Impeachment Inquiry Day 4

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C-SPAN live stream:

Who's ready for Sondland to plead the fifth?
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I sent my daughter to study in America. Your gun culture killed her

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>KARACHI, Pakistan -- When we sent our daughter Sabika to study in the United States from Pakistan, we were not fully aware of the gun culture there. That's not something the exchange program warned us about. We thought she would be safe.

>Instead, a few days before she was scheduled to return from her year abroad in Houston, Texas, she was one of 10 people shot and killed by a classmate in the Santa Fe High School shooting in May of 2018. We were devastated.

>It's not as if we don't have violence in Pakistan. In 2014 we had a horrific school shooting in Peshawar. A total of 141 students and faculty were massacred in what was, for me, the darkest moment in my country's history. But all of the shooters were foreign terrorists, and since then, heightened security and restricted access to guns has helped ensure that nothing like that has happened again.

>What I don't understand with U.S. school shootings like the one at Santa Fe -- or the one at Saugus High School on Thursday -- is who the enemy is. Students are shooting their neighbors, their classmates, their coworkers. What leads to that?
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Stop using Yandex

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Yandex, the Russian search giant, has agreed to a corporate restructuring that will grant a veto over key company decisions – such as those covering the security of personal data and intellectual property – to a body with close government ties.

The decision to offer a “golden share” to the newly formed Public Interest Foundation (PIF) to “defend the country’s interests” is likely to increase Kremlin oversight of Yandex, Russia’s largest internet company.

Other provisions of the proposal would allow the PIF to temporarily remove Yandex’s management, block a potential acquisition of the company, and nominate two permanent board members.
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Conservative Radio Host Fired Mid-Show for Antiparty Wrongthink

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Craig Silverman, a former chief deputy district attorney in Denver and talk-show host on the conservative 710 KNUS radio station, said he was fired mid-show Saturday after criticizing President Donald Trump.

Silverman was in the middle of a segment about Roy Cohn, Trump’s former personal attorney, when he suddenly was interrupted by network news, he told The Denver Post.

Silverman’s producer threw his hands up in the air, indicating it wasn’t him.

Instead, program director Kelly Michaels came through the door.

“You’re done,” Silverman recounted Michaels as saying.

The former prosecutor, who has hosted “The Craig Silverman Show” from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays for more than five years, responded to the sudden firing on Twitter.

“I cannot and will not toe strict Trump party line. I call things as I see them,” he tweeted. “I see corruption and blatant dishonesty by President and his cronies. I also see bullying/smearing of American heroes w/courage to take oath and tell truth. Their bravery inspires me.”
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Trump's options for winning a second term are narrowing

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The tumultuous impeachment hearings and the string of GOP election losses this fall underline the electoral risks Republicans are courting as they allow President Donald Trump to refashion the party in his combative image.
In overlapping ways, the election results and the hearings -- in particular Trump's characteristically belligerent response to them -- have highlighted each of his three greatest potential electoral vulnerabilities in 2020, as well as the offsetting strengths that may allow him to surmount those weaknesses.
The three biggest challenges looming in 2020 for Trump, many analysts agree, are:

1 The recoil from his definition of the Republican Party in white-collar suburbs, including many that previously leaned toward the GOP.

2 A feedback loop in which his efforts to mobilize turnout among his core supporters are producing an offsetting turnout surge among key Democratic groups, particularly African Americans.

3 An unremittingly confrontational personal style that appears to be alienating a broad swath of female voters, including some of the non-college white women who helped drive his 2016 victory. That behavior was exemplified by Trump's tweet last week attacking former US Ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch in bitterly personal terms.

Trump's principal political assets on the other side of the ledger are his success at consolidating and energizing the Republican base and deepening the GOP's dominance among white voters who live outside of major population centers, identify as evangelical Christians or lack college degrees, especially the men in each of those groups.
As the impeachment struggle and the off-year elections have simultaneously unfolded this fall, they have illuminated all of these dynamics. But the events are underscoring the trends that threaten Trump even more powerfully than those that benefit him.
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How bad right-wing journalism helped kick off the impeachment saga

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During an impeachment hearing Tuesday, Republican Rep. Devin Nunes praised the reporting of a “veteran investigative journalist” whose work had proven to be a “problem for the Democrats” and the media.

That journalist is John Solomon, formerly of the Hill and currently a Fox News contributor. Republicans like Nunes have relied on Solomon’s work during the impeachment inquiry to build the case that Trump was right to be concerned about former Vice President Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine and those of his son, Hunter Biden, and to argue that the “real” scandal is how the Obama administration tried to get the Ukrainian government to cover up corruption.

But Solomon’s “journalism,” particularly on the subject of Ukraine, has been proven to be false, repeatedly. Solomon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Substantial reporting from outlets including ProPublica and the Daily Beast show that Solomon spread disinformation about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the former US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. In his work, he effectively laundered dirt provided to him by Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, producing articles that directly led to a whistleblower report alleging that Trump, based on Solomon’s false assertions, demanded the Ukrainian government investigate the Bidens or risk losing military aid.
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Are Democrats "Gerrymandering The Population" With Their Open-Borders Plans?

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“Every single thing that they do,” Davi began. “The Democrats and the cabal of the GOP globalists, they’ve let down the American people for gerrymandering the population.”

Davi referenced the Immigration and Naturalization Act, passed by former President Lyndon B. Johnson and “argued by Teddy Kennedy,” saying that they had promised the law would not encourage further illegal immigration.

“This is what’s happening, it’s pure and simple,” Davi continued. “What they want to do is change the shape and the ideology of this nation by letting people in that have not been educated in the system. Trish, I was just in New York, I spoke to immigrant cab drivers from Bangladesh to the Dominican Republic, guys that are working their butts off that have been here legally, and they’re angry.”
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Retards continue to drag down the party of Lincoln

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A fringe group of far-right activists have been disrupting conservative and pro-Trump events in recent weeks, drawing rebukes from mainstream Republicans who are eager to separate the party from white nationalists and alt-right racists.

A small but vocal group of young men led by 21-year-old broadcaster Nicholas Fuentes received national attention this week after heckling Donald Trump Jr. at an event in California, where he was promoting his new book “Triggered.”

Fuentes and others on the far right have been publishing calendars of events held by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, conservative media stars Ben Shapiro and David Rubin and others, including Trump Jr. and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), in an effort to have their followers infiltrate and disrupt the events.

The alt-right activists view Kirk and Shapiro as insufficiently conservative on issues like immigration and claim to be carrying the mantle for President Trump. Members often show up at the events wearing red Make America Great Again hats and Fuentes’s show is called “America First” in a nod to the president’s popular slogan.
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Liberals attack Chikfila

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