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Girl Guides of Canada cancelling trips to the U.S., citing travel concerns

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Girl Guides of Canada has announced it will not be taking any trips to the United States in the near future, citing concerns about inclusivity.

"While the United States is a frequent destination for Guiding trips, the ability of all our members to equally enter this country is currently uncertain," international commissioner Sharron Callahan and director of provincial operations Holly Thompson wrote in a joint advisory issued Monday afternoon.

"This includes both trips that are over or under 72 hours and any travel that includes a connecting flight through an American airport," the advisory says.

The statement does not directly mention — but appears to be a reaction to — the executive orders U. S. President Donald Trump has signed restricting travel to the United States.
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Steve Bannon under criminal investigation on voter registration fraud charges

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>President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon is reportedly under "an active criminal" investigation for voter registration fraud.

>Mr Bannon is being investigated after he registered to vote in Florida while he owned a house in Southern California and regularly stayed in New York and Washington, DC, The Washington Post reports.

>He is registered to vote in at a vacant house in Miami, which is due to be demolished.
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Meet the Revolutionary Apple That Grows Human Skin

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Scientists have discovered a way to grow human tissues on apples and other plant products.
This fruity technique may be useful in the field of regenerative medicine, particularly as a method for producing scaffolds to graft skin and bone.

Apples are a staple in most people’s homes and, it seems, in science. There was Newton’s apple, and the proverbial daily apple to keep your doctor away. Now, biophysicist Andrew Pelling of University of Ottawa wants to add an apple of his own into the mix — and this one might bring with it the future of biomaterials and human tissue repair.

Many scientists thought the idea of this apple itself was a little fruity. Pelling said that his team did not have many cheerleaders when they started to look for ways to grow human cells by biohacking fruits.

“Nobody else is doing this. In fact, in the early days people thought I’d lost my mind,” Pelling said during a TED Talk earlier in 2016. “What I’m really curious about is if one day it will be possible to repair, rebuild, and augment our own bodies with stuff we make in the kitchen.”

How Pelling’s team achieved this was rather simple, he said. To remove the apple’s cellular material, they bathed it in boiled water and liquid dish soap. As a result, the apple’s cells popped open. After the apple was washed clean of all its disgorged cellular material, what was left of it was a rigid cellulose scaffolding — like an apple’s skeletal structure, so to speak. The spaces that once contained apple cells were then filled with mammalian cells.

Pelling demonstrated the success of the technique on several occasions, and in some playful ways. For instance, his team carved apples into the shape of human ears and then infused them with skin cells. The apple-ears were remarkably life-like.
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Pigs stormed their parliament. shit got hit the fan when cameras went off.

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Cobra on the loose...

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Not really a big deal. The memorable thing is that Ocala cops called out their fucking SWAT team and have had two helicopters hovering over the area for about four hours now. Meanwhile, there have been a dozen Dollar General robberies in the area in the past few months. They did send a squad car to take a report.
Someone (whoever authorized the helicopters) deserves for this to be a meme they have to live with for the rest of their lives.
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World-first as man crosses Atlantic Ocean unaided on paddle board

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>South African watersport pro Chris Bertish has just nailed a world first: he's crossed the Atlantic solo, unassisted and unsupported, on a stand-up paddle board.

>Yes, that's one of those surfboard-like contraptions you've probably fallen off on vacation. And yes, we mean the real, genuinely-ferocious ocean that's claimed sailors' lives since man first decided to strap wooden planks together and take to the seas.

>The big-wave surfer and Guinness World Record holder crossed 4,500 nautical miles, setting off from Agadir, Morocco, on December 6 and arriving at English Harbour, Antigua, on the morning of March 9, local time.

>Bertish's stand-up paddleboard (SUP) may not be an off-the shelf job -- it's a custom-made,1,360-pound, 20-foot-long vessel fitted with a tiny cabin and solar panels -- but that doesn't mean the journey was any less daunting.

>For 93 days Bertish has paddled the equivalent of a marathon a day, skirting the Canary Islands before heading into the open ocean and aiming for the Caribbean. Along the way he also set the record for the furthest distance traveled solo, unsupported and unassisted over open ocean in a day (71.96 miles).
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H.R.1227 - Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017

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I am wondering what I can do as an individual to help this along? Is there an election this year for congress or do I just need to hound their offices?
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jews playing Oven

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Nurse burned to death by disgruntled patient
Police arrest a 78-year-old man suspected of entering an HMO in Holon and pouring an accelerant over a nurse before setting her on fire; Three others treated for smoke inhalation; empty 1-litre bottle and a lighter discovered at the scene; 'I heard screaming. When I approached, I saw the woman burning, surrounded by people.'