Ben Stein calls Maxine Waters' criticism of Wall Street "a racist threat"

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Stein: "There's no evidence that banks have been particularly bad to African-Americans"

>ELIZABETH MACONALD (HOST): Well, that's Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters promising government by retribution, if Democrats take back the House and she becomes Chair of the influential House Financial Services Committee.
What do you make of Maxine Waters threat here?

>BEN STEIN (ECONOMIST): I make of it the fact that it's a racist threat, it shocks me that she would bring up this fact the she's African-American. What on Earth does that have to do with the price of tea in China? What on Earth does that have to do with regulation of Wall Street or banks or of insurance companies?
MACDONALD: Why is it racist? Why is it racist?

>STEIN: Well, because what does it have to do -- why did she bring up race at all? What does race have to do with regulation of a financial services company? They should be regulated according to law, according to the law as passed by Congress, according to the law as regulated by the federal government. It has nothing to do with race. What she's saying is "I'm going to get back at you because I think you banks have been bad to African-Americans, I'm going to get back at you," but there's no evidence that banks have been particularly bad to African-Americans, and even if they were, it's not up to her to right the scales.

>It's up to Congress, to make those kinds of laws. It's not up to her. She's not the boss. She's not the Führer.
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'OK to Be White' Signs Appear at 2 Colleges

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What's the problem? it IS ok to be white.

>Signs saying "It's OK to be white" appeared at the University of Vermont and Champlain College this weekend, the Associated Press reported. Similar signs have appeared at other campuses, linked to white nationalist groups that seek to inflame racial tensions on campus. Authorities said they do not believe any students at the two colleges were involved in putting up the signs.
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Why white supremacists think they won the midterms

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Trump says he's not a racist. That's not how white nationalists see it.

(CNN) - White supremacists are saying they were winners in last week's midterm elections.

>"This changed history. It cleared away any of the remaining fog of confusion about what exactly we are dealing with in this country," Daily Stormer founder and publisher Andrew Anglin wrote. "This is a race war. Period."

>A commenter on the 4chan bulletin board joked Trump was winking at them.
>Earlier, another poster declared Trump was venerated by white supremacists: "What Dems, all leftists and pundits do not understand is that TRUMP is patriots' and Western/American Heritage's CHAMPION."
>To Alcindor, Trump repeated two more times how racist the question was. But he also never flatly denounced white supremacists. They were overjoyed, calling the press conference "glorious," and "beautiful" on 4chan, with one commenter writing: "I am honestly in awe of this man as a leader."

>On places like 4chan, false talk of the migrant caravan as "invaders" has taken over on some of the message boards and become a popular meme topic. Analysts say "the browning of America" where whites become a minority is what the white supremacists fear most.
>There are threads with memes containing photos doctored to look like people breaking down walls at the US border with Mexico. There are jokes about how the traditional rush of Black Friday shoppers is nothing compared to what would happen next. In another thread on 4chan, commentators speculate about how many people would be shot as they come over the border. The thread appeared to reference Trump's comment that US troops on the border could fire on someone in the migrant caravan if the person threw rocks or stones. "All of them," one poster wrote of a possible casualty count. "Not enough," said another.
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Trump has 'retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment' after midterm losses

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In one week, President Trump has transformed from a nonstop campaign-rally machine to a nearly invisible figure communicating mostly by tweet. Trump returned late Sunday from a 43-hour trip to Paris, where he sat out some big events and clashed with allies, and on Monday he ended his public day at 10:03 a.m., skipping the Veterans Day trip to Arlington National Cemetery every president since at least John F. Kennedy has made to lay a ceremonial wreath. On Tuesday, Trump's only public appearance was a brief showing at a Diwali ceremony, and he had Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meet with visiting King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Trump sent Vice President Mike Pence to the Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) summit typically attended by presidents, potentially offending Asian leaders; canceled a trip to Colombia; and opted not to visit the U.S. troops he sent to the U.S.-Mexico border to protect a "caravan" he seems to have forgotten about. Maybe Trump is just tired, but White House officials and Trump allies say he's in a particularly sour mood amid a string of late Democratic victories in areas where he campaigned, looming investigations by House Democrats, expected indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and bad press from his France trip.

"Trump has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment," the Los Angeles Times reports, citing multiple administration sources. "Behind the scenes, they say, the president has lashed out at several aides," sketching "a picture of a brooding president 'trying to decide who to blame' for Republicans' election losses, even as he publicly and implausibly continues to claim victory."

"It's like an episode of Maury," one former Trump aide told Politico. "The only thing that's missing is a paternity test." You can read more about Trump's "five days of fury" at The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, and Politico has more on the mood in the White House.
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Trump effectively demands soldiers stationed abroad be excluded from voting in Florida midterms

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>What a way to honor the nation’s men and women in uniform.

>As the rest of the country observed Veterans Day, President Trump on Monday demanded that election officials stop counting votes in Florida’s razor-thin midterms and instead “go with” the Election Day results — a proposal that would effectively exclude active duty U.S. soldiers from having their voices heard.

>“The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged,” Trump tweeted shortly after dawn, without providing any evidence. “An honest vote count is no longer possible — ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!”

