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Playboy to bring back nudity.

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Secretly recorded comments lead to teachers' reprimand
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Hamilton police hunting for blueberry bandit

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Hamilton police are investigating the theft of a refrigeration truck full of blueberries from Stoney Creek last weekend.

The burgled berries – about $100,000 worth of them, police say – disappeared from 555 Seaman Dr. sometime between 3 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Feb. 5.

Const. Steve Welton said Wednesday he didn’t know if the blueberries are fresh or frozen – or somewhere in between, depending on the state of the stolen refrigeration unit.

He didn’t immediately have information about the number or weight of the purloined pints, but for reference sake, 170-gram boxes of blueberries are selling for nearly $4 each at Fortinos at the moment.

Police later found the stolen truck in the Toronto area, but the trailer and its tasty cargo are still missing.

Recognizing the public taste for this sort of berry hunt, police have posted “Have you seen these berries?” messages on Facebook and Twitter

“We’re hoping to have some fun through engagement, but also for tips about what is an unusual theft,” Welton said. “Maybe you notice someone is in the blueberry business who hasn’t been before.”

This isn’t the first garden-variety heist pulled off in Hamilton. Last December, police were on the hunt for more than 10,000 misappropriated melons stolen from a Barton Street East parking lot.
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Toxins everywhere

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>> Burger wrappers - Another reason to cut down on junk food?

A non-surprise for people with common sense.
Not putting hot food inside plastic-chemical-paper should be a no brainer.
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Environmental warming

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> Temperatures in the Arctic are skyrocketing — for the third time this winter

> the jet stream’s flow to become more “wavy,” for instance — in ways that can affect weather systems in the North Atlantic.
This has been obvious for years. The jet stream is having fibrillations; a heart-attack.

> But he added that an increase in the frequency of temperature extremes at the North Pole is just another indicator of climate change’s disproportionate effect on the Arctic.
It's the extremes are killing us.

> “There’s more and more evidence that the Arctic, especially, is warming quite dramatically and that we should expect to see more of these events,” he said.
> “I think it’s just more evidence that the climate is, in fact, changing.”
More data that the ignorant people will ignore. This is what makes an ignorant person; ignorant people can't change, learn or face reasonable and likely truths that demands maturity, responsibility and civility.
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Louvre attack: French soldier shoots machete-wielding man

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>A French soldier guarding the Louvre in Paris has shot a man who tried to attack a security patrol with a machete shouting "Allahu Akbar", police say.

>The man, who tried to gain entry to the Louvre's shopping centre, was shot in the abdomen and seriously injured.

>Reports say he is an Egyptian man, 29, who arrived in France last month. Police have not released his identity.

>President Francois Hollande said the situation was under control but the "threat of terrorism is here to stay".

>The Louvre, which is home to numerous celebrated art works, including the Mona Lisa, is due to reopen on Saturday.

>The incident began at 10:00 local time (09:00 GMT) in the Carrousel du Louvre shopping centre at stairs leading to an entrance to the museum itself.

>A patrol of four soldiers are reported to have tried to subdue the assailant using non-lethal force after he rushed at them.
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Legal challenge to the snooper's charter

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So with campaigners having raised the funds to challenge the blanket surveillance of the UK population, can someone explain to me how said surveillance works? I've asked elsewhere always been ignored. Fellow UK readers, do you feel that your browsing habits? What is the extent of the data they now collect? Are you intimidated into not browsing other perfectly legal sites in fear that specific powers may use your browsing habits to silence or coerce you later?
Say for example I wanted to write some erotic fiction or draw some erotic art. Would there be any ramifications to this even if the content was fairly vanilla and didn't feature any illegal acts? A couple of years back even when they were still collecting data I would have been more brazen and not seen a problem, but now not so much.

Has the snooper's charter affected your life?
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With Trump in Charge, Climate Change References Purged From Website

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IDEA Website working cache found!!

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for some reason, google doesn't even have the cached version...strange

This needs to be saved.
Who knows what DeVos is up to, but these are snapshots of the old website. These should be saved and compared to the site that reopens to see what changes. I cant save these site as I don't have the space. can /b help?!!?
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Restaurant fires Rhode Island legislator for political talk

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A Rhode Island state legislator was fired from her job as a waitress after her employer said her political views hurt the restaurant's reputation.

Classic Cafe owner Raymond Burns said Thursday he warned Providence Democratic Rep. Moira Walsh that her "vocal political discussions" during her shift were interfering with her work. He said the final straw was a scathing online review of the restaurant that complained about Walsh.

Walsh denied that she had been warned against talking politics with customers and said the negative review complained about her political beliefs, not her service. The review discouraged men from patronizing the Providence breakfast spot because of what it described as "anti-male" views she had expressed on the radio and on social media.

Walsh said she got the job as a teenager and worked there for eight years before her firing last week.

"His direct quote to me was, 'You know, we're very proud of everything that you're doing up at the State House, but your political views are affecting the business and we have to terminate your employment,'" she told WPRO-AM on Thursday.

Burns said in an email it was "not a case of political censorship or denial of her right to free speech," but he said her public comments were hurting business.

Walsh told the radio station that it all started with a posting she made on social media just before Christmas saying "all my holiday cheer is for women, femmes and trans. The rest of you boys can kick rocks."
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