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Poland ends censorship

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Foreign trained, Soros funded, Antifa Terrorist Arrested in Florida

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>Terrorist was planning inauguration day attack at Florida state capital

A left-wing extremist with ties to a Kurdish terror organization was arrested Friday after federal officials suspected he may "violently disrupt protests" in Tallahassee, Fla. on Inauguration Day.

An FBI complaint alleges Daniel Alan Baker, a former U.S. Army soldier, made reckless threats of violence over the internet, which is a violation of federal law. In a flyer posted online, Baker encouraged Floridians to "rise up" and defend Tallahassee on Inauguration Day from people he called "Trump terrorists," according to the complaint.

The FBI further alleges Baker created a Facebook event called "Defend Tallahassee," in which he described a plan to trap Inauguration Day protestors inside the Florida State Capitol building and "drive them out of Tallahassee with every caliber available."

Baker has been an active participant in unrest across the country over the past year. In July or August, Baker traveled to Seattle as a self-admitted "hardcore leftist" to participate in what he called the "revolution," ultimately joining the infamous CHAZ/CHOP movement, according to court documents.

"I told [the Seattle rioters], if they really wanted a revolution, we needed to get AK's and start making bombs. No one listened to me," Baker was quoted as saying in an October 2020 article.
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Phil Spector Dead dead from COVID, he got death penalty.

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We're told he died from COVID-related complications, after being transferred from his prison cell to a hospital.
Did he deserve to die after playing Russian Roulette with his twist ?
The law thought so.
How many more seniors in prison will get the death

FBI arrests leftist pro-Kurdish Daniel Baker for threatening pro-Trump protestors, Turkish pilots

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FBI arrests leftist anarchist pro-Kurdish PKK/YPG Daniel Baker for violently threatening pro-Trump protestors and law enforcement.

Daniel Baker was a former US infantryman who became a leftist anarchist and joined the leftist Kurdish YPG (PKK affiliate) group in northern Syria to fight against ISIS and Turkey. He was featured in a VICE documentary on the YPG fighting against Turkish backed militias in northern Syria.

He was arrested for threatening Trump supporters and law enforcement on social media across states. He issued threats of murder against white supremacists, police and Trump supporters.

Baker also planned to kill Turkish pilots training in America by luring them off base in order to support the Kurdish PKK/YPG leftists fighting against Turkey.

Baker also participated in the Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).
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Ayyy .. Sleepy Joe on the revenge..

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US imposed sanctions on Ukrainians for meddling in presidential elections
Rada deputy Alexander Dubinsky, the former prosecutor in charge of the Burisma case, Konstantin Kulik and Begemot Media were under the sanctions. Some of the defendants in the US list are suspected of having links with deputy Andrei Derkach

The US authorities believe that some of them are associated with the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Derkach, against whom sanctions have already been imposed. Dmitry Kovalchuk, Anton Symonenko and Pyotr Zhuravel have such a mark.
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Chinese cities reportedly go dark as country faces shortage of coal, a major Australian export

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>Several major Chinese cities have reportedly gone dark as authorities limit power usage, citing a shortage of coal.
>Analysts said prices of the commodity in the country have shot up due to the reported crunch and some tie the shortages and blackouts to the unofficial ban on Australian coal.
>Chinese authorities have not tied the blackouts to tensions with Australia or the coal restrictions. They instead attribute the restrictions on power use to exceptionally high demand and routine maintenance.

SINGAPORE — Several major Chinese cities have reportedly gone dark as authorities limit power usage, citing a shortage of coal.

Analysts said prices of the commodity in the country have shot up due to the reported crunch. The reports also follow rising trade tensions between Beijing and Canberra, leading some analysts to tie the coal shortages and blackouts to the unofficial ban on Australian coal.

Relations between the two nations soured last year after Australia supported an international inquiry into China's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Coal is just one in a growing list of Australian goods that China is targeting, as a result of their escalating dispute.

Last year, China told its power plants to limit the amount of coal imports from other countries to keep a lid on prices.

Beijing reportedly lifted those restrictions later, but didn't remove curbs on coal imports from Australia. China also reportedly gave state-owned utilities and steel mills verbal notice to stop importing Australian coal.
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>Rumble — Epstein alive in Israel and singing on video.
When we are going to see some ACTION.
Why he believes VP Mike Pence committed treason
Michelle Moore Winder shares the 100% irrefutable evidence of the Italian interference with the U.S. election.
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MAGA smeared their own feces throughout the Capitol

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Senator Chuck Schumer's staffers found out on Thursday that some rioters had defecated in the Capitol, a source says
They are believed to have defecated in one of the bathrooms after breaching the Capitol before 'tracking' their excrement in multiple hallways in the building
Brown footprints were found in parts of the Capitol hallways
The feces left behind was just some of extensive damage caused by the mob when they stormed the Capitol in a violent siege that has left five dead
Harrowing images show shattered windows, graffiti-covered statues and teargas stains lining the walls of the historic building
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40% of new gun owners are women and African Americans are the 'largest growing group'

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>Increased gun sales 'don't fit the caricature' of the typical owner, online firearm retailer says
>40% of new gun owners are women and African Americans are the 'largest growing group'
Hopefully they will result in a crimson tide next election.
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