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China pwning Biden

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Now that a puppet is running the show china is testing the waters with taiwan

Anyone not familiar, these sorts of exercises generally test enemy response time, response capability and detection ability.

You start running aircraft over the border at various places and seeing how far you can get before you are intercepted. Lets them know what their boundaries are

The defence ministry said 25 aircraft including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers entered its so-called air defence identification zone (ADIZ) on Monday.

The incursion is the largest in a year and comes as the US warns against an "increasingly aggressive China".

Beijing Biden views Taiwan as a breakaway province.
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pants shitter in chief introduces bill to end the SCOTUS

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If you can't win change the rules (and if you are Nadler, change your pants). Just because Mitch outsmarted him (and he shit his pants on national TV) Nadler and the dems are trying to end confidence in the scotus
This goes one of 2 ways either
>gop gains power, court goes to 17, this keeps happening and going up forever
>biden and the dems use the packed scotus to ban guns and overturn heller
>Texas, Florida, and the rest of the real states say fuck off SCOTUS isn't legitimate
>nullification crisis 2, electric boogaloo
>end of the union
pretty shitty to put the union in such peril just because you are upset the GOP appointed 2 bipartisan judges and a catholic woman. But I guess Nadler knows all about shitty, considering what he did to his pants on national TV.
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Gaetz does coke and fucks hookers. CNN mad he is a straight white man.

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Oh and btw according to the hookers, no underage girls were there..
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BLM support down, most what Americans oppose

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MyPillow Talk to ban “curse words.” Touts “free speech.”

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s new “free speech” social-media site apparently will ban patrons from using naughty language or saying the lord’s name in vain.

Oh, also, without any hint of irony, the site—which the pillow mogul created after he was booted from various platforms for peddling outright lies about the 2020 election—will prohibit users from pushing “out-and-out” or “complete” lies.

Earlier this week, Lindell appeared on right-wing radio host Eric Metaxas’ program to promote Frank Speech, which is scheduled to go live next week. (Lindell had to change the original name of his social network, Vocl, after lawyers for the publicly traded company Vocal intervened.)

While Lindell has long asserted that his platform will be a haven for free speech and a place for users to falsely claim the 2020 election was stolen by a supercomputer, he told Metaxas that there will be strict limits on what people can say or share.

“People asked me, ‘You’re going to let everything go? Porn? Swearing? Everything?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely not,'” Lindell declared. “We have a thing we found in the Constitution and our founding fathers that defines what free speech is.”

He added: “And Eric, get this, this Judeo-Christian platform we’re going to have here, they go by biblical principles—you know, you get to the Supreme Court, you have the Ten Commandments there—so, in other words, you’re not going to have porn up there!”
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Pedophile Groping Gaetz Thrown Under Bus By Bestie Greenberg

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His Seminole County tax office was the only one in the state where employees were armed with pistols and body armor. He wore his own law enforcement badge and carried a sidearm at tax collector conferences. He let people pay property taxes with Bitcoin. He tweeted Islamophobic comments, installed a remote-controlled sprinkler system to spray petition gatherers he didn’t like and doled out fat contracts to his groomsmen shortly after winning the usually humdrum Orlando-area office with a campaign to stop “crony capitalism.”

Now Greenberg’s in a federal jail, awaiting trial on a wide-ranging 33-count indictment alleging a host of financial crimes, stalking, identity theft and sex trafficking multiple minors, all of which have become national news because of his close association with Rep. Matt Gaetz, the Florida Republican congressman fighting for his political life.

Their relationship is central to the allegations against Gaetz, a fierce Donald Trump ally who denies having sexual relations with a then 16-year-old and prostitutes. Together, the taxman and the congressman shared a life-in-the-fast lane existence that contradicted the staid image that most elected officials are careful to maintain.
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Covid: 'Israel may be reaching herd immunity'

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Here's some good news for all the forever lockdown gulag prison state naysayers. Israel has one of the world's highest vaccination rates and may be close to herd immunity if you include people who have antibodies from being infected with covid and those with antibodies from vaccination. Israel has opened up and mostly gone back to normal, and its reported covid-19 deaths have remained low so far. Israel has been reporting less than 10 or 20 people dying from covid a day, compared with US states with similar populations where more than 50 or 100 have been dying from covid everyday.

Idaho lawmakers hear pitch to absorb three-fourths of Oregon

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Don't see this working out.
>Idaho lawmakers appeared intrigued but skeptical on Monday when pitched a plan to lop off about three-fourths of Oregon and add it to Idaho to create what would become the nation's third-largest state geographically.

>Representatives of a group called Move Oregon's Border For a Greater Idaho outlined their plan to a joint meeting of Idaho lawmakers from the House and Senate on Monday.

>The Idaho Legislature would have to approve the plan that would expand Idaho's southwestern border to the Pacific Ocean. The Oregon Legislature and the U.S. Congress would also have to sign off.

>Supporters of the idea said rural Oregon voters are dominated by liberal urban areas such as Portland, and would rather join conservative Idaho. Portland would remain with Oregon.

>"There's a longtime cultural divide as big as the Grand Canyon between northwest Oregon and rural Oregon, and it's getting larger," Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon's Border for a Greater Idaho, told Idaho lawmakers.

>If everything falls in line with Oregon, supporters envision also adding adjacent portions of southeastern Washington and northern California to Idaho. Backers said residents in those areas also yearn for less government oversight and long to become part of a red state insulated from the liberal influence of large urban centers that tend to vote Democratic.

>"Values of faith, family, independence. That's what we're about," said Mark Simmons, an eastern Oregon rancher and former speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives. "We don't need the state breathing down our necks all the time, micromanaging our lives and trying to push us into a foreign way of living."

>President Joe Biden easily won Washington, Oregon and California in November, while President Donald Trump carried Idaho with 64%. The Idaho House and Senate each have supermajorities of Republicans.
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Biden and Democrats panic about Bryer not retiring

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Courts going to go 7-2. Best part is, with Joe Manchin as the swing vote, dems can't even go that far left on who the next judge is. I look forward to dems losing the Senate, Bryer's seat becoming vacant, and there being a 7-2 pro gun majority when the dems get stonewalled for 2 years out of a scotus seat.
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Florida's Hero Governor Desantis to stop mandatory vax passport

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Why are they so hellbent on striping us of our autonomy and liberty? Don't they have enough wealth they've plundered from us already? What more do they want?
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