Mandatory Buyback Floated

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Beto goes Beta on Carbines

I am an Anarchist and he can fuck off with this shit. This will cause violence for sure if it enacted.
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British man spends £30,000 in legal fees fighting £100 speeding fine, loses the case

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A British man has spent £30,000 of his savings on a failed legal battle “for justice” over a £100 speeding fine. Details through the link

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BangBros submits $10 million bid to rename Miami Heat Arena "The BBC"

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hings are changing in Miami and apparently BangBros wants in.

American Airlines' naming rights deal over the Miami Heat arena will expire at the end of this year. Yet, the company announced on Thursday that it doesn't plan on renewing their contract with the franchise. This leaves a void that BangBros is looking to fill. According to the Miami-based internet porn company, it has placed a $10 million bid to rename the arena "The BBC (The Bang Bros Center)."

"Both the Heat and BangBros have become staples of the city, with huge fans of each. It doesn’t get more Miami than having the arena sponsored by BangBros," the statement reads.

While it is unlikely that the NBA will take this bid seriously, fans had a great time toying with the idea on social media.
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America sends 9/11 Birthday Present to Iraq

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Transgender fired after telling conservative activist to leave coffee shop

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A transgender woman lost her job Wednesday after telling an employee of the Nebraska Family Alliance she was no longer welcome at a Lincoln coffee shop.

The story, told through varying social media accounts and interviews, started after Marilyn Synek, a communications specialist for the Nebraska Family Alliance, said she was told to leave Cultiva Coffee because of her political beliefs.

"This morning, I was asked to leave Cultiva Coffee and never come back because of my conservative (principles)," wrote Synek, a University of Nebraska at Kearney alum who has interned for Sen. Deb Fischer and Rep. Adrian Smith.

Synek said she stops in Cultiva once a week and has never worn anything political in the store or broadcast her conservative political beliefs.

According to her post, the employee said she recognized Synek and started berating her, calling her "bigoted trash."

"You are not f - - -ing wanted in our restaurant, so get out and don't come back," Synek recalled the employee telling her. "If you do try to come back, we will all refuse any service to you."

Reached later, Synek said while the woman raised her voice and spoke "very passionately," she did not physically threaten Synek.

"It was packed and the other customers turned to watch," Synek said. "It was pretty humiliating."

Cultiva fired the employee shortly after the altercation, according to a post by Sharon Grossman, one of the coffee shop's owners.

"We do not condone this behavior and never have," Grossman wrote. "Our sincere apologies to anyone who had to witness this incident."

Synek's noontime post quickly went viral, collecting 100 comments before 3 p.m., and the story was picked up by conservative media elsewhere, leading to several negative reviews on the restaurant's Yelp and Facebook pages.
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Microsoft tries to fix Windows 10, ends up breaking the Start menu

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Oh dear, it seems Microsoft has once again released a dodgy patch for Windows 10, with a recent fix – which was supposed to address the issue of Cortana and the search box causing spikes in CPU usage – actually causing more problems, with reports emerging that search in both the Start menu and Taskbar no longer works.

The patch, KB4515384, was released on Tuesday, September 10, and while it seems to have stopped SearchUI.exe from causing undue stress on processors, it appears that it has broken search in Windows 10 completely.

Users are reporting that trying to search for anything from the Start menu results in a blank windows appearing, rather than search results.
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Ship Carrying ‘Climate Change Warriors’ Concerned About Melting Arctic Ice Gets Stuck in Ice

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Rapist kavanaugh rules

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GameStop to close up to 200 stores as sales plummet

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GameStop plans to close as many as 200 stores amid declining sales, the retailer announced Wednesday.

The video game, consumer electronics and gaming merchandise retailer made the announcement on a third-quarter earnings call as it revealed that hardware sales plunged 41.3% in the quarter ending Aug. 3 and overall sales fell about 14%.

CEO Jim Bell expects from 180 to 200 stores to close by the end of the year. The company hasn’t said which stores will close.

Grapevine-Texas based GameStop blamed the steep drop in hardware sales on announcements that game makers such as XBox and PlayStation would be coming out with new “next generation” consoles in 2020.

It has closed 195 stores since the second quarter of last year and laid off about 200 employees, according to

GameStop, which has about 5,700 locations in 14 counties has dozens of stores in New Jersey.

GameStop didn’t immediately return a message from NJ Advance Media asking about possible closings in New Jersey.
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8ghan's Watkins tells Congress he won’t delete hate speech from the site

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had to change this url a little to make this thread
8ghan owner Jim Watkins is scheduled to meet with the House Homeland Security Committee on Thursday morning, and his prepared statements reveal that 8ghan has no plans to delete hate speech from its platform.

“My company has no intention of deleting constitutionally protected hate speech,” Watkins will say in his prepared statement. “I feel the remedy for this type of speech is counter speech, and I’m certain that this is the view of the American justice system.”

Watkins and 8ghan came under fire after the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, since the El Paso shooter was active in the online image board and even posted a premature “manifesto” containing white supremacist views, racism, and hateful speech.

The House Homeland Security Committee subpoenaed Watkins on August 14 to testify before lawmakers about 8ghan’s role in mass shootings and white supremacist-inspired attacks.

In his prepared statement, Watkins condemned only certain types of hate speech.

“8ghan recognizes that small categories of unprotected speech exist outside the purview of the First Amendment. These include categories like child pornography, ‘fighting words,’ and ‘true threats.’ Where speech posted on 8ghan falls outside the recognized protection of the First Amendment, 8ghan takes action to remove it or to work with law enforcement requests to unmask the identity of a poster of unprotected speech,” he said.

The statement provides examples of illegal content that was removed from the site in 2019, including 92 discussion boards and 132,874 posts, along with 47,585 users who were banned.

8ghan is currently offline, but Watkins said in his statement that it’s the only platform “featuring a full commitment to free speech.”
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