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Psychiatrist sues Reddit to unmask anonymous online critics

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>They called him a maniac and much worse, and said he gives patients “the creeps.” They accused him of over prescribing drugs, misdiagnosing ailments and incompetence. And they alleged that his Tokyo counseling center scams clients out of money.

>Douglas Berger, a Lake Worth psychiatrist practicing in Japan, has no idea who posted the barrage of critical comments about him to the social news website, Reddit.com, over the past six months. But he intends to find out.

>In September, Berger sued Reddit and the anonymous users who trashed him online, collectively identified as “John Doe” in the lawsuit, for defamation and libel in Palm Beach Circuit Court. Berger could not be reached for comment. His attorney, Aaron Winc of Ohio, refused to speak about the case.

>In the lawsuit, Berger acknowledges that Reddit has no liability. But he hopes to use the discovery process to unmask the names and addresses of the individuals behind the negative comments.

>Reddit users with anonymous handles, such as “ShiningRedDwarf” and “Sendofftomars,” have posted more than 165 comments about Berger in the past six months, most of them negative.

>Berger’s lawsuit says that the barrage of insults and accusations have caused him to lose income and “countless employment opportunities.” He’s asking the court to force Reddit to remove the comments from the website, and for search engine providers including Google and Yahoo to remove the postings from their search results.

>Once he has identified the anonymous posters, Berger’s lawsuit says, he will add them to the case.

>But it’s not clear that Berger has a case, said Jeffrey Segal, a neurosurgeon and lawyer who runs a medical malpractice consulting firm, Medical Justice, in North Carolina.

>“It’s just an opinion, and opinion is protected speech,” he said.
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‘Meteor’ that caused buzz turns out to be human waste discarded by airplane

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Human waste discarded mid-air by a passing aircraft led to some confusion — and comedy — at Gurgaon’s Fazilpur Badli village on Saturday. As the human waste landed in a field with a thud, many residents mistook it for a meteor and claimed it came “shooting out of the sky”. Not long after, a team of scientists rushed to the spot — only to confirm that it was, in fact, faeces.

The incident comes 10 days after the National Green Tribunal (NGT) ordered the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to issue circulars to all airlines reiterating its December 20, 2016, order. The order had emphasised that airlines will have to pay a fine of Rs 50,000 if they discard human waste or empty their toilet tanks mid-air.

The reiteration came while the NGT disposed a plea filed by a south Delhi resident, who had alleged that his home was being splattered with faeces as aircraft get rid of waste mid-air, prior to landing at the Delhi airport.
Balwan, who owns the land where the “flying object” landed, said he “heard” it falling into his field around 8 am. “It came out of the sky, sounding exactly like an airplane. Before I could ascertain what it was, it landed in my field,” he said.

As a crowd began gathering at the spot, Balwan called the sarpanch, Govind Singh, who in turn alerted the Farrukhnagar police station. “I rushed to the spot and saw the object… It seemed to weigh at least 8 or 10 kg, judging by the dent it had made in the ground. Initially, we thought it could be ice but it was not melting. So we figured it must have some kind of chemical in it… We were uncertain if it was safe to touch, so I called up the SHO at Farrukhnagar police station, who arrived at the spot with his team,” Singh said.

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Michigan man allegedly threatened to gun down CNN employees

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>A Michigan man allegedly made repeated calls to CNN's Atlanta headquarters and threatened: "Fake news. I'm coming to gun you all down."

>Brandon Griesemer was arrested last Friday at the home he shares with his parents in Novi, near Detroit, according to federal court records. He was released the same day after posting $10,000 bond on a charge of transmitting interstate communications with the intent to extort and threat to injure, according to the court calendar.

>Griesemer allegedly called CNN 22 times on Jan. 9 and 10, railing against African-Americans, Jews and CNN from the same phone number that was used in September to communicate threats against an Islamic center in Ann Arbor, according to an FBI affidavit.

>The affidavit said that Griesemer, whose age was not listed, admitted to local police that he made the call to the mosque and that he was "angry at the time of the call."

>Four of the 22 calls to CNN included explicit threats, according to the FBI. In one of the calls, the caller said: "Fake news. I'm coming to gun you all down." In another call, he said, "I'm coming for you, CNN. I'm smarter than you. More powerful than you. I have more guns than you. More manpower. Your cast is about to get gunned down in a matter of hours."
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Kentucky School Shooting Leaves 2 Dead, 17 Injured

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>BENTON, Ky. — A 15-year-old student killed two classmates and hit a dozen others with gunfire Tuesday, methodically firing a handgun inside a crowded atrium at his rural Kentucky high school.

>"He was determined. He knew what he was doing," said Alexandria Caporali, who grabbed her stunned friend and ran into a classroom as their classmates hit the floor.

>"It was one right after another -- bang bang bang bang bang," she added. "You could see his arm jerking as he was pulling the trigger."

>He kept firing, she said, until he ran out of ammunition and took off running, trying to get away. Police arrested their suspect moments later, leading him away in handcuffs to be charged with murder and attempted murder. Authorities did not identify the gunman responsible for the nation's first fatal school shooting of 2018, nor did they release any details about a motive.

>Seventeen students were injured, 12 of them hit with bullets and five others hurt in the scramble as hundreds of students fled for their lives from Marshall County High School. Many jumped into cars, or ran across fields and down the highway, some not stopping until they reached a McDonald's restaurant more than a mile away. Parents left their cars on both sides of an adjacent road, desperately trying to find their teenagers.

