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Man requests 'trial by combat' with Japanese swords to settle custody battle with ex-wife

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For once, it's not Florida.

>DES MOINES, Iowa – A Kansas man asked an Iowa court to grant his motion for trial by combat, so he can meet his ex-wife and her attorney "on the field of battle where (he) will rend their souls from their corporal bodies."

>David Ostrom, 40, of Paola, Kansas, claims in court documents that his ex-wife, Bridgette Ostrom, 38, "destroyed (him) legally."

>He asked the Iowa District Court in Shelby County to give him 12 weeks' "lead time" to source or forge katana and wakizashi swords, according to the Carroll Times Herald.

>"To this day, trial by combat has never been explicitly banned or restricted as a right in these United States," Ostrom argued in court records, saying it was used "as recently as 1818 in British Court."

>Monday, Ostrom told the Des Moines Register he got the idea after learning about a case in 2016 in which New York Supreme Court Justice Philip Minardo acknowledged that duels had not been abolished.

>Ostrom said the motion stemmed from his frustrations with his ex-wife's attorney, Matthew Hudson.

>"I think I've met Mr. Hudson's absurdity with my own absurdity," he said.

>Ostrom said his ex-wife can choose her attorney as a "champion," or stand-in fighter.

>Hudson filed a resistance to the trial-by-combat motion by first correcting Ostrom's spelling.


I wish we had more news like this.
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First shootings of 2020

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Extreme shortage of liberals in the Military

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>Military service was once spread fairly evenly — at least geographically — throughout the nation because of the draft. But after the draft ended in 1973, enlistments shifted steadily south of the Mason-Dixon line.

>In Los Angeles, a region defined by liberal politics where many families are suspicious of the military, the Army has struggled to even gain access to high schools.

Racist liberals promote stereotypes to keep lessor races from joining
>“I told him from the educator perspective, we sometimes feel they are targeting our black and brown students and students of poverty,” she said. And therefore they are less likely to push enlistment.

>Recognizing it cannot sustain recruitment numbers by relying only on the South and military communities, the Army has tried to broaden its appeal. Slick ads on social media offer less of the guns-and-grunts messaging of decades past. Instead they play up college benefits and career training in medical and tech fields.
However, those jobs will be dead ends since anti-american liberals prefer to out source IT job to foreign nationals that are basically slaves rather then hire local citizens that they need to pay fair wages.

>Even within one state there are striking differences in how communities view military service. Colorado Springs produced 29 times as many enlistments in 2019 as nearby Boulder, a liberal university town.
One as one child that escaped the liberal cult put it
>“I’d always had an itch to serve in the military and be useful,” she said. “I think it took me being on my own for a while to realize it was a possibility.”
>“The conversation was not ‘What do you want to do after high school?’ but ‘Which college are you going to go to?’”
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Pence Says Impeachment Backfiring on Democrats: ‘The Real Verdict Will Be in the Fall of 2020’

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TAMPA, Florida — Vice President Mike Pence told Breitbart News he thinks the rush by the House of Representatives late last year to impeach President Donald Trump, and the upcoming U.S. Senate trial,are backfiring on Democrats politically because of their weak case against the president.

Heading into the Senate trial and asked what he and Trump are looking for from it, Pence laid out how he believes the impeachment case is weak against Trump, and the American people see through it.

“Everywhere I go across this country, the American people see what’s going on here,” Pence said. “For the last three years, Democrats have been trying to overturn the will of the American people in the 2016 election. First it was the Mueller investigation, Russia collusion, then we found out no collusion, no obstruction—case closed. Then we moved on to a controversy over a telephone call. The American people can read the transcript for themselves and see the president did nothing wrong. There was no quid pro quo. The aid was released. And yet Democrats just continued in their headlong rush to impeach the president, and I think the American people see through it. We know the Senate will do its work, and the president will be acquitted.”

