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Pol tardkills black man on campus

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>Richard Wilbur Collins III was with two friends on the university's campus in College Park when he was approached by a man and stabbed in the chest with a knife Saturday morning, University of Maryland Police Chief David Mitchell told reporters.
>The 23-year-old had been commissioned as a lieutenant in the US Army two days before his death and had been set to graduate from Bowie State University (BSU) on Tuesday in a ceremony at Maryland, Mitchell said.
>The University of Maryland student suspected of Collins's killing was a member of a Facebook group named Alt Reich, Mitchell said.
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Porn AI in The Register and Wired

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Animal Abuser. Justice?

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OAK LAWN, Ill. -- An Oak Lawn man is now is facing two felony counts of animal cruelty after police say he dropped two toy poodles from a parking tower at Advocate Christ Hospital over the weekend.

Edward Hanania, photo from June 2016
Investigators believe 22-year-old Edward Hanania falsely claimed to be the owner of two toy poodles on a lost and found section of an area Facebook page, but when the real owner came forward, things took a turn for the worse.

One of the dogs, 1-year-old Angel, survived the five-story fall. Angel's father, 6-year-old Garo, was also thrown from the structure but died. It's believed Angel survived because he fell on the grass while Garo fell on concrete.

The dogs' real owner is described as an older man who is now heartbroken over what happened to them after they escaped from his home near 55th and Troy. They were picked up by a Good Samaritan, and their pictures were posted to the local Facebook page. Investigators say Hannania falsely claimed them as his only to have real owner show up a short time later with documentation.

"I had an elderly gentleman crying so hard and praying over the dead body and over Angel, and Angel's been crying for him now," said Linda Estrada, Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare League.

Angel had to have a pin put in his leg in two places. He's also scheduled for surgery Tuesday morning.

Hanania has a criminal record, and is expected to appear in bond court Tuesday. Police are also looking into witness accounts that he was seen at an Oak Lawn Target with a black dog whose whereabouts are unknown.

"This one baffles my mind why anyone would take animals not theirs and do this in this nature," said Oak Lawn Police Department Division Chief Randy Palmer.
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Non-whites responsible for 97% of gun crime in New York City in 2016, new data reveals

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In a city that is 33% white only 3% of gun crime can be traced back to white criminals.

Black people make up 74% of all gun crime
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Anthony Weiner’s world is about to get much smaller and sadder

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>Anthony Weiner had the look of a haunted man.

>“I appreciate you doing your job,” he told a small pack of reporters, through clenched jaws, Saturday afternoon as he left the Union Square apartment building he once shared with his wife, Huma Abedin, and only child, Jordan, 5.

>“I don’t have anything to say,” he said.

>His sides were heaving, and he looked like he was holding back tears as he stood on Union Square East.

>“Thank you,” he coughed before bolting into a yellow cab.

>Just one day ago, the 52-year-old former New York congressman and mayoral candidate pleaded guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.

>The facts of the case were grotesque. Weiner had engaged in sick “rape” fantasies with the girl, and urged her to dress up in plaid schoolgirl skirts. On Friday as he admitted his guilt and embarrassment to the judge, he cried.

>Soon after leaving federal court — with prosecutors’ threat of a two-year prison sentence still ringing in his ears — he learned that his wife had just filed for divorce.

>Now, with the threat of prison, a protracted custody battle and a quite likely toxic bachelorhood looming, Weiner’s life is getting ever smaller.
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Co-Founder Of Twitter: "Sorry About The Free Speech"

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Associated Press
May 21, 2017

Twitter leader says he's 'sorry' for social media role in Trump's election

A co-founder of Twitter says he's sorry if the popular social media platform helped put Donald Trump in the White House, as the president has suggested.

In an interview with The New York Times, Evan Williams says Twitter's role in Trump's populist rise is "a very bad thing."

The president has credited Twitter with his election to the highest office in the land.

When confronted with that notion, Williams said: "If it's true that he wouldn't be president if it weren't for Twitter, then yeah, I'm sorry."

The 45-year-old Silicon Valley entrepreneur also said the internet is obviously broken because it rewards extremes.

Williams also says he was wrong thinking that the world would be a better place if there was a platform for everyone to freely speak and exchange ideas.
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Trump has grand plan for mission to Mars but Nasa advises: cool your jets

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>Donald Trump would like to see Americans walk on Mars during his presidency – within three to seven years, depending on the whims of the voting public. Nasa would love to get there that quickly, too. The reality of space travel is slightly more complicated.

>On Monday, during a call with astronaut Peggy Whitson, who was aboard the International Space Station, Trump pressed her for a timeline on a crewed mission to Mars, one of Nasa’s longest standing and most daunting goals.

>“Tell me, Mars,” he asked her from the Oval Office, “what do you see a timing for actually sending humans to Mars? Is there a schedule and when would you see that happening?”

>Whitson answered by pointing out that Trump, by signing a Nasa funding bill last month, had already approved a timeline for a mission in the 2030s. She added that Nasa was building a new heavy-launch rocket, which would need testing. “Unfortunately space flight takes a lot of time and money,” she said. “But it is so worthwhile doing.”

>Trump replied: “Well, we want to try and do it during my first term or, at worst, during my second term, so we’ll have to speed that up a little bit, OK?”

>It was not clear whether the president meant the remark as a quip or something more serious. Nasa’s current plan aims for a 2033 launch of a crewed mission to orbit Mars, with a later mission to land there – just as the Apollo missions circled the moon before touching down. Even with private partnerships that Trump has encouraged, for instance with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, getting to Mars will take years.
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Blue Whale

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Found this written by some guy somewhere, kinda just want to hear peoples views on it.

Warning this is article will have a slightly dark theme to it. Ok so blue whale is a group on social media that will tell you to download their app. First you make an account and blue whale gains a lot of your information. Then they will tell you to do things from listening to weird music to cutting and stabbing yourself as a challenge for 50 days. If not with all the info they have on you they say they will murder you and your family.

many teens have killed themselves from this. Otherwise im just issuing an alert going on through Europe and slowly through the UK.
Heres a link to a news site.
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Potential /happening/

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Multiple "explosions" heard at Manchester stadium at an Ariana Grande concert, injuries reported
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