Trump: I'm not doing my job unless Congress stops investigating my crimes and corruption

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>Trump is refusing to do the work he promised on issues like infrastructure and drug prices as long as Congress keeps investigating his crimes and corruption.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump abruptly stalked out of a meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday with a flat declaration he would no longer work with Democrats unless they drop all investigations in the aftermath of the special counsel’s Trump-Russia report.

Democrats said the walkout seemed scripted. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it all “very, very, very strange” and said she was praying for Trump and the nation.

After turning and leaving the three-minute non-meeting with the Democratic leaders, scheduled for a discussion of U.S. infrastructure problems, Trump strode to the Rose Garden where aides had gathered reporters and TV cameras for his demand that Congress drop its investigations that are increasingly leading to talk of what he called the “i-word” -- impeachment.

Trump assailed Pelosi in particular for her comment earlier in the morning on Capitol Hill that she believed the president was engaged in a “cover up” of the Russia probe.

Trump said, “I walked into the room and I told Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi I want to do infrastructure,” referring to the top Democratic senator, New York’s Chuck Schumer.

“But you know what we can’t do it under these circumstances,” Trump said. “So get these phony investigations over.”

The president didn’t shake anyone’s hands or take a seat, but spent three minutes contending he had been prepared to work on infrastructure, trade and other issue but now he couldn’t because Pelosi said “something terrible,” according to an administration official and another person familiar with what happened in the room. Trump then left before anyone else could speak.
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record rent price and low homeownership in US drive new industry of lenders to finance rent

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A 2017 survey of more than 100,000 renters by the National Multifamily Housing Council, a landlord group, showed 3% of those surveyed paid rent with credit cards and 16% said they would do so if their landlords agreed.

“As rents have gone up, we get more and more emails and phone calls where people would ask us if they could pay their rent over time,” said Tony Diamond, founder of StayTony, which manages upscale apartments in the Los Angeles and Atlanta areas.

The company recently joined with loan vendor Uplift—which made a name for itself financing family vacations—to allow its tenants to finance up to three months of rent over a 12-month period.

StayTony hopes its renter loans will appeal in particular to recent college graduates. Through Uplift, it offers loans up to $16,000 that carry no interest for the first six months and an annual interest rate of 15% to 17% on average after that.
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Teenager Has 29 Magnetic Balls Removed After Putting Them In His Penis

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A teenager in China has had a set of 29 magnetic balls removed from his bladder, three months after shoving them up his penis.

The 13-year-old, known as Lin, reportedly suffered severe abdominal pains for weeks after placing the objects inside himself but was too embarrassed to tell his parents what he had done.

I bet he was.

He was taken to Xi'an Children's Hospital in the capital of China's north-western Shaanxi Province on 11 May.

After being admitted, doctors ordered for X-rays of the youngster to find out the cause of the pain.

According to urologist Zhang Yanyan, the magnetic beads had formed a tight cluster inside Lin's bladder and had to be surgically removed.

Speaking about the bizarre case, Dr Yanyan said: "Roughly three months ago, while the boy was playing with the magnetic balls, he lined them up in a row and inserted them up his urethra out of curiosity.

"By the time he felt discomfort and tried to pull them out again, the magnets separated and some remained inside his urethra.

"During this time, the boy didn't tell his parents because he was too embarrassed, but the child admitted to experiencing abdominal pains for three months.

"He thought he could expel through urinating, not knowing that it would not have been possible to do so.

"His parents only discovered three months later when they noticed him walking with a limp and questioned him about it.

"We were unable to remove them in microsurgery, so we opened up his bladder and removed the entire cluster of magnetic balls - all 29 of them."

According to reports, the teenager is now recovering well after surgery and has already been discharged to continue his recuperation at home.

Dr Yanyan said it's important that children like Lin are given the right help and guidance during this particular time of their lives.

Stranger Kicked Arnold Schwarzenegger During a Arnold Classic Africa

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Female squash stars furious after getting vibrators as tournament prize

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A group of champion female squash players slammed the Spanish tournament they won as sexist after being given vibrators as a prize.

The incident took place after the winner of the Asturias Squash Championship 2019, Elisabet Sado Garriga, received her prize along with runner-up Olaya Fernandez Lence.

Third-place winner Marina Arraiza Mier and fourth-place winner Cristina Barandica Fernandez also were given gifts. The prizes for the four included a “Pure Fantasy” vibrator from Durex, a waxing set and an electronic exfoliator for their feet.

The vibrator is sold as an “elegant personal stimulator designed to give you sensual pleasure.” The winners reportedly filed a complaint with the country’s squash federation for sexism and discrimination.

Local radio show “Ganamos Con Ellas” (“We Win With Women”) posted a photo of the prizes, describing them as “degrading, shocking, harmful, inconceivable but sadly real.”

It added that the organizers had “gone past every limit.”

Club Squash Oviedo, which organized the tournament, released a statement saying it regretted that the players “felt aggrieved by the prizes.” It apologized for the incident and added, “At no moment was it done from a sexist standpoint.”

The squash club at the center of the scandal also has decided not to organize any more events this year. The Royal Spanish Squash Federation passed on the complaint to the Asturian Institute of Women to launch an investigation.

