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President Trump Directed His Attorney To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project

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President Donald Trump directed his longtime attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, according to two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter.

Trump also supported a plan, set up by Cohen, to visit Russia during the presidential campaign, in order to personally meet President Vladimir Putin and jump-start the tower negotiations. “Make it happen,” the sources said Trump told Cohen.

And even as Trump told the public he had no business deals with Russia, the sources said Trump and his children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., received regular, detailed updates about the real estate development from Cohen, whom they put in charge of the project.

What a fucking moron. That's a fucking felony, and the same shit they got Nixon for.
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Where have all the shills gone?

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Whats the matter guys?
Is Orange man still bad?
Why so quite here now?
David is frantically trying to reforge a narrative, to no avail.
Gonna get real bumpy from here on out.

In the meantime
NPC phone home!

Amazon succumbs to Shariah enforcement from CAIR

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Amazon, a multi-billion dollar corporation recently yielded unconditionally to Islamic terrorist organization, CAIR which masquerades its vast network under the false pretense of a non-profit company. The “Council for American-Islamic Relations” demanded that Amazon remove products listed that the group deemed “Offensive to Muslims.” CAIR said in a public statement that the products, door mats and bath mats sold by independent resellers on Amazon, are offensive to Muslims because they “would be stepped-on or otherwise disrespected by customers.” Predictably, the Seattle based company complied with the Sharia enforced code of conduct.

What sort of weakened and insidious religion projects offense over door mats and bath mats that “disrespect” the faith? Few Christians take issue with Monty Python mocking the Roman Catholic Church, on the contrary the comedy troupe is highly popular for its mockery of Christianity. Imagine if Monty Python had mocked Islam in similar style? They would all be dead. Dutch cartoonists had their lives threatened for satirical depictions of the Islamic “Prophet” Muhammad.

If Muslim-American groups react this way to independent retailers selling door mats and bath mats on a multi-billion dollar corporate website, they are simply incompatible with American life. Islam is a violent religious philosophy unwilling and unlikely to reform and adapt to difference cultures in ways proven successful for Christianity and Buddhism. Why are products mocking Christianity and Buddhism not removed from Amazon listings? Incidents like Amazon removing door mats and bath mats Muslims view as “offensive” prove that Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization and Culture.
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President Trump Rejects Proposal to Temporarily Reopen the Government

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>TL;DR Trump rejects a plan proposed by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) to open the govt for 3 weeks to facilitate negotiations, after which a national emergency can be declared if the wall remains unfunded. He used the opportunity to walk back his interest in declaring a national emergency to build the wall.

Full article forthcoming, because fuck paywalls.
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Sacklers Directed Efforts to Mislead Public About OxyContin, New Documents Indicate

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Members of the Sackler family, which owns the company that makes OxyContin, directed years of efforts to mislead doctors and patients about the dangers of the powerful opioid painkiller, a court filing citing previously undisclosed documents contends.

When evidence of growing abuse of the drug became clear in the early 2000s, one of them, Richard Sackler, advised pushing blame onto people who had become addicted.

“We have to hammer on abusers in every way possible,” Mr. Sackler wrote in an email in 2001, when he was president of the company, Purdue Pharma. “They are the culprits and the problem. They are reckless criminals.”

That email and other internal Purdue communications are cited by the attorney general of Massachusetts in a new court filing against the company, released on Tuesday. They represent the first evidence that appears to tie the Sacklers to specific decisions made by the company about the marketing of OxyContin. The aggressive promotion of the drug helped ignite the opioid epidemic.

In 1995, when the Food and Drug Administration approved OxyContin, it allowed Purdue Pharma to claim that the opioid’s long-acting formulation was “believed to reduce” its appeal to drug abusers compared with traditional painkillers such as Percocet and Vicodin.

At a gathering shortly afterward to celebrate the drug’s launch, Mr. Sackler boasted that “the launch of OxyContin tablets will be followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition. The prescription blizzard will be so deep, dense, and white,” according to a document cited in the legal complaint.
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US government shutdown could be bad for Israel

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The US Senate had been ready to boost funding for Israel, reauthorize defense cooperation with Israeli neighbour Jordan, take up legislation to impose new sanctions on Syria, but the package that included military support for Israel and Jordan stalled on a vote of 56-44, not enough to clear the 60-vote hurdle.

Senate Democrats had hoped to block Israeli aid on a procedural vote on Tuesday, arguing the chamber should not consider any bills until it votes on legislation to end the partial government shutdown.

On Wednesday, Washington again failed to find compromise to end the shutdown after a meeting between congressional leaders and President Donald Trump, the Associated Press reported.

For Israel, the legislation authorizes the $3.3 billion in US funding for fresh US-Israel cooperation in anti-drone technologies, cybersecurity and space.

The legislation also extended authorization for the US War Reserve Stockpile in Israel by five years, rubberstamping an additional $1 billion in weapons stocks, including precision-guided munitions.

