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Facebook adds moderators to prevent white supremacism.

No.308960 ViewReplyOriginalReport If it’s not part of their agenda it’s -hateful- -supremacisim- -anti semetic- etc... I bet if some genius out there would boot up an alternative to YouTube or Facebook those weird parasites would go to the government and have every isp provider to follow strict laws to prevent -hate platforms- to exist. They want full control over our families over our wives over our children our men. They’re cancerous. Once the white man goes away they’ll go for the next people who are culturally in tuned with their DNA such as India as you can see they’ve started the me too crap there as well! When something just pops out of nowhere everywhere... it’s because its part of their agenda
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Democrat Darling LOUIS FARRAKHAN Leads Chants of “Death to America!” in Tehran

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LOUIS FARRAKHAN Leads Chants of “Death to America!” in Tehran — Refers to America as “Great Satan” (VIDEO)

>Democrat Party favorite and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan traveled to Iran this past week for meetings with regime leaders.

>ouis Farrakhan Refers to the U.S. as "Great Satan" during a Tehran University Speech; Says to Iranians: If You Persevere in Your Revolution Despite the Sanctions, "Victory Will Be Yours."

— MEMRI (@MEMRIReports) November 5, 2018

LOUIS FARRAKHAN Leads Chants of “Death to America!” in Tehran — Refers to America as “Great Satan” (VIDEO)
Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft November 5, 2018 823 Comments

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Democrat Party favorite and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan traveled to Iran this past week for meetings with regime leaders.

Farrahkan led chants of “Death to America!” on Sunday during his visit with Iranian leaders.

Iran state TV news presenter: Listen to leader of Nation of Islam chanting "Death to America"

Farrakhan [in Farsi]: "Death to…"
Audience: "…America"

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Hoarse and Lifeless Obama Stumps in Virginia – Voice ‘Cracks’ as He
Attacks Trump (VIDEO)

— Sobhan Hassanvand (@Hassanvand) November 4, 2018

Farrakhan also referred to America as the Great Satan during a Tehran University speech.

> He also blasted American support for Saudi Arabia, Iran’s arch-rival in the region, and added, “Satan seeks to divide Muslims and wants them to kill each other, while God tells us in the Quran to be united.”

>The anti-Semite Farrakhan is frequently pictured with Black US Democrats.
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Investigation Underway Into Alleged Failed Hack By Democratic Party of Georgia

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MSNBC's Eddie Glaude: "I Overestimated White People," I Didn't Think They Would Put Trump In Office

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I wouldn't want this racist idiot teaching my kids:

>Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. said he "overestimated" white people in 2016 and didn't think they would put someone like Donald Trump in office. Glaude expressed fear of a Trump loss and what the president and his supporters will do. He also accused the president of "doubling down" on the rhetoric that caused the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting by introducing the Fourteenth Amendment to the discussion.

"Nothing is going to get better after this midterm," Glaude said Wednesday on MSNBC. "Everything is going to get more intense, and it may even get worse. But let me say this. Not only did he not do all the things you just laid out. He introduced birthright citizenship. He doubled down. He doubled down on what motivated them to go in there and kill 11 people. He doubled down like a moral monster."
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Don lemon says white men are the biggest threat to America

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Bolsonaro New President Of Brazil

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BOLSONARO wants every house in Brazil to have one gun. Current Brazil Law forbidens guns for civilians, and allows it only for particular people, after a test, with limited ammo. He was elected the new President of Brazil. Do you think is it a good idea, brazilians with guns?
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OMG who cares

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I think we have reached peak snowflake with this guy.

>Staff at airport couldn't find this disabled guy a wheelchair
>instead of accepting the mobility chair and assistant to push him he claims that such a thing was degrading and "robbed him of his independence."
>Decides to DRAG HIMSELF out of the airport on the floor in "protest"
>now headline news

Dude, just accept the assistance chair and the free propulsion. Holy shit.
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30 year old Iranian claims to be 15, attends high school

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'I WANT ANSWERS' Parents at school where ’30-year-old asylum seeker’ is studying for GCSEs ‘are keeping their children home’
A growing number of parents have withdrawn their kids from the Stoke High School in Ipswich, Suffolk after the investigation into the Year 11 pupil was launched
But a Home Office investigation has been launched after he allegedly told another pupil he’s a married dad-of-two.
The Year 11 pupil, who is apparently 15, had been due to take his mock GCSE maths exam today, but has not been seen since Thursday morning.

Desmond Newby, 51, and wife Victoria, 32, said they were keeping their daughters Jamie, 15, and Alicia, 13, away from the school until they had an assurance that the pupil would not be going back.

Mr Newby said: “I want some answers from the school before I allow my daughters back, because at the moment we simply are not getting them.

“I know he is not at the school at the moment, but we need to know that he is not returning, and we need an assurance that this is not going to happen again

“He is clearly far older than the age he claims to be. All the kids realise that he is actually a man – so why did the school allow him to become a student.
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Question for all the anti-feminists here

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Why is it (almost) always a gunMAN and (almost) never a gunWOMAN?
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women in iceland come out of work to protest gender pay gap, we need more protests like this. women need to rise up and demand what they are owed in usa and japan, a girl can do anything a man can and often better, so why are they paid less?,
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