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I'm Japanese.I'm afraid of the nuke

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It is said that North Korea may drop the nuke tomorrow.
Do you guys think that North Korea will do it?
I'm a high school student.sorry for my clumsy English
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Teacher abduct's 15 year old student

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Why isn't this more widely known?

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I found this and was surprised how it wasn't discussed at all. It will not translate into anything good. I think there should be something done so people would actually start panicking about it properly.
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South Korean presidential front-runner came under fire for anti-gay comment

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>South Korean presidential front runner Moon Jae In came under fire Wednesday (April 26) for saying he did not like homosexuality, prompting angry protests at a campaign event by gay rights groups.

>Moon, a former human rights lawyer of the centre-left Democratic Party, leads opinion polls by large margins before the May 9 presidential vote and has enjoyed wide support from young liberal voters.

But his remarks over homosexuality during a televised debate Tuesday left many of his supporters scratching their heads.

>"I'm against homosexuality," Moon said when asked by a conservative rival whether he opposed homosexuality, adding he had "no intention" to legalise it or same-sex marriage.

>Homosexual acts are not a crime in South Korea, but it remains a conservative and patriarchal society and does not recognise same-sex marriage.
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24 National Monuments Threatened by Trump's Executive Order

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WASHINGTON — At least two dozen national monuments are at risk of losing their federally protected status as a result of President Trump's executive order asking for an unprecedented review of their designations.

Under the 1906 Antiquities Act, either Congress or the President can protect federal lands by designating them as a national monument. And while Congress has occasionally revoked that status for existing monuments, no president ever has. Trump's order opens the door to that possibility.
Trump is targeting all or part of monuments that make up 100,000 acres or more, and were created by presidential proclamation since 1996. The White House released a list of 24 of them on Wednesday.

Unlike the other monuments, which are managed by the Interior Department, San Gabriel is managed by the Forest Service, part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Zinke spokeswoman Heather Swift said she could not rule out action on San Gabriel. The Department of Agriculture did not respond to an inquiry about the status of the monument.

The executive order also allows for a review of sites smaller than 100,000 acres “where the Secretary determines that the designation or expansion was made without adequate public outreach and coordination with relevant stakeholders.”
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As protestors demand tax returns, Trump tries to spark WWIII in N Korea

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Think we can focus here? Protestors once dissuaded Nixon from dropping the bomb in Vietnam. Trump may not listen, but fuck the tax returns.. he needs to deescalate this shit before it gets out of hand.

NATO troops massing along Russian border.. Russian troops and S Korean troops massing along their borders with North Korea.. U.S. destroyers moving into position. Meanwhile we're escalating with Syria which is allied with Russia, and also with Iran. China is allied with Iran.

So basically we have three nuclear superpowers who've been fighting proxy wars in the area, add war with North Korea into the mix and it escalates into full blown world war.

The only winning move is not to play..
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Zuckerberg predicts death of smartphone by 2022, outlines crazy plan for what's next

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> At this week's Facebook F8 conference in San Jose, Mark Zuckerberg doubled down on his crazy ambitious 10-year plan for the company, first revealed in April 2016.

>Here's the current version of that roadmap, revealed by Zuckerberg this week:
(pic related)

>Basically, Zuckerberg's uses this roadmap to demonstrate Facebook's three-stage game plan in action: First, you take the time to develop a neat cutting-edge technology. Then you build a product based on it. Then you turn it into an ecosystem where developers and outside companies can use that technology to build their own businesses.

>When Zuckerberg first announced this plan last year, it was big on vision, but short on specifics.

>On Facebook's planet of 2026, the entire world has internet access — with many people likely getting it through, Facebook's connectivity arm. Zuckerberg reiterated this week that the company is working on smart glasses that look like your normal everyday Warby Parkers. And underpinning all of this, Facebook is promising artificial intelligence good enough that we can talk to computers as easily as chatting with humans.

>A world without screens

>For science-fiction lovers, the world Facebook is starting to build is very cool and insanely ambitious. Instead of smartphones, tablets, TVs, or anything else with a screen, all our computing is projected straight into our eyes as we type with our brains.
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Female marine nude dump

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The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has opened an investigation into the online posting of potentially hundreds of explicit photos of current and former female Marines and other service members, CNN has confirmed.
A private Facebook group called "Marines United" contained a link to a Google Drive folder, where the photos were being stored, a US defense official told CNN. Members on the site solicited others to submit photos of women without their knowledge. The cloud storage folder has been removed at the request of the military,

Anyone got a copy before it was taken down?
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All male committee ensures rapists still have rights to see their victim's children

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>A group of all male politicians have rejected a law that would prevent rapists from having parental rights to their victims' children.

>Campaigners were left "angry and disappointed" after Maryland’s General Assembly voted against enacting the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act.
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