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Study finds 1/15 American adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A survey conducted by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy found that some American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

The survey resulted in 7 percent of its 1,000 participants having that belief, a spokesperson confirmed to the Huffington Post. The survey was conducted by the market research group Edelman Intelligence.

As the majority of the survey participants know, chocolate milk is actually the result of regular milk mixed with chocolate syrup or cocoa powder.

It is difficult to confirm the accuracy of the survey. The survey results were collected online, making it unknown whether participants were providing serious answers or if they were trying to be funny.

However the Washington Post reports that many Americans are “agriculturally illiterate”, not knowing where the sources of many processed and pre-packaged foods come from. In one study at an urban California school, more than half of the fourth, fifth and sixth graders did not know pickles came from cucumbers or that onions and lettuce were vegetables.
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Virginia shooting: hospital says Steve Scalise in 'critical condition

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After violent threats chase Democrats from local political races, new candidates are hard to find

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Democratic candidates in Iowa and upstate New York have dropped out of political races in recent weeks, citing physical threats and concern for their families’ safety.

Hours after discussing his bid for mayor in Binghamton, New York on local radio in April, Michael Treiman said he was emailed threats directed at his wife and children. The same evening, someone driving by his home yelled “liberal scumbag,” and hit him with a soda container while he was holding one of his toddlers.

Treiman said last week he has moved away from his hometown of 32 years, but will run for Binghamton mayor again when he can afford to hire a private security team. The local Democratic National Committee (DNC) said June 10 it still not had found a candidate to replace him, and has named a “placeholder.” To run, candidates must collect signatures from party members by mid-July, so the window to name one is “quickly closing,” the committee said.

Kim Weaver, an Iowan candidate for the House of Representatives, dropped out of the race on June 3, citing “very alarming acts of intimidation, including death threats.” Weaver said she would support whoever runs against her opponent Steve King, and transfer the funds she’s raised to their campaign. That primary will be held in November of 2018, and judging from past Iowa elections a candidate can be named as late as that August.

King, who is known for quoting right-wing extremists, and predicting minorities would kill each other before becoming a majority in America, said he thought Weaver was lying about the death threats, and accused Democrats of driving her out.
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Trump hires another lawyer for Russia probe

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>President Trump has hired another lawyer in the wake of the ongoing investigation into alleged ties between his campaign and Russian election meddling.

>Washington legal veteran John Dowd will join Marc Kasowitz, Michael Bowe and Jay Sekulow in representing the president in the investigation, a spokesman for the team said Friday, according to Reuters.

>Dowd has represented a number of high-profile clients in the past, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on congressional ethics charges in a banking scandal in the 1980s and 1990s. McCain was eventually cleared in the matter.

>News of the Trump’s latest legal hire comes after the president revealed Friday on Twitter he was under investigation for firing FBI director James Comey.

>Trump is not the only person in his administration who has hired outside counsel in recent days. Vice President Pence’s staff announced Thursday he hired Virginia attorney Richard Cullen to represent him in the investigation.

>Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen also reportedly hired D.C. attorney Stephen Ryan.
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Putin says Trump is indeed a puppet

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>In an interview with French publication Le Figaro, Russian President Vladimir Putin, called out the deep state bureaucracy that controls U.S. foreign policy, noting that U.S. presidents serve as little more than puppets for the ruling oligarchy.
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Democracy at Works my niggers

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9 may people in Ukraine dared to celebrate the 9 may.

Now ukrainian goverment and elites are hunting down and taking revenge on those people. there are mass arests and tortures. people are vanishing in the middle of the day stoled (kidnapping scenes with car chasing and otherholywood shit) by masked men. old WW2 veterans are robbed of last money they poses. courts gone into konveer system where they put those old people into mass punishment bankrupting them by massive money arests for demo on 9 may by using the law ratificated by neonazi Rada in Juni.

People in Kiev tried to make Flashmob protests against renaming the street of Vatunin (soviet general who liberated kiev in WW2) into Street of Shuchevizch (ukrainian neonazi responsible for war crimes and massmuder of almost half milllion people in West Soviet Union). Ukrainian inert ministry ordered the noenazi gangs members, who were in Kiev to attack and to beat those people down.

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Big Denial

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California Senate passes single-payer health care proposal

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...but it’s already facing an uphill battle

The California state Senate passed a single-payer health care proposal on Thursday, but the bill has a long road ahead and the state must still determine how to bear the costs, according to the Los Angeles Times.

>The proposal has been led by Democratic Sen. Ricardo Lara, who believes that health care is a right for all citizens. If the bill comes into is ever made into law, California would become the first state in the U.S. to enact universal health care coverage. “Under a single-payer plan, the government replaces private insurance companies, paying doctors and hospitals for healthcare,” the Times reported.

>During a floor debate on the bill, Lara argued that there are millions of Californians who are still unable to afford proper treatment. “Despite the incredible progress California has made, millions still do not have access to health insurance and millions more cannot afford the high deductibles and co-pays, and they often forgo care,” he said.

>“For me, this issue is personal. This is the right fight, and the right thing to do for California’s families, children and seniors,” Lara added, according to his press release.

>But the bill, SB 562, is still in its early stages and entails a potential $400 billion cost.

The Times reported:

>Lara’s bill would provide a Medicare-for-all-type system that he believed would guarantee health coverage for all Californians without the out-of-pocket costs. Under a single-payer plan, the government replaces private insurance companies, paying doctors and hospitals for healthcare.
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New Jersey High School Under Fire For Erasing Trump Slogans From Yearbook

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By Kwegyirba Croffie, CNN
Mon June 12, 2017

New Jersey high school under fire for erasing Trump slogans from yearbook

(CNN) When Grant Berardo, a junior at Wall Township High School in Wall, New Jersey, recently opened his yearbook, he noticed something different about the T-shirt he was wearing in his school photo.

The "TRUMP: Make America Great Again" lettering on his shirt had been digitally removed.

"He was disappointed. This was the first election he has been interested in," said Grant's father, Joseph Berardo.

Now the school is facing accusations of censorship, a teacher has been suspended and the parents of three students are looking for answers -- and new yearbooks.

"I want the yearbooks to be reissued and I want a letter from the administration explaining why they are reissuing the yearbook," Joseph Berardo said.

Before the high school's picture day last fall, Berardo said he and his wife talked to Grant about wearing the shirt and agreed that "as long as the shirt didn't have drugs or alcohol on it was fine." When the Berardos got the photo proofs in November, the Trump logo was there and they approved use of the photo in the yearbook.

But when the yearbooks were released this spring, the TRUMP logo was gone. And Grant's wasn't the only student's photo to be altered.

A Donald Trump logo also was missing from junior Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago's vest. And a quote by Trump was removed from his sister Montana's freshman class president photo.

Montana had submitted the Trump quote, "I like thinking big. If you are going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big," to appear underneath her photo.

"I want to know who thought it was okay to do this," said Janet Dobrovich-Fago, the teens' mother. "I want the school to seek disciplinary action and to be held accountable."

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