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Twenty-one trillion dollars.

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A couple of years ago, Mark Skidmore, an economics professor, heard Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, say that the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General had found $6.5 trillion worth of unaccounted-for spending in 2015. Skidmore, being an economics professor, thought something like, “She means $6.5 billion. Not trillion. Because trillion would mean the Pentagon couldn’t account for more money than the gross domestic product of the whole United Kingdom. But still, $6.5 billion of unaccounted-for money is a crazy amount.”

So he went and looked at the inspector general’s report, and he found something interesting: It was trillion! It was fucking $6.5 trillion in 2015 of unaccounted-for spending! And I’m sorry for the cursing, but the word “trillion” is legally obligated to be prefaced with “fucking.” It is indeed way more than the U.K.’s GDP.

Skidmore did a little more digging. As Forbes reported in December 2017, “[He] and Catherine Austin Fitts … conducted a search of government websites and found similar reports dating back to 1998. While the documents are incomplete, original government sources indicate $21 trillion in unsupported adjustments have been reported for the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.”

Let’s stop and take a second to conceive how much $21 trillion is (which you can’t because our brains short-circuit, but we’ll try anyway).

Teen Shot, Bled Out After Stealing $2 Beer

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>A jury found a grocery clerk guilty of killing a 17-year-old boy who ran out of the store with a beer he didn't pay for in Memphis, Tennessee, in a case that had sparked protests, authorities said.

Anwar Ghazali was convicted of second-degree murder after a four-day trial, Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich said Friday. "This defendant took it upon himself to be the judge and jury and the executioner over a $2 beer," prosecutor Lora Fowler said, according to CNN affiliate WMC.
>The shooting happened in March 2018, after Dorian Harris walked out of the Top Stop Shop with a beer without paying, Weirich said.
>Security video of the incident played in court shows that Ghazali, while behind the counter dealing with another customer, pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Harris. He then ran outside to follow the teen and fired several times.
>Afterward, he returned to the store and told a witness, "I think I shot him." He did not call the police, and neither did any other customer inside the store, WMC reported.
>Harris was shot at least three times and was left to bleed out, Fowler said. His body was found two days later in a yard near the store with gunshots in the back of his thigh, Weirich said.
>Ghazali's defense attorney, Blake Ballin, told CNN in an email that Ghazali maintains he acted recklessly that night but his intention was never to harm Harris. He said they were pleased that the jury rejected the prosecution's argument that this was a calculated and premeditated murder motivated by the theft of a beer. That would have come with a potential life sentence.
>Ghazali is expected to be sentenced on September 23.
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Another mass shooting to ignore...

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Three dead in shooting in Dutch city of Dordrecht

>3 people have been killed in a "very serious" shooting incident in the Dutch city of Dordrecht, officials said Monday night.

>Police in Rotterdam, about 18 miles northeast of Dordrecht, said in a post on Twitter that another person was seriously injured.
>Police stressed to CNN that the issue was not terror related.
>Dordrecht Mayor Wouter Kolff described the incident as "a very serious shooting" in a post on Twitter, and said that he was heading to the scene.

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Alabama teen kills family, nothing to see here

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In another mass shooting, just days after the western Texas rampage which killed seven people, a 14-year-old teenager shot and killed five family members at their home in Alabama Monday. The boy then called the police to confess to killing his father, stepmother and siblings, according to reports. The victims included a 5- and 6-year-old and a 6-month-old baby. Authorities have not yet determined where the teenager obtained the handgun he used.

Is this what it means to have a well regulated militia?
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The Most Mysterious PhD Thesis of All Time

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I came across a strange Ph.D. Thesis at the London School of Economics. The only online information has no abstract, no supervisor name.

This thesis is placed in a restricted room, you need to pay and read that thesis with a guy watching in front of you.

You can not cite that thesis.
You can not copy that thesis.
You can not take a photo of that thesis.
You can not take a memo that thesis.

Does anybody know a similar Ph.D. thesis like this?
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Japanese invisible ink to stop gropers

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A new device aimed at tackling sexual harassment on crowded trains and public transport has sold out just half an hour after it went on sale in Japan.

The "anti-groping" stamps, manufactured by stamp-maker Shachihata Inc., allow victims of harassment to mark their assailants with invisible ink, and also provide a deterrent to would-be attackers.

>This shit sold for 25 bucks

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Based and videopilled

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>Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day is a PC shooter that allows you play as Jesus Christ alongside a number of figures beloved by the alt-right, including Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsonaro, Pepe the Frog and Brenton Tarrant, the Christchurch Mosque gunman who killed 51 people in March of this year.

>The objective of the game is to kill a variety of different enemies, including "Social Justice Warriors," "Feminazis," gay and trans people, migrants, Democrats, Antifa and abortion doctors.

>Some of the video game boss battles see you fight characters based on Democratic politicians including Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

>The game can be purchased online for $14.88, an apparent reference to the secret code used by neo-Nazis and white nationalists to signify their ideology based on the white supremacist slogan, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

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Chandrayaan 2 No signal

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Chandrayaan-2 (Moon vehicle 2) entered the Moon's orbit on 20 August and was due to land on the lunar surface a little after midnight India local time (1800 GMT) on 7 September - a month after it first shot into space.

But contact was lost moments before the lander (named Vikram, after Isro founder Vikram Sarabhai) was expected to touch down at the lunar south pole.

When the countdown began, the lander was moving at a velocity of 1,640 metres per second. Scientists say it appeared to be moving as planned during the first two phases of deceleration, known as the rough braking and fine braking operations.

It was during the final stage, known as the "hovering" stage, that the problem occurred.

Chandrayaan-2 was the most complex mission ever attempted by Isro.

The lander carried within its belly a 27kg Moon rover (called Pragyan, which translates as wisdom in Sanskrit), which included instruments to analyse the lunar soil.

The rover had the capacity to travel 500m from the lander in its 14-day life span, and would have sent data and images back to Earth for analysis.

The mission would have focused on the lunar surface, searching for water and minerals and measuring moonquakes, among other things.
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