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'Beware of Jews' sign appears in Stamford Hill

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A road sign which appears to warn "beware of Jews" has appeared just yards from a synagogue in north London.

The sign depicts the silhouette of an orthodox Jewish man wearing a traditional Fedora hat and was spotted on a lamppost in Stamford Hill on Tuesday.

A member of a Jewish neighbourhood watch group saw the sign and reported it to police.

Hackney Council is expected to remove it on Wednesday morning.

Barry Bard, of Jewish neighbourhood group Shomrim NE London, said it was the first known sighting of such a sign, which had caused alarm in the local community due to its meticulous planning.

He said: "The people of Stamford Hill are very sadly used to instances of anti-Semitic hate crime, but most of those times it will be verbal abuse or even assault.

"The person who planned [this sign] has obviously gone to an effort to cause alarm and distress to local people."
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A conservative author tried to speak at a liberal arts college. He left fleeing an angry mob.

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>As the co-author of one of the 1990s’ most controversial works of scholarship, Charles Murray is no stranger to angry protesters.

>Over the years, at university lectures across the country, the influential conservative scholar and author of “The Bell Curve” says he’s come face-to-face with demonstrators dozens of times.

>But none of those interactions prepared him for the chaotic confrontation he encountered Thursday night at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vt.

>“When ‘The Bell Curve’ came out, I’d have lectures with lots of people chanting and picketing with signs, but it was always within the confines of the event and I was eventually able to speak,” Murray told The Washington Post. “But I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

>The demonstrations began conventionally enough, with several hundred organized protesters packed into a lecture hall Thursday, chanting and holding signs. They ended with Murray being forced to cancel his lecture and later being surrounded by an unruly mob made up of students and “outside agitators” as he tried to leave campus, according to witnesses and school administrators.

>After swarming Murray and two school officials, the protesters shouted profanities, shoved members of the group and then blocked them from getting to a vehicle in a nearby parking lot. Witnesses said the confrontation was aggressive, intimidating and unpredictable and felt like it was edging frighteningly close to outright violence.
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Greek group claims it mailed parcel bomb to German finance minister

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The militant Greek group Conspiracy of Fire Cells has claimed responsibility for a parcel bomb mailed to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble, police said on Thursday.

The parcel was mailed to Schaeuble from a post office branch in Athens but was intercepted by the German finance ministry's mail department.

The group has previously claimed responsibility for a wave of parcel bombs sent to foreign embassies in Athens in 2010.

"We still have the rage. We sent the package to Germany's finance minister as part of the second act of Nemesis Plan," the group said in a statement on the internet. "Nothing is over, everything continues."

It did not specify what Nemesis Plan was. Police consider the claim as credible.

Schaueble is not popular in Greece, perceived as a hardliner on austerity during the country's long financial crisis.

Conspiracy of Fire Cells, one in a long line of violent anti-establishment groups in Greece, initially specialized in arson attacks but turned to bombings in May 2009. In 2011, six of their members were sent to prison with sentences ranging from 11 to 37 years.

The group has become prominent since the economic crisis erupted in Greece and is accused by police of carrying out about 150 criminal acts since 2009.

Its bombs typically contain small amounts of explosives packed into pressure cookers or similar containers.

Police have located the post office branch from where the parcel was mailed to Schaueble and are examining videos from a camera.

"The sender did not enter the branch but placed the package inside a box outside that people use when they want to avoid lines," a police official told Reuters, declining to be named.

Greek police have been told by their German counterparts that the parcel contained explosives inside a book, connected with cables. It is not clear if the device could have exploded.

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Ukraine Cuts Off All Trade With Separatist Regions

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The decision to block all but humanitarian trade dealt another blow to the much-beleaguered Minsk peace process and raised tensions not just with the separatists but with their patrons in Moscow, who could be called upon to provide aid and markets to the breakaway regions. the idea of halting trade has long animated Ukrainian nationalists as a way to shift the cost of sustaining the approximately three million people in the eastern region onto Russia’s already weakened economy. In recent weeks armed bands of men in tattered camouflage had begun doing exactly that, blockading rail shipments from the east, mostly coal trains.Reintegrating the separatist regions economically is a requirement of the cease-fire accord known as the Minsk agreements, which were signed in February 2015 but never carried out.The rail blockade has harmed the business interests of Ukraine’s wealthiest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, who owns coal mines and steel mills in both separatist- and government-controlled territory. In a peculiarity of the war, coal trains had continued to rumble across the front line for years despite the often intense fighting.

here the video of !armed bands of the men" lead by the ukrainian nazi and a jew, who also is working directly under the order of President of ukraine and is the citizen of Israel when being lawmaker in ukrainian parliament.

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Aides Just Revealed That Trump’s White House Is A Disturbing, Paranoid Place

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>In an investigative piece published this morning, POLITICO compiled nearly a dozen interviews with White House staffers to paint an unsettling picture of what really goes on in Donald Trump’s administration. Trump’s paranoia is consuming the government from the inside out by creating a culture of suspicion and terror.

>The White House has broken down into a series of rival factions all competing to take one another down rather than, you know, actually run the government.
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Ex-NSA Analyst Just Revealed Trump Is Conspiring With Russia To Silence Journalists

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>Former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst John Schindler sent out a mysterious tweet on Monday alleging an anti-media conspiracy between the Donald Trump team and the Russian state.
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Russian girl with boundless forms is recognized by the queen "decollete on the contrary"

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Irina Ivanova, has won male love due to her immense forms and preference for short tops. 10 HOT pics
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CNN Impressed by Statue That Does Not Move

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Statues apparently do not move, CNN reported on Tuesday. Not even female ones. Not even in the snow.

In a story headlined “Why a defiant girl is staring down the Wall Street bull,” CNN reported last week on a bronze statue called “Fearless Girl” installed in front of the famed “Charging Bull” statue on Wall Street. The bull statue is symbolic of a prosperous “bull market.”

CNN re-promoted the days-old piece with a tweet that apparently tried granting the girl statue's immobility some sort of feminist significance.

However, rather than admiration and pride for the statue's ability to hold still, ridicule and amusement reigned on social media.

The girl statue was installed by State Street Global Advisers a day before International Women's Day to bring attention to an initiative to get more women on their clients' corporate boards. It is unclear how long it will remain there, although the March 7 piece did say it should stay for “at least a week.”
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Sikh man shot after being told "go back to your own country," police say

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KENT, Wash. -- A Kent, Washington man was shot in his driveway Friday night by a man who allegedly told him to “Go back to your own country,” the town’s police said Saturday morning.

The victim, a 39-year-old follower of the Sikh religion, was in his driveway working on his vehicle when he was approached by a man he did not know, CBS affiliate-KIRO reports. Male observant Sikhs often cover their heads with turbans, which are considered sacred, and refrain from shaving their beards.

Some sort of altercation followed, during which the victim reported that the suspect made the “Go back” statement.

The victim was then shot in the arm.

The suspect is described as a 6-foot-tall white man with a mask covering the lower half of his face, with a stocky build and wore dark clothing.

Kent police tell the Seattle Times that the agency has contacted the FBI and other law enforcement agencies about the incident.
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White liberal sen. mccain Just Defamed Rand Paul Of Working For Putin

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White liberal sen. mccain just made current news when he defamed Senator Rand Paul by saying he works for Vladimir Putin.

White liberal mccain is another defaming white liberal riding the conspiracy theory of Evil Russians Everywhere to race to the moral high ground.
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