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'Anonymous' Joins Hacker Army Targeting Central Banks for Cash

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>In 2008, a group of thieves stole $700,000 from Russia’s central bank the old-fashioned way: they infiltrated a processing center, handcuffed a guard, and made off with the cash.

>These days, the criminal attacks on the Bank of Russia are far less labor-intensive -- and far more lucrative. Over the course of last year, hackers looted up to $21 million from accounts opened with the Bank of Russia.

>The thefts from the Bank of Russia are part of a surge in cyber attacks on global monetary authorities in 2016, from Bangladesh to Warsaw. This year is likely to be even worse.

>“For a central bank the question is not if, but when, they will be victim of a cyber-attack,” said Giulio Coraggio, a lawyer focusing on cyber-security at DLA Piper in Milan.

>The hacking collective “Anonymous,” known for its activism against big corporations, security forces, and governments, is specifically targeting central banks, according to two people with direct knowledge of the group’s activities, who asked not to be identified.

>While the people wouldn’t say which banks are being targeted, they said the group has been busy recruiting new hackers to aid it in its forays, and renewed its attack against a number of central banks in February.
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Spicer and Journalists Laugh about Trump Lying About American Employment Numbers

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Touting the first jobs report of Donald Trump’s tenure, White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed without evidence Friday that the jobs figures “may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.”

Spicer, addressing reporters at the afternoon briefing, did not back up the assertion that previous federal jobs reports were “phony,” as Trump repeatedly said during the campaign without backing up the claim. But Spicer nonetheless confirmed that the president believes the figures are legitimate now that they signal economic growth under his administration.

“In the past, the president has referred to particular job reports as phony or totally fiction,” a reporter asked. “Does the president believe that this jobs report was accurate and a fair way to measure the economy?”

“I talked to the president prior to this, and he said to quote him very clearly,” Spicer said. “They may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.”

Trump and Spicer were quick on Friday to tout the new jobs numbers from the Labor Department, which found that employers added 235,000 jobs to the economy in February and put unemployment at 4.7 percent. The report beat analysts' expectations.

Trump, though, had repeatedly disparaged the federal government’s calculation of unemployment throughout his presidential campaign, making a series of claims that independent fact checkers debunked. He once mused incorrectly that unemployment was really 42 percent when the government pegged it at 5.1 percent.
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Wheel of Fugitive becomes new weapon for law enforcement

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A sheriff’s office in central Florida is giving the search for criminals a creative spin. The game show-style videos feature the most wanted local fugitives, and a new episode is added to the sheriff’s Facebook page every week.

The videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and have led to dozens of arrests.

For the last 18 months, a studio at the sheriff’s office has become must-see viewing in Brevard County, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey, the show’s Pat Sajak, had the idea and the personality to host it.

“When we put someone up on the ‘Wheel of Fugitive,” our citizens start sending us messages and contacting us right away,” Ivey said.

Ivey spins a wheel with the names and photos of 10 wanted fugitives and highlights an unlucky “winner.”

Dozens of fugitives have been arrested or turned themselves in. Last month, the wheel picked Teaon Gay. He was in custody within a day.

“The fugitives watch it. It’s amazing how many of them, when they’re arrested, say, ‘Yeah, I saw it’ or ‘my family notified me about it.’ In fact, we’ve had fugitives that say, ‘Yeah, I watch it every week to see if I’m on the wheel,”’ Ivey said.

Fugitive Alicia Pack posted on Facebook that she saw herself on the show but added she was going to the beach -- where police tracked her down.

“They ended up having to Taser her. So we put up on our Facebook page, tanned, Tased and arrested all on the same day,” Ivey said.

“What about this connects with people?” Strassmann asked.

“One, there’s a little bit of humor mixed in it,” Ivey said. “Two, people, at least in our community and I think in most communities throughout our country in law enforcement, want to be engaged with law enforcement. … It reaches out to them and gives them an opportunity to do it.”

Social media present a new weapon for law enforcement.
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Pineapple Pizza Tests Limits of Presidential Power in Iceland

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>Talk about sensitive subjects.

>It turns out that people take their pizza very personally. So when the president of Iceland casually joked last week that pizza topped with pineapple should be outlawed, he set off a debate of international (and viral) proportions.

>The incendiary remarks by this particular world leader, Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson, were made during a visit to a high school in northern Iceland, according to news reports.

>In answering questions from students about pizza and football (his favorite Premier League team is Manchester United), Mr. Johannesson told them that, should he be able to pass laws, he would like to ban pineapple as a pizza topping, igniting a media firestorm.