>The Sunshine State accepts ballots cast overseas through Nov. 16, provided that they were postmarked by Nov. 6. The exception is tailored to accommodate voters living overseas — particularly members of the U.S. armed forces who are stationed abroad.

>Trump’s indirect knock against American soldiers came as schools, banks, courts and government offices remained closed in honor of Veterans Day. It also came less than 48 hours after Trump canceled a visit to a U.S. World War I cemetery in Paris because it was raining.

>Jon Soltz, an Iraq War veteran and the chairman of the left-leaning VoteVets advocacy group, was incensed by Trump’s latest slight against service members.

>“How many times does this guy have to show he doesn’t respect men and women who served?” Soltz told the Daily News. “From insulting POWs, to sending troops to the border for an election stunt, to dissing a Veteran’s Day ceremony because of rain, and now to saying military ballots shouldn’t be counted, Donald Trump continually shows he has no respect for service, or those who served.”
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Trump's war on 1st Amendment continues, makes up bogus accusation about reporter and bans him for it

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>The White House severely escalated its war on the free press Wednesday.

The White House has revoked CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press access after a contentious moment in a news conference by President Donald Trump, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday night. The reasons Sanders gave for pulling Acosta’s press pass were clearly fabricated.

She claimed in a statement that Acosta placed “his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern,” which resulted in the decision to suspend Acosta’s access to the White House until further notice. Video replays of the interaction showed that this was clearly not the case.

“The fact that CNN is proud of the way their employee behaved is not only disgusting, it is an example of their outrageous disregard for everyone, including young women, who work in this Administration,” Sanders said in a statement to the White House press pool. “As a result of today’s incident, the White House is suspending the hard pass of the reporter involved until further notice.”

Later in the evening, Sanders tweeted a video that included an NFL-instant-replay-like zoomed-in version of the incident, saying that the White House stood by its earlier decision.

As president, Trump has launched an unprecedented war against journalists, frequently deriding “the fake news media“ and especially CNN. Acosta, who has gained notoriety for his sparring sessions with the president, has been perhaps his favorite target. The decision to pull his pass, however, marked a new escalation.

In Wednesday‘s news conference earlier in the day, Trump grew increasingly irritated with Acosta’s persistent questioning. At one point, the president called Acosta a “rude, terrible person” who “shouldn’t be working for CNN.”
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Solar Storm hit earth in the 1972 set off dozens of lost mines/bombs; Data classified until now

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>The research, which was published in the journal Space Weather, sheds some light on a little-reported side effect of a solar storm that hit the Earth on August 4th, 1972. The paper explains that when the solar ejecta reached Earth, it actually caused bombs to spontaneously explode.

>Digging through Vietnam War-era archives from the U.S. Navy, the researchers discovered that long-forgotten sea mines which were placed during the conflict actually reacted to the magnetic effects of the solar storm as it hit the planet. Dozens of the mines, designed with magnetic detonators that are set off when a ship passes close by, were triggered by the storm.

>“In researching these events we determined that the widespread electric‐ and communication‐grid disturbances that plagued North America and the disturbances in southeast Asia late on [August 4th] likely resulted from propagation of major eruptive activity from the Sun to the Earth,” the paper reads.
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Man Who Made Fatal 'Swatting' Hoax Call Pleads Guilty To 51 Charges

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Prosecuting U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister told The Wichita Eagle he will recommend that Barriss be sentenced to 20 years in prison, providing he writes apology letters to police, dispatchers and the family of Andrew Finch, a 28-year-old father of two who was shot by police who responded to the hoax call in December.
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Pelosi: 'What Mueller might not think is indictable could be impeachable'

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in an interview published Sunday that President Trump could still be impeached even if special counsel Robert Mueller does not indict him in his Russia investigation.

"Recognize one point. What Mueller might not think is indictable could be impeachable," Pelosi told The Atlantic.

Pelosi said, however, that she wants to see irrefutable evidence so that Republicans would join any impeachment effort.

My comment: what she's basically saying is that if Trump weren't president, he WOULD have been indicted, and therefore ought to be impeached.
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Chinese Company Comes Under Fire for Making Employees Eat Cockroaches

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Three managers of a home improvement firm in Zunyi, China, were recently arrested for subjecting employees to extreme punishment, including forcing them to eat cockroaches, for not meeting their sales goals.

The arrests came after an employee of the unnamed company took to social media to complain about the humiliating punishments he and his colleagues were being subjected to by management for failing to meat their goals. His post included a video of a topless man standing in a center of a room and being whipped with a belt by his boss, while his workmates watched. Footage also shows people drinking cups of yellow liquid which some have alleged is urine. The video was later deleted, but screenshots started circulating online, and the police were notified about the troubling punishments.

“If the sales goal has not been met by the end of this month, the team leader will have to eat three cockroaches for each failed sale,” one of the threatening text messages sent by managers and published by local newspaper Zunyi Yaowen read. Other text messages revealed several cruel punishments devised by the firm’s managers, including drinking vinegar or toilet water, selling condoms and sanitary pads on the street and having their head shaved.
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