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Trump is under investigation for obstruction, on his birthday.

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Added the title for be a dick.

Donald Trump is reportedly being investigated for potential obstruction of justice by the special counsel looking into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. This marks the first time that the ongoing investigation, which has hung over Trump since his inauguration, has potentially implicated the president himself.
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Hi /news/ how are your trades going?
also ITT: Advice for new traders/ your predictions for the next weak.

Also what are your thoughts at FSLR
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Katy Perry MK Ultra Victim Mind Control Breakdown

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>Footage has emerged of Katy Perry collapsing and being dragged off stage after an incoherent rant, as insiders warn she is set to be the latest Mk-Ultra controlled Victim to suffer a public meltdown.

>During a live performance of her early hit I Kissed A Girl, Katy Perry’s eyes rolled back in her head and she began making strange, guttural grunting noises before she collapsed and was dragged off stage by a member of her security team.

>A different video released this week also went viral on social media after the pop star revealed signs of typical Monarch mind control split personality, explaining that she cut off her hair so she “doesn’t look like Katy Perry anymore“

>During the interview, Perry, whose real name is Katheryn Hudson, breaks down in tears while describing the internal conflict between her Katy Perry and Katheryn Hudson personas.

>According to Vice, Monarch mind control, a practice widely used by the Walt Disney Corporation and Teen Nick to monetise and sexualise young starlets.

>Supposedly developed in its current form by the C.l.A. to subdue American citizens, Monarch mind control is being used by the Hollywood industrial complex to micro-manage child stars. The Monarch mind control victims are called kittens and the executives and managers that control them are known as handlers.

>The handlers take a precocious kitten, such as an All That era Amanda Bynes, and subject her to mental and sexual abuse until her personality fractures and separates like a Horcrux, making her unquestioning and compliant.

>The handlers then conclude the abuse with a weird Adams Family Values summer camp punishment, where the kitten watches The Wizard of Oz over and over again till submitting to her handlers gives her true happiness.

>After she turns 18, the handlers repeat these steps to transform her from a manageable performer into a highly profitable object of fantasy.

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How fake news starts: Trump supporters tie Bernie Sanders to Alexandria shooting using a fake quote

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The gunman who attacked Republican congressional members at a baseball practice Wednesday morning campaigned for Sen. Bernie Sanders during the presidential election.

It didn't take long for some to connect the shooting to Sanders himself. One person in particular, Jack Posobiec — a Trump supporter who has pushed the conspiracy theory surrounding DNC staffer Seth Rich's death — especially fueled that idea.

"Just 4 days ago Bernie Sanders ordered his followers to 'take down' Trump," he tweeted.

Sanders did not say that. Posobiec seemed to pull it from a CNN headline that describes Sanders' nearly hourlong speech at Sunday's People's Summit.

The headline, "Sanders to faithful: Take down Trump, take over Democratic Party," refers to Sanders' message of resistance to the establishment rule, one that he campaigned on and since has reiterated, and his strong criticism of Trump.

Sanders called Trump "perhaps the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country" in his speech.

But he did not at any point say anyone should "take down" the president.

CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield, in her description of Sanders' speech, said he urged supporters "to take down President Trump's agenda."

But the mischaracterization hasn't stopped people from retweeting Posobiec, who has hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. The tweet also made its way to the top of "The Donald" subreddit — a discussion group for Trump supporters.

Sanders since has commented on the shooting.

"Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society, and I condemn this action in the strongest, possible terms," Sanders said.
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Donald Trump withdraws United States from Paris climate accord

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President Trump announced Thursday that he was starting the process for a U.S. exit from the Paris climate change agreement, but said he would try to renegotiate a better deal for the American people. He said he was getting out of the deal, and immediately ending all compliance activity. He said it was a bad deal. Read more
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Rep. Steve Scalise Is Wounded After Gunman Fires At GOP Baseball Practice In Virginia

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U.S. airline passenger complaints jump 70 percent after incidents

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U.S. airline passenger complaints leapt 70 percent in April from a year earlier after a series of high-profile incidents including a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight, the government said on Wednesday.

Complaints rose to 1,909 in April, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported, as consumer anger at airlines boiled over following video showing David Dao being violently removed from a United flight on April 9 to make room for crew members.

This and other airline incidents caught on mobile phone videos have been widely broadcast on social media, prompting congressional hearings with airline executives that raised questions about customer service and airline cost-cutting. Congress may take up the issue of airplane passenger rights when it considers a bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration.

"If airlines don’t get their act together, we are going to act, it is going to be one size fits all,” said Bill Shuster, chairman of the House of Representatives’ transportation committee at a hearing in May. "Seize this opportunity because if you don’t, we’re going to come, and you’re not going to like it."
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Trump officials to unveil plan to cut factory rules this week

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The Trump administration intends to unveil this week a plan to trim regulations it believes constrain U.S. manufacturing growth, potentially affecting environmental permits, worker safety and labor rules, an administration official said.

The U.S. Commerce Department's regulations "hit list" recommendations follow more than three months of study and consultation with industry on ways to streamline regulations and ease burdens on manufacturing firms.

A Trump administration official with knowledge of the recommendations to be sent to the White House said the Environmental Protection Agency's complex permitting rules will be a key focus, echoing comments to Reuters by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross last month.

The 171 public comments submitted by companies and industry groups offer a strong hint to priorities for Commerce's streamlining efforts, with numerous industry groups and firms complaining that EPA air quality permit rules for new facilities are often redundant.

The report will analyze the submissions and "will identify a lot of problems and lay out ways to take responsible actions," said the official, who declined to be identified by name. The process has looked at many regulations finalized under Trump's predecessor, President Barack Obama.

A common demand from industry was that the Trump administration should reject a planned tightening of ozone rules under the U.S. Clean Air Act's National Ambient Air Quality Standards, with several groups arguing this would expose them to increased permitting hurdles for new facilities, raising costs.
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Muslim groups sit down to iftar outside Trump Tower

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>Just as rush hour was winding down, Muslim activists and allies broke fast on the sixth day of Ramadan outside Trump Tower in Manhattan.

>Two advocacy groups, MPower Change and the New York State Immigrant Action Fund, invited community members Thursday to protest President Donald Trump's continued xenophobic policies.

>This time they were not chanting or carrying signs, but gathering for iftar. It's the first meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fast and prayer.
Police officers stood on Fifth Avenue -- one of the busiest streets in the country -- and watched as a large group of Muslims and supporters sat between security barriers steps away from the entrance to Trump's midtown Manhattan building.

>"Everyday American Muslims are confronted with bigotry and hate while commuting to work and school, applying for jobs, practicing their faith and simply living their lives," said Anu Joshi, deputy director of the New York State Immigrant Action Fund when the group was ready to began iftar.
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