Pence then said he thinks there will be serious consequences for the Democrats who pushed this attack on the president, as he believes the American people will resoundingly re-elect President Trump in November, and he hopes Trump will continue to have a GOP Senate majority and a renewed House GOP majority with which to govern.
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This Years Impeachment Brought To You By James Jackass Comey

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You stupid mother fucker

Yeeeep, country still reeling from 2016 election meddling press conferences but ya like the limelight, right
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Poland called the liberation of Warsaw in 1945 a “communist captivity”

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Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Pavel Jablonski called the Russian Ministry of Defense's publication of declassified documents for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw an attempt to “rewrite” history.
"This was not liberation, it was the bringing of a new communist captivity, and we must remember this, respecting, of course, individual soldiers," Yablonsky said.

The Russian Defense Ministry previously published declassified documents from archives on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw from the Nazis. A new historical section has appeared on the department’s Internet portal. It, among other things, contains a selection of documents on the Warsaw Uprising in September 1944.
According to military historians, about 200 thousand Soviet soldiers were killed in battles in the Polish direction.
Russian authorities have repeatedly pointed out that some European countries are trying to rewrite history. Russian President Vladimir Putin said in mid-December that Poland had entered into a conspiracy with fascist Germany. At the disposal of Russia there are documents on how different countries negotiated with the Third Reich.

Pentagon changes story, now says US troops were injured in Iran missile attack

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>Several US service members were injured during last week's Iranian missile attack on Al-Asad airbase in Iraq despite the Pentagon initially saying that no casualties were suffered.

"While no U.S. service members were killed in the Jan. 8 Iranian attack on Al Asad Air base, several were treated for concussion symptoms from the blast and are still being assessed," the US-led military coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria said in a statement Thursday.

"Out of an abundance of caution, service members were transported from Al Asad Air Base, Iraq to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany for follow-on screening. When deemed fit for duty, the service members are expected to return to Iraq following screening," the statement added.

Concussions are not always apparent immediately after they've been suffered, but the disclosure indicates that the impact of the attack was more serious than initial assessments indicated. The attack, launched in retaliation for the US airstrikes that had killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, significantly ratcheted up tensions between Iran and the US, though the prospect of further military confrontation appears to have abated for now.

A US military official told CNN that 11 service members had been injured in the attack, which was first reported by Defense One. Following the attack, the Pentagon had initially said that no casualties had resulted from the 16 missiles fired by Iran. The US military defines a casualty as either an injury or fatality involving personnel.
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What Does the Bible say about the end of the world

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Whether you believe the Bible or not, there are things coming true as to what the Bible predicts. Things you nay not even know about such as, near the end, prices of food will go so high people will not be able to support themselves. Or, it talks about there being massive wars and rumors of major wars that are described in the Bible. That is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Bible says about the end times

We are arriving at the event in which Jesus Christ returns to take his believers into Heaven where they will be spared from what's coming next. But, the events will play out in a way you might not expect.
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Terrified residents flee homes as crazed gang of 400 monkeys raid village

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An Indian village has been terrorised by marauding troops of monkeys as residents flee the area.

An out-of-control population of over 400 monkeys have taken over homes as desperate locals fight a losing battle against the primates in a Planet of the Apes-style saga.

Around 20 families, sick of being assaulted and having their fields and homes raided by the opportunist macaques, have fled the village.

The problems started over 15 years ago when a troop of monkeys were kicked out of the neighbouring city of Hyderabad by poachers and abandoned nearby.

One man determined to put up a fight is the village chief Srivarama Krishna, who said: “Initially, no one cared about it but then they started multiplying until it became too much."

Krishna won the local election in 2019 to be chief after saying he was determined to resolving monkey conflict.

He said: “Our lands are fertile and we grow vegetables and fruits, the monkeys took a liking to the fruits the farmers grow. Now they have started destroying the crops."

Many farmers have already fled and if the problem continues life in the rural village will not be sustainable.

Krishna says monkeys have become increasingly aggressive and opportunistic, stealing food out of villagers' hands and attacking women, children and elderly people.

He said: “We have to keep the doors and windows bolted, they are smart enough to open the door come inside and steal the cooked food, sometimes even running away with the vessels containing food.

“People started getting attacked even when they used to return home from the shop with groceries, the monkeys would just steal the bags."

Many, around 20 families says the chief, have moved to Hyderabad after failed attempts to appeal Telangana Forest Department for help.

Only a few monkeys have been caught, it is claimed.
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