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Kavanaugh Accuser Admits: I Made Up Claims of Sexual Assault to "Get Attention"

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Right Wing Extremist Opens Fire in Tallahassee Yoga Studio

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Early Friday evening, a gunman opened fire inside a yoga studio in Tallahasse, Florida, and shot six women, killing two — a doctor and a college student — before eventually turning his gun on himself. The gunman’s motive was not immediately clear, but on Saturday, more details about the shooter’s online life emerged, including references to the anti-women “incel” ideology, which suggested that the attack may have been motivated by far-right extremism. If so, that would make it the fourth attack — and third deadly attack —perpetrated by a right-wing extremist in the U.S. in less than two weeks. Here’s what we know so far.

What Happened?

Just after 5:30 p.m. on Friday, 40-year-old Scott Paul Beierle entered the Hot Yoga Tallahassee studio carrying a black bag and posing as a customer. Without warning, he then pulled out a handgun and began firing on the dozen or so people inside the studio, where a yoga class had just begun. The gunman shot six women, killing two, and pistol whipped a man who reportedly tried to fight him off. “Patrons fought the assailant to prevent him from harming themselves and others,” according to a statement from Tallahassee police. Beierle shot one of the women six times.

Hot Yoga Tallahassee is located on the second floor of a two-story shopping mall. After the shooting began, many ran and sought shelter in neighboring businesses.

The first 9-1-1 call came in at 5:37 p.m. and police arrived three minutes later to find that the attack was over and that Beierle had committed suicide via a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Some 40 witnesses were later interviewed.

The police investigation is still underway, but as of Saturday night, authorities have not released any information about the gunman’s motive. The father of one of the women who was killed said that police told him the attack was random.
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WA state lawmaker Matt Shea defends advocacy for ‘Holy Army’ as his writings are referred to FBI

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Washington state Rep. Matt Shea acknowledged Wednesday he had distributed a four-page manifesto titled “Biblical Basis for War,” which describes the Christian God as a “warrior,” details the composition and strategies of a “Holy Army” and condemns abortion and same-sex marriage.

The document is organized in 14 sections with multiple tiers of bullet points and a smattering of biblical citations. Under one heading, “Rules of War,” it makes a chilling prescription for enemies who flout “biblical law.”

After the document was leaked online Tuesday, the Spokane Valley Republican insisted he was not promoting violence and that the message had been taken out of context.

“First of all, it was a summary of a series of sermons on biblical war in the Old Testament as part of a larger discussion on the history of warfare,” Shea said in a Facebook Live video on Wednesday. “This document, in and of itself, was not a secret. I’ve actually talked about portions of this document publicly.”

In the video, Shea also complains about a recently published Rolling Stone profile that characterizes him as an extremist, he argues that the United States is “a Christian nation” and he asserts that his detractors are part of a so-called “counter state” made up of “Marxists” and “Islamists.” He dismisses criticism as nothing more than “smears and slander and innuendo and implication.”

He also delves into the philosophy known as “just war theory,” which has been endorsed by many mainstream Christians.

But critics of Shea — who embraces far-right conspiracy theories, associates with a fundamentalist religious group in northern Stevens County and champions a push for a 51st state called Liberty — saw something sinister in the document.
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Midterm elections predictions 2018: Will there be a 'RED WAVE'? Will Republicans WIN?

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Yesssssss, sweet sweet "liberal" tears will flow.....much butthurt to come.....Only a couple of days....Should've run straight white guys...

>MIDTERM ELECTION polls open this coming week, but how will the US vote? Will there be a ‘Red Wave’? Will the Republicans win?

On Tuesday, November 6, voting booths officially open across the USA for midterm elections.

For some votes have already been cast, as selected states allow voters to take to the polls before the official day.

In an election fraught with controversy, the race for who will control both the House of Representatives and the Senate is close.

>All 435 seats in the House of Representatives up for re-election, as well as 35 seats in the Senate.
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House Republicans suddenly worried Trump’s blatant racism could cost them in midterms

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>Republicans were excited about Trump's racism until they realized it could backfire with voters and are now in panic mode

House Speaker Paul Ryan got President Donald Trump on the phone Sunday for one final plea on behalf of anxious Republicans: Please, please talk up the booming economy in the final hours before Election Day.

But Trump, unsurprisingly, had another issue on his mind. He boasted to Ryan that his focus on immigration has fired up the base, according to a source familiar with the call.

