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Australia provided fertile ground for Islamophobic culture, experts say

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>Authorities in New Zealand arrested a suspect and charged him with murder but have not released his name. In a manifesto published online before the attack, the alleged gunman describes himself as “an ordinary white man, 28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class, low income family.”

>It remains unclear whether he had established links to far-right groups, but such groups have been active in Australia for decades. Some experts say that anti-Muslim rhetoric has been normalized by mainstream right-wing news outlets, many of which are owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

>These publications have fomented “the kind of Islamophobic culture which makes it easier for extremists to think that they are legitimized to enact their deadly fantasies,” said Ghassan Hage, a Lebanese Australian academic at the University of Melbourne.
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Court in Chechnya banishes human rights activist to penal colony

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>Oyub Titiev, the local head of the human rights group Memorial, was charged last year with possession of more than 200g of marijuana. Titiev said the drugs were planted in his car, and colleagues said he was being punished for revealing details of abductions and torture by Chechnya’s security services.

Michael Jackson: Transport for London to remove bus adverts protesting singer's innocence

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>TfL says it will take down the adverts due to "public sensitivity" after fresh child sex abuse allegations against the pop star.

>Transport for London says it will remove bus adverts proclaiming Michael Jackson's innocence in the wake of child sexual abuse allegations against the singer.

>The adverts have appeared on double-decker buses across the capital after a £20,000 crowdfunding campaign backed by the pop star's supporters.

>They were produced in response to the Leaving Neverland documentary, which featured claims by two men who say they were sexually abused by Jackson as children.

>The Survivors Trust, which supports victims of rape and child sexual abuse, told Sky News the adverts were "really inappropriate" and called for Transport for London (TfL) to take them down.

>TfL initially rejected the criticism, saying the adverts were "compliant" with its advertising policy.

>But on Wednesday, a TfL spokesman said: "We have reviewed our position and will be removing these advertisements.

>"They have been rejected due to the public sensitivity and concern around their content."
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"Boy" Scouts welcome new female members by buying them their uniforms

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Crews probe cause of Carson oil refinery fire, market impact unknown

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Drag queen storytime reader once charged with child sex assault

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Golf course to remove racist trees

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The government of Palm Springs, California, is declaring a war on so-called "racist" trees that line a golf course.

The city plans to spend $169,000 to remove the trees, which were planted in the 1960s between the perimeter of the course and a minority neighborhood.
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Large fund firms’ support for combating climate change is all talk, as proxy voting record shows

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>Two of the biggest index fund providers, Vanguard Group and BlackRock, have been more vocal in recent years on the subject of corporate responsibility.

>As two of the world’s largest asset-management companies, with more than $11 trillion invested on behalf of fund shareholders, they also are among the largest shareholders of stocks in the world.

>A recent analysis of their proxy voting records on climate change shows them to be among the worst in the fund industry, but they are not alone. T. Rowe Price Group, Putnam Investment and Dimensional Fund Advisors also were among the bottom tier of fund companies.
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March 19 nuclear strike

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A preemptive nuclear strike would come in the form of a surprise attack to repel or defeat a perceived imminent offensive by a possible enemy possessing nuclear weapons.
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N.Y. judge won’t let unvaccinated children back in school

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