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Asshole Clusters Sexually Harassing Women

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Groups of assholes grabbing on women; nothing can be done about. Once I stood up for a girl. She was being hassled by a few guys; grasping her ass. They ganged up on me and beat the shit out of me. And they got away with it. But its like it seduced them to do it even more to other women that night. The next week, I’d found out a girl was raped later that evening. And the guy who enticed the others to gang up on me was found dead weeks later. And the killer(s) never found. So that worked out for me as to righteousness. But you know what? That girl. I never saw her again. I got my ass beaten for someone I didn’t know.

So how to avoid this from happening? Police don’t do anything. They’re outnumbered as well. So get to the source; those guys grabbing on women. Generally, they’re raised with no father. The streets become their guides; criminals, pedos, druggies. But why no father? Majority of the times, drug addiction. Guys who get hooked on dope tend to not be a father. It’s not economically smart too. Unless, the mother’s paying for his substances. Which doesn’t last long. She’ll end up homeless with the kids by her side.

Drug addictions breed bastards. So get rid of drugs! Now we’re dealing with wealthy assholes. The ones who rape children and get away with it. With the exemption of Epstein. Plus, international problems. Mexican drug cartels. Our dishonest dirty cops and agents can’t just walk across that border and make arrests. DC assholes are in their way.

Now back to that group of bastards sexually harassing women. We can’t stop them when they’re in gatherings. If we kill them, or one by one like some comic hero, we become the criminal and unlike that imaginary universe, we’ll spend the rest of our days in prison with those assholes, or homeless because of being a convicted felon.

SOLUTION! World War 3. “Let it happen,” to the ones behind the influence of such a call.

Home Addresses for Derek Chauvin

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Recent home addresses for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin


WINDERMERE, FL 34786-5598

2011 - Current


SAINT PAUL, MN 55129-7787

2008 - 2020


SAINT PAUL, MN 55125-4038

2004 - 2018

7517 17TH ST N

SAINT PAUL, MN 55128-5612

2017 - 2018

PO BOX 251172

SAINT PAUL, MN 55125-6172



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Beware of who it is that tells you something doesn't work, especially when you know differently?

Dig into the agenda of who tells you? Past proves present, history repeating, same playbook as Sars, delay, delay till we control and taxpayer pays?

Who sponsors the news and the media and the smiling faces piped into your home, is it BiggyP and the mouthpieces?

Would BiggyP want you to know about a treatment that couldn't be patented and was decades old?

How much suffering? How many deaths are acceptable before a 'P'demic' can be monetized for the chemical brothers?

Is this burying of truth in effect causing needless deaths through withholding due to misdirection and deliberate misinformation?

What was known to be effective against Sars but was kept hidden? Why? By who? Might this be a case of past proves present?

How effective is a 'trial' where the test isn't randomised, where there is no placebo? Where the drug is given as a last resort to the already seriously ill? Where all the recipients are Black African Americans? Who are aged over 65? Who are on ventilators? Have comorbidities? Sound like a croc test? Sound like the worst result was the desired objective to make POTUS look bad?

Which individuals benefit?

How safe is a new injectable? No product liability, no historical use, rushed to make bucks for the chemical brothers?

If Science journals claim that BiggyP is untrustworthy who would be crazy enough to trust their injections?

Should POTUS call the Van Winkle brothers out and kick them into touch? The ear worm and his kill anthropist puppet master? Are they maleficent?

robots with student's faces graduate

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U.S. withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty presents Canada with a 'serious' challenge, says expert

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Canada might have to choose between offending the White House and being seen as a U.S. 'toady,' says academic.

Washington's pending withdrawal from a confidence-building international treaty that permits member nations to conduct observation flights over each other's territory is going to present Canada with a difficult strategic challenge, according to one Canadian defence expert.

Rob Huebert, who teaches political science at the University of Calgary, said the Trudeau government could be faced with an awkward choice between sticking to Canada's decades-long policy of supporting international arms control treaties and running the risk of looking "like a toady to the United States" by following Washington's lead and withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty.
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Why the Left is Weaponizing Science - American Thinker

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Covid19 Teach Trump Hard Lesson 100,101 Dead June 1

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William Wan,
Lenny Bernstein,
Laurie McGinley and
Josh Dawsey
May 4, 2020 at 12:46 p.m. CDT

A draft government report projects covid-19 cases will surge to about 200,000 per day by June 1, a staggering jump that would be accompanied by more than 3,000 deaths each day.

The document predicts a sharp increase in both cases and deaths beginning about May 14, according to a copy shared with The Washington Post. The forecast stops at June 1, but shows both daily cases and deaths on an upward trajectory at that point.
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The average 4chan user's full of shit...

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Though usually, low to medium middle-class social standing. A small portion might be of higher wealth but not the breadmaker. The leech; child, spouse, family bum, next in line for a heritage, whoreman (retired poolboy.)

The reason I'm pointing this out to new viewers is that you'll witness a lot of "trigger" threads on here. These are created by white kids known on here as retards and skitsos. They'll usually comment on their own thread as well, posing as another user, while using a secondary IP address: a cellphone, PC, tablet, etc. Sometimes, many IP devices. Thus, creating a trending thread (multiple bumps from numerous IPs.)

Whenever you hear a retard tell you, "kys," that means he's trying to trigger you for an emotional response. KYS means to kill yourself.

Based and (anything)pilled means, "would you like to have homosexual sex with me, please?" Be cautious when seeing one use that response. They can become very hostile if you ignore their request.

Additionally, when you see a thread on here with a picture of a nigger chimp man and white girl kissing, suggesting an abomination relationship along with, "Is this hurting you white people?" That's a white kid. However, when you see anything Nazi or relating to white supremacy, that's a nigger chimp boomer trying to trigger other chimps.

A white man who's proud to be white understand niggers are monkeys and no good in our society wouldn't give any nigger chimp the day or time to debate anything.

>>"Would you discuss physics with a monkey in a cage?"
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