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Conservatives are irate the Parkland shooter registered to vote from jail — as a Republican

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A father of a Parkland school shooting victim appeared on “Fox & Friends” over the weekend and suggested, without evidence, that Democrats registered the accused shooter to vote from jail as part of an effort to steal Florida’s election.

“It just shows you how despicable these Democrats are that they’ll stoop that low to go into the prison, the jail, and register these criminals,” said Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was one of 17 people Nikolas Cruz allegedly shot and killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February. “It’s never been done in 20 years.”

Citing a “tip from deputies at the jail,” Pollack said the plan failed because Broward County — which is now involved in a recount battle that could swing Florida’s Senate and gubernatorial elections — failed to send the inmates their ballots in time to vote.

“They probably shouldn’t be voting anyway,” Fox’s Katie Pavlich remarked after listening to Pollack’s accusations, which neither she nor her two co-hosts challenged at any point, although they contradicted all public evidence.

There was a kernel of truth at the heart of the segment and the spiraling social media outrage that accompanied it: Nikolas Jacob Cruz really did register to vote in July, listing his home address as the county jail where he awaits trial after police say he confessed to the mass shooting.

He registered as a Republican, which “Fox & Friends” didn’t mention.
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Scotland adds LGBT history to its curricilum

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Scotland will now "teach pupils about the history of LGBTI equalities and movements"

What do you think of this ?

Are you against it or not ?
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Florida Senate Race - Ballot Error or Russian Hacking?

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Bill Nelson is currently only down by 13,000 votes

In Broward, there has been at least 20,000 votes where no vote for the senate race was made on the ballot.

Is this a result of:

(a) Confusing ballot
(b) Russian GRU efforts
(c) Other criminal efforts
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Mystery solved

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Egyptologists researching ancient inscriptions happened upon a ramp with stairways and a series of what they believe to be postholes, which suggest that the job of hauling into place the huge blocks of stone used to build the monuments may have been completed more quickly than previously thought. While the theory that the ancient Egyptians used ramps to move the stones has already been put forward, the structure found by the Anglo-French team, which dated from about the period that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, is significantly steeper than was previously supposed possible.
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Fascism faces a set back in America - Democrats win House

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The Democrats' hopes for a tidal wave to rebuke President Donald Trump have been tempered by early returns, Polls have closed in most states, including Indiana and Tennesse, where Republicans won two key Senate contests, suggesting the GOP may be on their way ousting more vulnerable Democratic incumbents in yet-to-be-called races and padding their majority in the upper chamber.

In the battle for the House, Democrats have so far picked up a handful of Republican-held House seats in including against some battle-tested incumbents, while losing ones in Eastern Kentucky and Central Virginia where wins would have signaled a tsunami for Democrats.

"This is not going to be the wave election that people like me hoped for, but it could still be a good election," Democratic strategist James Carville said on MSNBC.

Most key House races remain outstanding, including in California where counting votes can take days because voters are allowed to submit absentee ballots as long as they are postmarked by Election Day.

But Democrats have preformed well in some suburban areas that Hillary Clinton won, such as a Northern Virginia district where Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock had fended off well-funded challengers in past elections.

The first rounds of NBC News exit polls show a majority of Americans, 54 percent, do not approve of Trump, with a substantial number — 47 percent — expressing strong disapproval.

Heath care, which Democrats emphasized throughout the campaign, was the top issue for Americans, with 41 percent selecting it, followed by immigration and the economy, two issues seen as favoring Republicans, which were selected by 23 and 21 percent of voters, respectively.

Overall, Americans expressed a fairly dim view of the state of politics, with 56 percent saying the country is on the wrong track and three-quarters of Americans saying the country is becoming more divided.
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Trump effectively demands soldiers stationed abroad be excluded from voting in Florida midterms

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>What a way to honor the nation’s men and women in uniform.

>As the rest of the country observed Veterans Day, President Trump on Monday demanded that election officials stop counting votes in Florida’s razor-thin midterms and instead “go with” the Election Day results — a proposal that would effectively exclude active duty U.S. soldiers from having their voices heard.

>“The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged,” Trump tweeted shortly after dawn, without providing any evidence. “An honest vote count is no longer possible — ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!”

>The Sunshine State accepts ballots cast overseas through Nov. 16, provided that they were postmarked by Nov. 6. The exception is tailored to accommodate voters living overseas — particularly members of the U.S. armed forces who are stationed abroad.

>Trump’s indirect knock against American soldiers came as schools, banks, courts and government offices remained closed in honor of Veterans Day. It also came less than 48 hours after Trump canceled a visit to a U.S. World War I cemetery in Paris because it was raining.

>Jon Soltz, an Iraq War veteran and the chairman of the left-leaning VoteVets advocacy group, was incensed by Trump’s latest slight against service members.

>“How many times does this guy have to show he doesn’t respect men and women who served?” Soltz told the Daily News. “From insulting POWs, to sending troops to the border for an election stunt, to dissing a Veteran’s Day ceremony because of rain, and now to saying military ballots shouldn’t be counted, Donald Trump continually shows he has no respect for service, or those who served.”
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Dutch Man Sues to Legally Change His Age from 69 to 49

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A 69-year-old Dutch man who claims to feel much younger than his actual age has gone to court to make himself legally 20 years younger.

Emile Ratelband, a media personality and self-described “positivity guru”, recently told a court in Arnhem, Holland, that he did not feel comfortable with his true age and compared his desire to have it legally changed with that of people who identify as transgender. Ratelband said that he would gladly renounce his pension to ensure that there were no unforeseen consequences, and tried to convince the judges that slashing two decades from his real age would have a hugely positive impact on all aspects of his life.

“We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can’t I decide my own age?” the Dutch man asked. “When I’m 69, I am limited. If I’m 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different car, I can take up more work. When I’m on Tinder and it says I’m 69, I don’t get an answer. When I’m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position.”
Mr Ratelband’s case against his local authority after they refused to legally change his birth date from 11 March 1949 to 11 March 1969 has caused controversy in his home country. Even the judges conceded that a few years ago legal gender changes were considered impossible, while these days they are common in many developed countries, but at the same time pointed out that his request does raise some questions, like what happens to the 20 years that would be erased.
The court is expected to deliver their ruling in this case in the next four weeks.
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Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics legend who co-created some of its most famous heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four, died Monday in Los Angeles at the age of 95. Lee was reportedly rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he later died, according to TMZ. The cause of death has not been immediately released.
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