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Trump challenges media & Democrats to debate electoral fraud facts

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Three Men Found Guilty of Murdering Ahmaud Arbery

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I'm still upset this case received less attention than the Rittenhouse one. Particularly with the left, who hold the pretense of being vigilant about racial equality, but curiously preoccupy themselves with cases that involve predominantly white people (see also the Petito case), while actual cases involving minorities go ignored by them in comparison.
>The defendants were found guilty of murder and other charges on Wednesday for the pursuit and fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. They face up to life in prison. Follow live here.

>Three men found guilty of murder in Arbery shooting.

>BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Three white men were found guilty of murder and other charges on Wednesday for the pursuit and fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, in a case that, together with the killing of George Floyd, helped inspire the racial justice protests of last year.

>The three defendants - Travis McMichael, 35; his father, Gregory McMichael, 65; and their neighbor William Bryan, 52 - face sentences of up to life in prison for the state crimes. The men have also been indicted on separate federal charges, including hate crimes and attempted kidnapping, and are expected to stand trial in February on those charges.

>The verdict suggested that the jury agreed with prosecutors' arguments that Mr. Arbery posed no imminent threat to the men and that the men had no reason to believe he had committed a crime, giving them no legal right to chase him through their suburban neighborhood. "You can't start it and claim self-defense," the lead prosecutor argued in her closing statements. "And they started this."

>The outcome of the trial brought considerable relief to Mr. Arbery's family, who had watched the proceedings from inside the courthouse for weeks.

>"I never thought this day would come, but God is good," said Wanda Cooper-Jones, Mr. Arbery's mother.
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Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data

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>get used to it, comrade, this is Biden's Amerikkka

(Reuters) - Freedom of Information Act requests are rarely speedy, but when a group of scientists asked the federal government to share the data it relied upon in licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, the response went beyond typical bureaucratic foot-dragging. As in 55 years beyond. That’s how long the Food & Drug Administration in court papers this week proposes it should be given to review and release the trove of vaccine-related documents responsive to the request. If a federal judge in Texas agrees, plaintiffs Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency can expect to see the full record in 2076. The 1967 FOIA law requires federal agencies to respond to information requests within 20 business days. However, the time it takes to actually get the documents “will vary depending on the complexity of the request and any backlog of requests already pending at the agency,” according to the government’s central FOIA website.
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Fauci says U.S. should prepare to do anything to fight omicron variant

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Americans need to be prepared to do “anything and everything” to fight the omicron Covid variant, U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Faucisaid Sunday.

Still, it’s “too early to say” whether lockdowns or new mandates will be appropriate, Fauci said on ABC’s “This Week.”

The World Health Organization last week classified omicron as a “variant of concern,” meaning it is more contagious, more virulent or more skilled at evading public health measures, vaccines and therapeutics.

The variant, first discovered in South Africa, has several mutations to the spike protein that allows the virus to enter the body, and some of those mutations could lead to increased antibody resistance and transmissibility.

The U.S. had already saidit would restrict travel for non-U.S. citizensfromSouth Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi. The variant hasbeen foundin theU.K., Israel,Belgium,the Netherlands,Germany, Italy, Australia and Hong Kong, but not yet in the U.S.

“Inevitably, it will be here. The question is will we be prepared for it? If and when, and it’s going to be when, it comes here hopefully we will be ready for it,” Fauci added.

Fauci will be meeting Sunday with PresidentJoe Bidenand the Covid response team to discuss the variant and the administration’s response, a White House official said.

Biotech companies have sprung into action to fight against omicron.Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Burton said Sunday the vaccine makercould roll out a reformulated vaccineagainst the omicron coronavirus variant early next year. Although it’s not clear whether new formulations will be needed or if current vaccines will provide appropriate protection.
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Terrorism? Multiple Dead After Driver Plows S.U.V. Into Holiday Parade in Wisconsin

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Then, just before 4:40 p.m., the driver of a red S.U.V. stormed through barricades and barreled through the crowd, killing multiple people and striking more than 20. Fire officials said 23 people, including many children, were taken to hospitals with unspecified injuries. It was unclear how many people died or why the attack took place.
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CBS San Antonio whistleblower exposes diversity and inclusion training

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PROJECT VERITAS EXCLUSIVE: CBS San Antonio whistleblower GOES PUBLIC, exposes internal diversity and inclusion training...
Project Veritas released a new video today featuring an interview with CBS San Antonio [KENS 5] whistleblower, Brett Mauser, who exposes his colleagues and outside corporate partners for promoting a political ideology rather than objective journalism in the newsroom.