Three people involved in organizing the tournament reportedly have handed in their resignations.
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California renegs on deal

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California received $1bn in federal aid for the bullet train they agreed to build over a decade ago but have yet to build

Quick rundown:
>2008: california voters agree to fund a bullet train in the state
>voters approve a $40 billion project
>Federal Railroad Administration gives $1 billion to the project on the terms that the portion between Merced and Bakersfield is complete by 2020
after 11 years of corrupt politicians giving contracts to their buddies:
>cost has ballooned to ~$200 billion
>First phase is expected to cost ~$70bn and wont be completed until 2030 (or more likely never)
>California is not meeting its 2020 deadline to build the central valley portion
>Federal Railroad Administration is demanding the $1bn back as California did not meet its deadline and is not expected too
>Democrats blame Trump

As per the article:
The Federal Railroad Administration announced last week it would not give California the money awarded by Congress nearly a decade ago, arguing that the state has not made enough progress on the project.

The state must complete construction on a segment of track in the Central Valley agricultural heartland by 2022 to keep the money, and the administration has argued the state cannot meet that deadline. That line of track would be the first built on what the state hopes will eventually become a 520-mile line between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

But Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom says the move is retribution for California's criticism of President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

"The decision was precipitated by President Trump's overt hostility to California, its challenge to his border wall initiatives, and what he called the "green disaster" high-speed rail project," the state said in the lawsuit.
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Judge rules against Trump, paves way for banks to provide his business records to Congress

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump, three of his children and the Trump Organization on Wednesday lost their bid to block Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Financial Corp from providing financial records to Democratic lawmakers investigating Trump’s businesses.

In a decision read from the bench after hearing arguments, U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos in New York said Congress has the legal authority to demand the records, clearing the way for the banks to comply with subpoenas issued to them by two U.S. House of Representatives committees last month.

The committees have agreed not to enforce the subpoenas for seven days, the judge said. It was the second time in three days that a judge had ruled against the Republican president in his fight with Democrats and Trump’s lawyers were expected to appeal both decisions.

Ramos said he would not suspend his decision pending appeal.

Some Democratic lawmakers welcomed the decision.

“So far, I think the president would be wise to come to the realization that our legitimate areas of inquiry are going to be supported by the courts,” Representative Dan Kildee, a Michigan Democrat and member of the House Ways and Means Committee, told Reuters in an interview.
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6 of the craziest moments from Donald Trump’s latest meltdown press conference

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On Thursday, President Donald Trump gave a White House press conference that was intended, primarily, to address medical billing. But the president was all over the place during the briefing, using it for everything from attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller and former Secretary of State John Kerry to a defense of his China trade policy. Here are some of the wildest and craziest moments from Trump’s May 9 White House press conference.

1. Trump described his administration as generous to Puerto Rico

Trump has been widely criticized for his response to the Hurricane Maria tragedy in Puerto Rico; San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Roselló have been especially critical. But during his press conference, Trump vigorously defended his Puerto Rico policy — saying he “gave Puerto Rico $91 billion” and insisting “I think the people of Puerto Rico should really like President Trump.”

2. Trump called for prosecution of John Kerry

Trump, after taking office, ended the Obama Administration’s nuclear arms deal with Iran, which was negotiated in part by former Secretary of State John Kerry. And Trump took aim at Kerry on Thursday, accusing him of telling Iran not to call his administration. Trump claimed that Kerry was in violation of the Logan Act and should be prosecuted for interfering.

3. Trump deferred to Barr on Mueller testimony

Trump, recently, has begun saying that special counsel Robert Mueller should not testify before Congress, after previously saying he would leave it up to the attorney general to make that decision. But on Thursday, he again deferred to Attorney General William Barr on the matter. “I’m going to leave that up to our very great attorney general,” Trump told reporters. “He’ll make a decision on that.”
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10,000 more gentiles off to fight for Israel’s war against the Middle East

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fuck Israel, it’s time gentiles wake the fuck up and realize Trump and Pelosi are both in bed with Israel. From Trumpville i’m the Golan Heights to the soccer field in Israel named after Pelosi’s family, they’re all in bed with each other and killing gentiles to make billions off of military weapons profits while using propoganda to create islamaphobia... enuff is enuff of this bs war shit
fuck isreal

how many more caskets need to come back from the middle east killing innocent us soldiers and palestinians and iranians for Israel’s bullshit

BREAKING: Flynn Exposes Trump

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The first and most important domino has fallen. Democrat victory over Trump now an inevitability.

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn provided special counsel Robert Mueller with information about possible efforts to interfere or obstruct his investigation, according to documents made public late Thursday.

In a filing attached to his sentencing memorandum, federal prosecutors said Flynn “informed the government of multiple instances, both before and after his guilty plea, where either he or his attorneys received communications from persons connected to the Administration or Congress that could have affected both his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation.”

Flynn, a former national security advisor, not only told investigators about these communications but also provided the special counsel’s office with a voicemail of one instance. Prosecutors said in their filing that they were not aware of some of these attempts until Flynn informed them.

A federal judge has ordered prosecutors to file transcripts of the voicemail as well as transcripts of any other recordings of Flynn, including his conversations with Russian officials. Judge Emmet Sullivan said they have until May 31 to file the transcripts, and also requested the actual audio recordings.
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