Two days out from an expected Democratic takeover of the House, Republicans focused on the chamber were profoundly worried that Trump’s obsession with all things immigration would exacerbate their losses. Many of these same Republicans welcomed Trump’s initial talk about the migrant caravan and border security two weeks ago, hoping it would gin up the GOP base in some at-risk, Republican-held districts.

But they now fear Trump went overboard — and that it could cost them dearly in key suburban districts, from Illinois to Texas. Many of them have cringed at Trump’s threats to unilaterally end birthright citizenship, as well as his recent racially tinged ad suggesting that immigrants are police killers. The president's drumbeat, they say, is drowning out news any incumbent president would be negligent not to dwell on: that the economy added a quarter-million jobs last quarter, and unemployment is below 4 percent.

“Trump has hijacked the election,” one senior House Republican aide said of Trump's focus on immigration. “This is not what we expected the final weeks of the election to focus on.”

The disagreement highlights the tug-of-war over strategy that’s been dogging the GOP all year: Should Republicans prioritize turning out Trump backers, or appeal to suburban swing voters?
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Do you really want this crazy hag in charge of country's finances?

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This Whitey hatin', James Brown Wig Wearin', crazy, crooked-assed old hag is going to be in charge of country's finances if Dems win midterms

>“Congresswoman Maxine Waters was called the most Corrupt Member of Congress!” Trump tweeted early Saturday morning. “If Dems win, she would be put in charge of our Country’s finances. The beginning of the end!”

The president appears to be referencing a Fox News report that said Waters is likely to take the reins of a powerful House committee in the event of Democrats retaking the lower chamber.

The 80-year-old lawmaker from California, who Trump previously called a “low-IQ individual", is likely to be promoted to chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, where she’s currently the ranking member. The committee has the power to subpoena and direct the fate of certain bills before they even reach a floor vote.
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Black man tried to false flag about anti semitism

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A new York black man, who is a Democrat activist and also volunteered with the city council for anti hate crime positions has been arrested for spray painting anti semitic graffiti at a famous synagogue

In related news, the new York times reports:
anti-Semitic incidents have constituted half of all hate crimes in New York this year, according to the Police Department. To put that figure in context, there have been four times as many crimes motivated by bias against Jews — 142 in all — as there have against blacks. Hate crimes against Jews have outnumbered hate crimes targeted at transgender people by a factor of 20.
...and During the past 22 months, not one person caught or identified as the aggressor in an anti-Semitic hate crime has been associated with a far right-wing group

Democrats are the real Nazis.

Desperate Republican Supporters Sent Fake Text Messages to Smear Democrat Before Election Day

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Compared to various parts of Georgia and New York, voting lines and acts of voter suppression don't seem to be particularly awful in Miami today. But that doesn't mean people still aren't trying to screw some candidates at the last minute. According to screen caps provided to New Times, someone spent yesterday blasting out a fake text message that's clearly — and laughably — designed to scare voters toward voting for Ron DeSantis or away from the polls entirely.

It's unclear how many people received the following message or where it came from, but it certainly raises questions that won't be answered until after Election Day. Contacted by New Times, both the Gillum campaign and Florida Democrats confirmed they had nothing to do with the text message. Nobody answered the number attached to the message when New Times called it.

Here is how it read: "Hello this is Phil from the Andrew Gillum campaign for Florida. He recently announced that he wants to end Stand Your Ground because it is a racist ideology and a way for white people to kill black people and he will raise taxes on anyone making over $25,000 per year an additional 10% out of their paycheck and possibly a 38% sales tax to support public transportation. Can we count on your vote tomorrow for Mr. Gillum for Governor?"

But it's easy to deduce the text is a fake, especially because it's full of grammatical errors.

Moreover, Gillum has not proposed those tax ideas. More obvious, there is no income tax in Florida, so the idea that he would tax anyone making more than $25,000 per year at 10 percent of their income is insane. If that were true, it would be a huge deal for many people. But it's simply not true. The same goes for the 38% sales tax. Gillum has instead proposed raising the corporate tax rate from 5.5 percent to 7.75 percent mostly to fund public education.

Trump supporter STEALS show at rally by ‘dabbing’ throughout speech

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Kek is with him:

>Trump supporter STEALS show at MAGA rally by HILARIOUSLY ‘dabbing’ throughout speech. A DONALD TRUMP supporter has attempted to steal the limelight at the President’s latest Make America Great Again (MAGA) rally in the gym at Southport High School in Indianapolis amid key midterm elections.
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