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Occupy Murphy in NJ

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This is a call to arms for anyone (Anonymous) who wants to rescue democracy from the greedy oligarchs who are betraying America!

Occupy Murphy in NJ

Wall Street billionaire Phil Murphy is using his Goldman Sachs fortune to but the election for governor in NJ and the entire Democratic establishment is selling out the people!

Sign up to help or join if you want to participate in group activity.

Alternatively, use your own ingenuity to take creative independent action on your own to screw up this greedy oligarch's plan for a hostile takeover in New Jersey.

The revolution is you!
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DeVos Undoes Obama Student Loan Protections

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>Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday rolled back an Obama administration attempt to reform how student loan servicers collect debt.

>Obama issued a pair (PDF) of memorandums (PDF) last year requiring that the government’s Federal Student Aid office, which services $1.1 trillion in government-owned student loans, do more to help borrowers manage, or even discharge, their debt. But in a memorandum (PDF) to the department’s student aid office, DeVos formally withdrew the Obama memos.
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Democrats have a new and surprising weapon on Capitol Hill: Power

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>Democrats in Congress have a new and surprising tool at their disposal in the era of one-party Republican rule in President Trump’s Washington: power.

>It turns out that Republicans need the minority party to help them avoid a government shutdown at the end of April, when the current spending deal to fund the government expires. And Democrats have decided, for now at least, that they will use their leverage to reassert themselves and ensure the continued funding of their top priorities — by negotiating with Republicans.

>“I think we have a lot of leverage here,” said Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.). Republicans “are going to need our help putting together the budget, and that help means we can avoid some of the outrageous Trump proposals and advance some of our own proposals.”

>The fact that Republicans need Democrats to vote for a temporary spending measure to avoid a shutdown gives Democrats leverage to force the GOP to abandon plans to attack funding for environmental programs and Planned Parenthood. And it also allows Democrats to block Trump’s top priority — the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border — which the president seeks to factor in to this latest round of budget negotiations.

>It comes at a time when Republicans on Capitol Hill are badly divided and President Trump’s ambitious agenda — a health-care overhaul, his 2018 budget blueprint, a tax proposal and an infrastructure program — has yet to get off the ground.

>Since the failure of the House GOP’s health-care plan, Trump has signaled he may work with Democrats to achieve major goals. Coupled with the negotiations over the spending measure, such a statement could foreshadow a major and unexpected power shift in Washington in which the minority party has far more influence in upcoming legislative fights than was initially expected.
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Thousands fired after being forced to train H1B replacements

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60 minutes (real news)

Trump was right when before the election he claimed H1b's were planted to facilitate outsourcing.

Trump broke his promise to fix the corruption,
more anchor H1B resources come in from India to facilitate outsourcing. 85K more this April.

Spread this news as the tech industry is trying to kill it. Read the stories, scary stuff and then sign the petition to stop it.
CBS NEWS (real news)
PBS NEWS (real news)
CNN NEWS (real news)

Human trafficking (our government)

As they take over American companies here is Why they will never hire you:

20 percent of H1-B visas have been found to be fraudulent.

What happens when they take all our jobs:

Almost every company in the US is doing this despite the lower skills of India H1B's VS American workers.

Sign this to get change now.
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Ancient staircase to nowhere found in Cambodia

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The Senate just voted to undo landmark rules covering your Internet privacy

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Thanks for putting republicans in power, guys.


>Senate lawmakers voted Thursday to repeal a historic set of rules aimed at protecting consumers' online data from their own Internet providers, in a move that could make it easier for broadband companies to sell and share their customers' usage information for advertising purposes.

>The rules, which prohibit providers from abusing the data they gather on their customers as they browse the Web on cellphones and computers, were approved last year over objections from Republicans who argued the regulations went too far.

>U.S. senators voted 50 to 48 to approve a joint resolution from Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) that would prevent the Federal Communications Commission's privacy rules from going into effect. The resolution also would bar the FCC from ever enacting similar consumer protections. It now heads to the House.
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Far-Right Think Tank sends Anti-Climate materials to schools nationwide

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>Three top Democrats have urged a libertarian think tank to stop mailing climate change skeptical classroom materials to teachers across America.

>The ranking Democrats on the House committees overseeing education, natural resources and science condemned the group’s mass-mailing campaign and counseled teachers to throw away the materials when they arrive.

>But the Heartland Institute said it has no intention of desisting: It has continued to send books and DVDs rejecting the human role in global warming to public school science teachers in all 50 states. Heartland project manager Lennie Jarratt said packages are also being distributed to science teachers at private and charter schools and to college professors.

>An initial batch of 25,000 books was mailed out in early March, and two additional batches have been sent since, Jarratt said. In total, he said, more than 200,000 packages will be sent, with the goal of getting the materials into the hands of every science teacher in the country.

>The packages contain a book titled “Why Scientists Disagree about Climate Change” and a related DVD; both dispute the scientific consensus that climate change is a crisis. Accompanying them is a cover letter from Jarratt, who leads Heartland’s Center for Transforming Education. The letter points teachers to an online guide to using the DVD in classrooms.
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Should David Dao sue for slander

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According to these reports, David Dao solicited sex in exchange for drugs, made fraudulent prescriptions for hydrocodone, oxycontin and Percocet, and had his medical license suspended. @morganwatkins26 wrote a nice hit piece on David Dao, the man that was dragged off by united plane. These claims of malpractice, however, are associated with Dr. David Anh Duy Dao, not Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao, two completely different Asian-American men.
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