In one instance, Christina Karaoli Taylor, CKT Cultural Strategies’ Multicultural Competency Trainer, was brought in to train CBS San Antonio journalists and defined the expectations.

“Much of what we’re gonna talk about today is going to center around the main code of ethics of journalism. And a couple things -- during this workshop and throughout your day, I challenge you to stop thinking in terms of objective journalism. We’ll discuss why that’s not really feasible anymore. But [think] in terms of accuracy, fairness, and transparency -- always striving for objectivity is not feasible,” Taylor said.

“That was the one that blew my mind. Teaching journalists at a national level, ‘Don’t be objective.’ To me, that was what journalism always was: to be objective. In my mind, if journalism is not objective, it’s not journalism -- it’s propaganda,” Mauser said.

Ron Treviño, who serves as one of CBS Houston’s [KHOU] most experienced and main news anchors, was recorded admitting that he is indifferent about conveying trust to the public through his reporting.

“I don’t really care if people trust us or not, we still have to do our job. Whether they trust us is the least of my concerns -- whether they trust me or not,” Treviño said.
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Israel bans all foreigners - Open borders for USA

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Covid-struck Czech President appoints new Prime Minister from inside a glass box

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When the Czech President Milos Zeman formally appointed Petr Fiala as the country's new Prime Minister on Sunday, he did so sitting inside an acrylic glass box accompanied by health workers covered head to toe in hazmat suits.

Zeman tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this week, and is currently recovering after a lengthy stay at a hospital for non-Covid related serious illness at the presidential retreat in Lany, west of the capital city of Prague.

Fiala, like everyone else at the ceremony, was wearing a respirator when he signed the official document in front of Zeman, who was sitting inside the box which was constructed especially for the occasion.

Fiala, the chairman of the center-right ODS party, will lead a five-party grouping of two centrist coalitions that won the parliamentary election last month.

Soon after the results were announced, the two coalitions signed a memorandum to form a government to unseat the current populist Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

The election was a disaster for the political left, with the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), the direct successor of the totalitarian Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, dropping out of the parliament for the first time in 76 years.

Just a day after the election, the 77-year-old Zeman was rushed to hospital where he spent several weeks in intensive care for liver and other serious health problems.

One of the president's main constitutional roles is to select the next prime minister to form a government, so Zeman's hospitalization has left the country in a political deadlock.
Zeman was released from the hospital after 46 days on Thursday morni

Lifting up skirt and showing pantemies for fan service

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Jan. 6 organizers used burner phones to communicate with White House during the Failed Trump Coup

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Some of the organizers who planned the rally that took place on the White House Ellipse on Jan. 6 allegedly used difficult-to-trace burner phones for their most “high level” communications with former President Trump’s team.

Kylie Kremer, a top official in the March for Trump group that helped plan the Ellipse rally, directed an aide to pick up three burner phones days before Jan. 6, according to three sources who were involved in the event. One of the sources, a member of the March for Trump team, says Kremer insisted the phones be purchased using cash and described this as being “of the utmost importance.”

The three sources say Kylie Kremer took one of the phones and used it to communicate with top White House and Trump campaign officials, including Eric Trump, the president’s second-oldest son, who leads the family’s real-estate business; Lara Trump, Eric’s wife and a former senior Trump campaign consultant; Mark Meadows, the former White House chief of staff; and Katrina Pierson, a Trump surrogate and campaign consultant.

The member says a second phone was given to Amy Kremer, Kylie Kremer’s mother and another key rally organizer. The team member says they did not know who the third phone was purchased for.

“That was when the planning for the event on the Ellipse was happening, she needed burner phones in order to communicate with high-level people is how she put it,” the March for Trump team member tells Rolling Stone, referencing Kylie Kremer.

Kylie and Amy Kremer did not immediately respond to a request for comment on record.
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