>The story quickly ranked among the top trending stories on Reddit and was picked up by news sites including the Guardian, CNN, USA Today and even Foreign Policy. Fans of the topping were outraged. Pizza purists thought they had found a champion.

>“A true hero,” wrote metalmaniac9999 on Reddit. “Pineapple on pizza is a crime against gastronomy.”

>To which, titaniumtoes responded, “See you at The Hague, pal.”

>“The Hague is for common war criminals,” countered Heiminator. “People who put pineapple on pizza should face the firing squad immediately. No trial, no blindfold.”

>Steve Green, who publishes the pizza industry magazine PMQ, told the Huffington Post: “Being against pineapple pizza is like being against Santa Claus. There’s really nothing that won’t work on a pizza.”

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Pig bitching about humans

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Relative and party member of Ukrainian president called the Russian singer-invalid "monstrosity" and called to kill the singer medias.

Ex-Minister of Culture, Verkhovna Rada MP Oksana Bilozir criticized Russia's decision to send to the Eurovision Song Contest-2017 singer Yulia Samoilova, who has been moving on a wheelchair since the age of 13.

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"If such an monstrosity on the part of Russia that they are trying to send to Ukraine, then please excuse us, we can not welcome her," Bilozir said on the TV channel 112.

Having allowed herself such a statement, she added: "It seems to me that we, Ukraine, are a civilized democratic country, and we are spiritually rich and strong, so we will not politicize art."
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Chinese Factory Replaces 90% Of Human Workers With Robots, Sees 250% Production Increase

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>One of China’s first unmanned factories in the city of Dongguan recently replaced 590 of its workers with robots and the results were astounding. While the factory used to be run by 650 employees, only 60 of those people still work at the factory and their primary job is to make sure the machines are running properly, not working on manufacturing.

>The Changying Precision Technology Company focuses on the production of mobile phones and uses automated production lines. The robotic arms produce certain parts of the mobile phones at each station and the factory even makes use of autonomous transport trucks.

>Though 60 is a shocking amount of people to be running and monitoring a whole factory, the trial for the robots is going so well that the general manager, Luo Weiqiang, said that the number of human employees may even drop to 20 someday.

>Since the shift to robots, pieces per person per month has risen from 8,000 to 21,000—a whopping 250% increase. While some may argue that quality of the product will decrease with the use of robots, this doesn’t appear to be the case either. The number of product defects has decreased from 25% to just 5%.
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After destroying own history Ukrainins are starting too destroy polish one.

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Houston Rodeo Shooting censored on GOOGLE

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Why is google censoring the shooting at the houston rodeo tonght? All other major search engines provide sources, google keeps deleting them.*
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Clothing and jobs

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I don't understand why don't you go to your beautiful country and search for a job, where people won't say anything.
Millions of people from other nationalities and religions have to wear abaya and hijab in Saudi in order to respect the norms of that country
And you can't just go to any country and start fighting because people aren't giving you jobs because of your way of dressing, Some people find it offensive or uncomfortable and feel that you don't want to talk or be social because of it .
Why do you always think whatever you are doing or wearing is right, it makes others feel like they're shameless or dress inappropriately.
I agree people should wear whatever they want, but sometimes other people also get hurt or feel bad.
If you are in someone else's country you must respect some rules and they too expect something from you, so don't always play victim to society's discrimination.
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Australia was colonized by a single group 50,000 years ago

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>There are two central mysteries about human history in Australia. First, when did people arrive on the world's southernmost inhabitable continent? And second, how did they colonize it? A paper in Nature offers new answers, based on an extensive analysis of decades-old DNA.

>By studying the mitochondrial DNA of Aboriginal Australians from all across the continent, University of Adelaide biologist Alan Cooper and his team were able to trace the population back to its most recent common ancestor, a woman who lived between 43,000 and 47,000 years ago. Because mitochondrial DNA is passed from mothers to children virtually unchanged, it's often used to trace genetic histories over long time spans. Based on this finding and dates of the earliest archaeological sites in Australia, Cooper and colleagues write that the continent was likely colonized by a single group of people about 50,000 years ago.

>At the time that this group was walking into Australia, the continent was joined to New Guinea in a larger landmass called Sahul. What's remarkable is that this group of explorers appears to have colonized the entire Australian continent—or at least its coasts—within about 2,000 years. Genetic evidence reveals that the original group split in two, one heading east and the other west. They met again in southern Australia just a couple of millennia later.
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