character as an educational reference.

This is somewhat in contrast to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in Charlotte, N.C., which adopted the transgenderism-promoting training materials in late 2016. In Alberta, Canada, the top teacher’s union fully embraced the gender unicorn as part of their kit on sex education.

Hovde says that the Oregon Department of Education allows teachers “some leeway” on the use of supplemental materials, so long as they line up with teaching standards—a fact that might bring the use of the gender unicorn into question given its subject matter.
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Bannon wants Google and Facebook to be regulated as public utilities

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Stephen Bannon, President Trump’s chief strategist, has been pushing for regulating internet companies like Facebook and Google as public utilities, according to a report in The Intercept published Thursday.

The news outlet cited three unnamed sources who have spoken to Bannon about the internet giants. They said Bannon believes that Facebook and Google have become so essential to internet users that they should be regulated like natural monopolies.

The debate over how much the government should crack down on internet companies has received renewed attention as the Federal Communications Commission moves to repeal the Obama-era net neutrality rules. The rules subject internet service providers to utility-style regulation and require them to treat all web traffic equally.
And some believe that web-based companies should be given similar treatment to prevent them from abusing their power over their own networks.

Google has been facing scrutiny from the European Union over its practices. Last month, the company was hit with a record antitrust fine of $2.7 billion for favoring its own comparison-shopping service in its search results.
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Trump: Transgender people will not be allowed to serve ‘in any capacity’ in the US military

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WASHINGTON — Trump: Transgender people will not be allowed to serve ‘in any capacity’ in the US military.

Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
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Feds: 2017 is US’s second-warmest year on record so far

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The contiguous United States is experiencing its second-warmest year on record so far in 2017, federal scientists announced Friday.

The average temperature in the United States between January and June was 50.9 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 3.4 degrees above the 20th century average, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported on Friday.

Only the first six months of 2012 were warmer in the United States than this year, according to the report.

That tally includes includes last year, which finished as the second-warmest year on record in the United States and the hottest year on record around the globe.
This year has also produced a near-record number of costly weather events. Between January and June, there were nine weather or climate incidents that cost $1 billion or more, according to the report, second only to the 10 such events at this point in the year in both 2011 and 2016.

The list of costly weather incidents so far this year includes three tornado outbreaks and two hailstorms that caused more than $2 billion in damage in Colorado, Minnesota and other parts of the central United States.
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29 arrested in Pakistan in "revenge rape" case

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July 27 (UPI) -- Police in Pakistan arrested 29 people after a village council ordered the revenge rape of a 16-year-old girl whose brother allegedly raped another girl, age 12, local authorities said.

Family members of the two rape victims filed complaints with police at the Violence Against Women center in central Pakistan's Multan.

The family of the younger girl said she was raped by a man while she was cutting grass in a field in Muzaffarabad's Rajpur area on July 16. Members of the village council, a panchayat, convened July 18 to determine a punishment for the accused man.

They determined the brother of the 12-year-old girl should rape the sister of the suspect. The older girl was then dragged to the location of the panchayat meeting, where she was assaulted in front of the council members and her parents, Pakistan's Dawn news reported.

The pairs of siblings are distantly related to each other.

"They are victims and accused at the same time," Ahsan Younish, head of the Multan police, told The Washington Post. "It's barbaric."

Police arrested 29 people, all of whom are related to the victims and suspects in the case. Family members on both sides of the case told police they all agreed on the punishment in the case. The family of the older girl initially offered up their two older, married daughters to be raped, but the village elders determined the unmarried daughter must take the punishment, the Post reported.
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Terror Attack on the Pope failed in Portugal

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>Moroccan planned to attack Pope in Fatima

>A Moroccan citizen married to a Portuguese firefighter woman is suspected of planning an attack on Pope Francis on his visit to Fatima. The Maghrebin had already been expelled from Portugal. There have been other suspicious moves in recent months, which are not reported by the Police to not cause social alarm. After the visit of the Pope, the Vatican has given high figures of national security.

>A Moroccan married to a Portuguese firefighter was expelled at the time of Pope Francisco's arrival in Portugal.

>The man, who was already under surveillance, made several suspicious purchases of nitrates, a substance used for homemade bombs. And convinced the woman, a firefighter from Ourém, to try to infiltrate the ambulance that was always near the Pope - which he could not.
Source: Jornal o Sol
Archived link and translated to English:
Archived link (wayback machine):
Original source:
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Senate defeats ObamaCare repeal measure

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>The Senate voted down a scaled-down ObamaCare repeal bill on Friday in a surprise vote that is a major defeat for GOP leaders.

>The Senate voted 49-51 against the "skinny" bill, that would have repealed ObamaCare's individual and employer mandates and defunded Planned Parenthood.

>The bill was cast by Republicans as a way to keep their repeal hopes alive and get to negotiations with the House.

>Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said "it is time to move on" in a floor speech after the stunning defeat.

>At times, McConnell sounded emotional after three senators voted against the skinny repeal of Obamacare.

>"What we tried to accomplish for the American people was the right thing for the country," McConnell said. "I think the American people are going to regret that we couldn't find another way forward."

>Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) provided the crucial vote against the bill.
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Priebus fired, replaced by General John Kelly

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>US President Donald Trump has named General John Kelly, who currently heads the Department of Homeland Security, as his next chief of staff.

>The announcement, made on Twitter on Friday afternoon, removes Reince Priebus from the role.

>The embattled former chief of staff had faced pressure since being named as a possible leaker by Mr Trump's newly appointed director of communication.

>Mr Preibus reportedly resigned on Thursday.

>Reacting after the announcement, he said he would remain a strong supporter of President Trump's agenda and policies.

>Anthony Scaramucci, who was appointed communications director one week ago, had accused Mr Priebus of leaking to the press in a tweet that he quickly deleted.

>He also phoned a reporter to unleash a profanity-filled rant against Mr Priebus, whom he called a "paranoid schizophrenic".

>Gen Kelly is a retired general who has become the face of border security.

>In a series of tweets just before 17:00 (22:00 GMT) on Friday, the president praised the former Marine Corp general as a "great American" and a "great leader".

>"John has done a spectacular job at Homeland Security. He has been a true star of my administration," said the president. He will start work on Monday, a White House spokesperson says.

>In a third tweet, President Trump praised the outgoing chief of staff, who had previously worked as the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

>"I would like to thank Reince Priebus for his service and dedication to his country. We accomplished a lot together and I am proud of him," he said.

>In his previous role as RNC chairman, he acted as a bridge between the Republican nominee and a party establishment that was often uncomfortable with its own presidential standard-bearer.
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