The bill authorizes a joint assessment of the quantity and type of precision-guided munitions necessary for Israel to “defend itself against Hezbollah” and supports rapid acquisition and deployment procedures for such munitions.

The legislation moreover forces the Trump administration to expedite export licensing for Israel by adding it to the list of nations eligible for the Strategic Trade Authorization Exception, according to a summary published by American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC.

The bill reauthorizes the US-Jordan Defense Cooperation Act of 2015 and imposes new sanctions on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government because of alleged “human rights violations”.
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4 Americans killed in Syria attack. ISIS claims responsibility

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Washington (CNN)ISIS has claimed responsibility for a deadly explosion that killed four Americans -- two US service members, a defense contractor and a Department of Defense civilian -- in the Syrian city of Manbij on Wednesday, according to the US military.

All four US personnel that were killed were Americans, according to Commander Sean Robertson, a spokesman for the Pentagon.
The civilian was an intelligence expert who was with the troops hoping to collect information about security and adversaries in the area, according to three US officials.

"Two US service members, one Department of Defense (DoD)civilian and one contractor supporting DoD were killed and three service members were injured while conducting a local engagement in Manbij, Syria," US Central Command said in a statement.

"Initial reports indicate an explosion caused the casualties, and the incident is under investigation," the statement said.

Prior to Wednesday's attack, only two US service members had been killed in action in Syria since the start of the campaign in 2014.

The US-led coalition confirmed earlier Wednesday that US service members were killed in the attack, but did not provide details regarding the number of casualties at the time and said the service members were "conducting a routine patrol" at the time of the explosion.

"U.S. service members were killed during an explosion while conducting a routine patrol in Syria today. We are still gathering information and will share additional details at a later time," a tweet from Operation Inherent Resolve's spokesperson said.

The names of the two US service members will be withheld for 24 hours until next of kin is notified in accordance with DOD policy, according to CENTCOM's statement.
There were several reported casualties in the city a militia controlling the city and a UK-based monitoring group said.
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Baby boi Hitler

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Cuz I had to include a link, here it is:
The Hill homenews media
#BabyHitler has become a trend on Twitter. Well, the whole thing is that if you knew that a baby was Hitler, would you kill it? You really got em, didn't ya, ya fuckin blödmann. Nah, Ben Shapiro told em that he'd put the baby in a better home where he wouldn't become Hitler, since killing it would be unethical being that it isn't adult lunatic Adolf Hitler. I would still kill the baby for my own amusement, but would you kill the baby?

President tries one more gambit in a battle he seems to be losing

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In a dramatic escalation of his efforts to sway public opinion, President Trump chose the gravity of the Oval Office to try to create a sense of crisis in pursuit of an elusive campaign promise.

His speech was a compendium of arguments, some of dubious nature, that he has made before: The border is being overrun by dangerous criminals who have committed violent crimes in this country; migrant women and children are being victimized; the opioid crisis stems directly from a flood tide of illegal drugs crossing the southern border; his plan to secure that border includes advanced technology, more law enforcement personnel and, yes, a barrier costing $5.7 billion that would be made of steel slats, in deference, he said, to Democrats who oppose a concrete wall — a change Democrats say they never asked for.

Ultimately, there will have to be an agreement to reopen the government, though exactly on whose terms remains the sticking point. Trump may hope he can get his wall by means other than compromise; Democrats may think they can crush Trump right at the start of a new Congress. That is the nature of the standoff and the reason the president felt the need to use the ultimate bully pulpit to make his case Tuesday night.
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Democratic Socialist New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez criticized a reporter for not describing Republican Congressman Steve King as “racist.”

In a tweet Friday, David M. Drucker, a senior political correspondent for DC Examiner, tweeted that Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa and House minority whip Steve Scalise had spoken, following remarks in which King defended white nationalism.

King “'initiated' a convo today w/ @SteveScalise to inform them he would speak on floor to address his racially-tinged remarks,” tweeted Drucker, who says on his profile he is also a CNN political analyst and Vanity Fair contributor.

Hundreds of Twitter users criticised the reporter for the use of the phrase “racially tinged,” saying he should have used the word “racist” instead.

Among them was Ocasio Cortez.

"You spelled “racist” wrong,” she tweeted in response to Drucker.

"At this point those who use the terms “racially tinged” or “racially charged” to describe white supremacy should be prepared to explain why they chose to employ those terms instead of “racist”/“racism.” If the answer is their own discomfort, they’re protecting the wrong people," she continued.

Drucker thanked Ocasio Cortez for her comment, responding,"appreciate the edit."

"Thank you for being open. It’s time we call it what it is," she replied.

In a follow up report for the Examiner on comments by King to reporters in congress after addressing the House, Drucker wrote that King didn’t expect “blowback” for the remarks.

“King has been in hot water before for using racially charged rhetoric. But this latest episode smacked of outright racism and generated a rare rebuke from House GOP leaders,” he wrote.
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