Woman who threw Molotov cocktail at NYPD car hit with federal charge

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The woman who allegedly threw a lit Molotov cocktail into an NYPD car full of cops early Saturday has been slapped with a federal charge of damaging a police vehicle — a far cry from the attempted murder charges sought by the NYPD.

Samantha Shader, 27, of Catskill, New York, allegedly tossed the makeshift explosive into the marked police vehicle parked at Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn around 1:12 a.m, as a night of destructive protests over the killing of George Floyd winded down, federal prosecutors said.

The bottle shattered two of the vehicle’s windows as four cops sat inside — but the gas inside did not ignite, the feds said in a criminal complaint released early Sunday.

The complaint cites a single charge against Shader: Causing Damage by Fire and Explosives to a Police Vehicle.

Prosecutors obtained a witness video they said showed Shader hurl the device as a man attempted to shield her from onlookers.

The NYPD initially pressed for attempted-murder charges against the demonstrator — but federal prosecutors have now taken over the case and assumed custody.

Shader will be detained pending an initial court appearance on Monday. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn declined to comment early Sunday on whether she could face additional charges.

The feds also announced that two Brooklynites, Colinford Mattis, 32, and Urooj Rahman, 31, were also slapped with the same federal charge after allegedly tossing a Molotov cocktail at a parked, empty NYPD vehicle outside of the 88th Precinct in Fort Greene in a separate attack that came minutes earlier on Friday.

The pair were allegedly driving by the precinct in a tan minivan when they stopped to hurl the lit explosive through an already broken window of the vehicle, setting the car on fire, prosecutors said.

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The rioters are actually white supremacists

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Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said he is aware of unconfirmed reports that gangs of white supremacists are taking advantage of the anarchy unfolding in Minneapolis to create more chaos.

The comment came during an early morning press conference Saturday in which Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and members of the law enforcement community laid out plans for containing the destruction that has spread through much of the Twin Cities.

When asked by a reporter if Walz was aware of rumors that white supremacists had joined some of the looting he said based on "my suspicions and what I've seen on this, yes."

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Trump raping kids with Epstein, are you surprised

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We already knew Trump was an unhinged sexual predator, but it turns out he rapes prepubescent children too.

>Michael Parker, 10 years old, oral rape in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach FL in 1992. Trump paid his parents a $3 million settlement.

>Kelly Feuer, 12 years old, allegations of rape at Trump Tower, NY, NY. $1 million settlement paid in 1989.

>Charles Bacon, 11 years old, oral and anal rape at Trump Tower in 1994. $3 million dollar settlement.

>Rebecca Conway, 13 years old, rape and oral rape at Trump Vineyard Estates in Charlottesville, VA in 2012. $5 million dollar settlement.

Over and over and over...

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George Floyd's history

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>The final straw for Floyd came after serving five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery in 2007 where he entered a woman’s home, pressed a gun into her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records.
This gentle giant reminds me of the hands up don't shoot myth
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Rioters Destroy Bar That Black Minneapolis Firefighter Bought with His Life Savings

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Rioters protesting the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, an African-American man who died after being arrested and pinned to the ground by officer Derek Chauvin, destroyed a bar owned by a black former firefighter Wednesday night.

Korboi Balla had invested his life savings in the bar and was planning to open it before the coronavirus pandemic caused mass business closures. Balla then moved the opening date to June 1, when Minnesota plans to lift restrictions on restaurants, but the bar has since been wracked and looted in the riots, CBS first reported.

CBS was filming a segment at the bar when looters entered through the back of the establishment to try to steal Balla’s safe.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Balla said in an interview. “It hurts, man. It’s not fair, it’s not right. We’ve been working so hard for this place. It’s not just for me, it’s for my family.”

Balla’s wife Tywanna said that the bar was not insured.

“Yes people are mad and upset, I get that and I understand the protest, I’m hearing people say F*** the business they have insurance WELL WE DON’T AND THIS IS ALL OUT OF POCKET!!!” Tywanna wrote in a Facebook post. “Let someone come run in your home and loot for the cause then and let’s see you be ok with it!”
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Umbrella Man & Pink Shirt Pizza Guy

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Don't make sense this was a cop. St Paul police denied it. Snopes says unverified.

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In Hong Kong, Anxiety and Defiance Over Trump’s Move to Cut Ties

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>The reactions to President Trump’s decision fell along familiar political fault lines in a city wracked by nearly a year of protests.

Lololololol your awesome redpilled President is cutting ties with Hong Kong
finally Beijing's can get the city back
fucking retard American putting their mongoloid noses where they not belong
China number 1 world favorite power
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Missouri shows that reopening works! Are you tired of winning?

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Missouri officials slam 'irresponsible and dangerous' behavior seen in images of Memorial Day crowds

Missouri officials on Monday slammed the “irresponsible and dangerous” behavior of people who crowded pools and patios at the Lake of the Ozarks over Memorial Day weekend.

Department of Health and Senior Services Director Randall Williams released a statement Monday warning people that the coronavirus pandemic is not over.

“This Memorial Day, we caution that COVID-19 is still here, and social distancing needs to continue to prevent further spread of infections,” he said. “Close contact with others even if you are in the outdoors is still considered close contact and can lead to more infections as we still have new cases of COVID-19 being detected each day in Missouri.”

The comments come after videos and photos showed scores of people at the Lake of the Ozarks during the holiday weekend. Footage of a resort in the area, which went viral after being shared by an anchor for CNN affiliate KTVK in Arizona, showed dozens in the pool without masks.

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson condemned the people in crowds, especially at the Lake of the Ozarks, calling their actions “irresponsible and dangerous.” The city of St. Louis does not have jurisdiction over the area, but its constituents frequently visit the lake.

“Now, these folks will be coming home to St. Louis and counties all over Missouri and the Midwest, raising concerns about the potential of more positive cases, hospitalizations, and tragically, deaths,” Krewson said, in a statement obtained by The Hill. “It’s just deeply disturbing.”

Video: https://twitter.com/scottpasmoretv/status/1264394565861232640?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
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2nd Night Of Minneapolis George Floyd Protests Marked By Looting, Tear Gas, Fires

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>MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Tear gas, flames and smoke filled the streets surrounding the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct Wednesday evening, as officers tried to get people to leave the area in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.
>Late Wednesday night, protesters set several fires, including inside of an AutoZone store by the precinct building, located near the intersection of Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue. The St. Paul Police Department sent about 40 officers to help protect Minneapolis Firefighters as they worked.
>Just before 7 p.m., dozens of people began looting the Target store near the 3rd Precinct. Other neighboring businesses were also looted and sustained damage.
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