>"No one screamed. It was almost completely silent as people just ran," said Caporali, 16. She said most students knew what to do because they are drilled throughout the year on how to respond to an active shooter at school.
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Migrant Crisis: 77 Per Cent of Belgians ‘No Longer Feel at Home’

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The massive rise in the proportion of Muslim migrants in the country has resulted in two-thirds of Belgians feeling their nation is being “increasingly invaded”, according to a new study.

This sentiment was especially marked among respondents to the detailed survey aged 65 and over, 84 per cent of whom likened the influx of migrants and refugees to an invasion.

Overall, two-thirds of the 4,734 people polled believe there are “too many immigrants in Belgium”, while 77 per cent agreed with the statement, “Today we no longer feel at home as we did before [mass migration]”.

Entitled Black Yellow Blues 2017, the research was an initiative of public broadcaster RTBF and liberal newspaper Le Soir, carried out by sociology research institute Survey and Action and the globalist ‘This is Not a Crisis’ foundation.

Reporting on the study, which looked at the attitudes of French-speaking Belgians and how they have changed since a similar survey was taken in 1997, RTBF laments that it depicts a population which is growing “increasingly xenophobic”.

According to 74 per cent of people surveyed, Islam is “not a tolerant religion”, while 60 per cent said the presence of so many Muslims in their nation presents a threat to its identity. Just 12 per cent said they believe the religion is “a source of enrichment” for Belgium...

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Democrats get rolled

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>“I think if we've learned anything during this process, it’s that a strategy to shut down the government over the issue of illegal immigration, is something the American people didn't understand and would not have understood in the future,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Monday. "So I'm glad we've gotten past that and we have a chance now to get back to work.”

After all this all they get is a promise from McConnell to hold a vote in the Senate on dreamers, which he already was going to do. And that act will then probably fail in the House. Ryan has made no promises.

The Dems shut down the government and got nothing for it but bad press. I felt like they were overreaching from the start. It was sheer hubris. As a donkey I am disappointed.
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iPhone battery explodes in man's mouth when he BITES to check if it's real

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This is the shocking moment an old iPhone battery exploded in a man's mouth when he bit it to check if it was real.

The battery detonated in a flash of flames at a second-hand electronics market in China.

He had asked to inspect the used smartphone 's battery to make a more informed purchase.

The lithium batteries found in iPhones cannot be removed by users and the phones have to be carefully taken apart by technicians to reveal them.

Sellers of second-hand phones have also been known to swap out original batteries for cheaper made-in-China variants.

The dubious customer, who appeared to be with his wife or girlfriend, therefore insisted on checking the status of the battery - and decided that biting it would prove whether it was real or fake.

The short clip shows him putting the battery between his teeth and biting town, causing the device to burst into flames in his mouth.

He drops it quickly and stands shocked as others in the marketplace stop too.

Luckily, the man suffered no injuries during the incident, reports said, however, it is still unclear exactly why the battery exploded.

Reports have suggested that the battery was old, but they did not say whether it was proven to be real or fake.

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right wing terrorism spikes in 2017, continues to dwarf left-wing and islamic terrorism

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A new report states that right-wing extremists were responsible for the majority of extremist murders in the U.S. in 2017.

Jewish group the Anti-Defamation League compiled the report, noting how the murders committed by white supremacists included some linked to the "alt-right" -- shorthand for the "alternative right" -- which it states “expanded its operations in 2017 from the internet into the physical world.”

The report includes white supremacists and individuals who identify with the alt-right movement as part of its "right-wing" classification.

“Energized by the 2016 election and the media attention given to the movement, alt-right adherents … increasingly involved themselves in the real world as well as the virtual realm,” the report states.

Of the 34 murders in 2017 that the ADL examined in the report, 20 were committed by people who have ties to far-right extremism, including white supremacists.

There were a number of other high-profile fatal incidents, but the parameters of the report mean that some of the most deadly incidents from 2017 were not included.

For instance, the Las Vegas country music festival shooting and the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, were not included in the report because there was not confirmed evidence of a connection to any specific extremist group or ideology in either of those incidents. The report notes that extremist-related killings only make up “a small fraction” of the number of homicides in the U.S. in a given year.

\John Cohen, a former counterterrorism coordinator for the Department of Homeland Security and current ABC News consultant, said that the report is valuable but needs to be put in context.

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EFF uncovers trojanized apps, phone malware which affects thousands in 20 countries

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>San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and mobile security company Lookout have uncovered a new malware espionage campaign infecting thousands of people in more than 20 countries. Hundreds of gigabytes of data has been stolen, primarily through mobile devices compromised by fake secure messaging clients.

>The trojanized apps, including Signal and WhatsApp, function like the legitimate apps and send and receive messages normally. However, the fake apps also allow the attackers to take photos, retrieve location information, capture audio, and more.

>The threat, called Dark Caracal by EFF and Lookout researchers, may be a nation-state actor and appears to employ shared infrastructure which has been linked to other nation-state actors. In a new report, EFF and Lookout trace Dark Caracal to a building belonging to the Lebanese General Security Directorate in Beirut.

>“People in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Lebanon, and France have been hit by Dark Caracal. Targets include military personnel, activists, journalists, and lawyers, and the types of stolen data range from call records and audio recordings to documents and photos,” said EFF Director of Cybersecurity Eva Galperin. “This is a very large, global campaign, focused on mobile devices. Mobile is the future of spying, because phones are full of so much data about a person’s day-to-day life.”

>“Dark Caracal is part of a trend we’ve seen mounting over the past year whereby traditional APT actors are moving toward using mobile as a primary target platform,” said Mike Murray, Vice President of Security Intelligence at Lookout. “The Android threat we identified, as used by Dark Caracal, is one of the first globally active mobile APTs we have spoken publicly about.”
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kentucky krakker kilts

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>>Kentucky school shooting: Two teenagers dead and 17 injured