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Meet Pepper X, Soon To Be the World’s Hottest Pepper

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The Carolina Reaper has been the undisputed world’s hottest pepper for over 4 years now, but its days at the top are numbered. There’s a new kid on the block and it’s apparently twice as hot as the Reaper. This is “Pepper X”.

Pepper X is the brainchild of Smokin’ Ed Currie, “founder, president, mad scientist & chef of PuckerButt Pepper Company”, and the same man who created the now world famous Carolina Reaper. Apparently, he started working on this scorching hot chilli some 10 years ago, crossing various pepper variety and constantly upping the Scoville rating, to the point where it now scores a mouth burning 3.18 million Scoville units. To put that into perspective, Jalapenos are rated at between 10,000 – 20,000 units, while the current Guinness record holder for world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, scores an average of 1.6 million units on the Scoville scale. So it’s safe to say that Pepper X is pretty hot.

So hot in fact that consuming it raw is potentially deadly. The extremely high capsaicin content, the active component that produces a sensation of burning in any tissue with which it comes into contact, can send your immune system into overdrive and trick your body into thinking that it is experiencing real burning. For this reason, Pepper X is currently only available as an ingredient of the hottest sauce ever created, The Last Dab.

The sauce consists of Pepper X mash, distilled vinegar, ginger root, turmeric, coriander, cumin and dry mustard, making it very flavorful while only compromising on hotness. By itself, Pepper X comes in at 3.18 Scoville units, but The Last Dab sauce is still hotter than the Carolina Reaper, at 2.4 million units, and on par with the current unofficial world’s hottest pepper, Dragon’s Breath.


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Justin Trudeau on the death of Gord Downie

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> "It hurts," he said, his eyes red as tears streamed down his face.
> Trudeau ordered the flags on the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill and at all federal government buildings in Downie's hometown of Kingston, Ont., to be lowered to half-mast until the funeral.

source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/gord-downie-death-political-reaction-1.4359917

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NEW FBI Crime Data for 2016

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>Violent Crime Increases, Property Crime Decreases as per 2016 statistics just released by the FBI


Some are immediately turning to the race portions of the study, though (see pic):

>Newly released figures covering 2016 that break down arrests in terms of race illustrate how black people are still vastly overrepresented in virtually every crime category.


Some blaming specific cities/counties for it, too:


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Federal Judge Cucks Trump Travel Ban (THIRD TIME)

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>President Trump’s attempts to block travelers from a handful of countries — most of them predominantly Muslim — from coming to the United States hit another legal snag on Tuesday, when a federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order freezing most of Mr. Trump’s third travel ban the day before it was to take effect.

>At least for now, the judge’s order will prevent the Trump administration from stopping almost all travel to the United States indefinitely from most of the countries named in the ban.

>The ban, now in its third iteration, was one of Mr. Trump’s earliest and most controversial decisions after taking office in January, and it has also been one of the most legally troubled. Both previous versions were ordered halted by federal district judges who said they violated the Constitution or exceeded the president’s authority, and those orders were upheld on appeal.

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We bring news of shit. Superior board invasion! Not only was there more shootings to talk about, we are here to invade you with pepe Trumps. http://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.infowars.com%2F
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North Korea expected to act soon

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According to a Russian official, NK is preparing to test a long range missile in a few days. It's expected to happen on Monday or Tuesday depending on your timezone.
This could be the trigger that starts a nuclear war. Don't underestimate them.

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T-Minus 2 Hours and Counting!!

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Updated - Military theft investigation status - Portugal - Most stolen material retrieved

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Most of the war material of this July robbery on arms depots of a Portuguese military base has been retrieved.

Only probably 9mm ammunition can't be found.

Military PJ (Judiciary Police) recovered material stolen from Tancos military base
>The material was intercepted in the Chamusca region this morning after an ANONYMOUS TIP. 44 weapons of war, grenades and explosives were recovered. The military Judiciary Police only could not have intercepted the ammunition, according to RTP.
Archived link: http://archive.is/1620N

Tancos: 9mm ammunition missing from found material
>The Military Judiciary Police (PJM) recovered almost all the war material stolen in the Tancos warehouses, with the exception of 9mm ammunition, the source said.

Discovery of Tancos weapons did not allow the identification of suspects
>The war material was found tonight in the Chamusca region by the Military Judiciary Police. PGR confirms and says that inquiry is continuing.

>For now, the operation of the Military Judiciary Police, which took place at dawn on Tuesday, which led to the discovery of almost all the missing war material from Tancos in June, did not allow the identification of suspects. It may only be a matter of time.

>According to the source of the military source, the only new clue is the site - a pasture land, in the region of Chamusca, where the material was placed on the previous days or days and not for weeks or months.

>The discovery was made after an anonymous tip. It was not possible to reach anyone, only to this place a few tens of kilometers of Tancos, in the district of Santarém. The Attorney General's Office has confirmed to Lusa that the material has been recovered and that the investigation is continuing.
Archived: http://archive.is/7GgwX
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In Puerto Rico, Tesla is doing what Donald Trump isn’t

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Almost one month after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, technology firms like Tesla are stepping in to fill the relief-effort void that many say President Donald Trump has created.
Following through with a pledge by Elon Musk that his company could solve Puerto Rico’s energy crisis with solar panels and batteries, Tesla Powerwall battery packs were spotted at San Juan airport on the island over the weekend
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