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BOMBSHELL Trump Installed officials censored CDC reports to downplay threat of Covid-19 for Trump

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The health department’s politically appointed communications aides have demanded the right to review and seek changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly scientific reports charting the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, in what officials characterized as an attempt to intimidate the reports’ authors and water down their communications to health professionals.

In some cases, emails from communications aides to CDC Director Robert Redfield and other senior officials openly complained that the agency’s reports would undermine President Donald Trump's optimistic messages about the outbreak, according to emails reviewed by POLITICO and three people familiar with the situation.

CDC officials have fought back against the most sweeping changes, but have increasingly agreed to allow the political officials to review the reports and, in a few cases, compromised on the wording, according to three people familiar with the exchanges. The communications aides’ efforts to change the language in the CDC’s reports have been constant across the summer and continued as recently as Friday afternoon.

The CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports are authored by career scientists and serve as the main vehicle for the agency to inform doctors, researchers and the general public about how Covid-19 is spreading and who is at risk. Such reports have historically been published with little fanfare and no political interference, said several longtime health department officials, and have been viewed as a cornerstone of the nation's public health work for decades.
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Chinese warplane again intrudes into Taiwan's ADIZ

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Taipei, Sept. 24 (CNA) A Chinese military Y-8 anti-submarine airplane entered Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Thursday, the seventh intrusion since Sept. 16, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said.

The Air Force responded by scrambling jets, issuing radio warnings and mobilizing surveillance and air defense assets, according to a report published by the MND website.

The incident marked the seventh intrusion by Chinese warplanes into Taiwan's ADIZ, following similar incidents each involving two Y-8s on the past three days.

On Sept. 19 a total of 19 Chinese warplanes flew into the airspace southwest and northwest of Taiwan, with some even crossing the median line of the Taiwan Strait, according to the MND.

One day before the Sept. 19 incursions, 18 warplanes from China flew into the area, 12 of which also crossed the median line.

On Sept. 16, two Y-8s entered Taiwan's southwest ADIZ, according to the ministry.
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Kung Flu death toll passed 200,000 in America

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Kamala Harris defends racist teachings & discrimination

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>Harris, speaking at a “Shop Talk” event with black leaders in Detroit, Michigan, on Tuesday, accused President Donald Trump of “literally trying to wipe out history” — a reference to his move to eliminate “critical race theory,” a progressive doctrine embraced by radicals progressives and groups such as Antifa, which alleges that America is a white supremacist country, from the federal agencies. She used the point to segue into her next talking point of reimagining public safety in America.

>“You know right now Donald Trump is trying to — actually you probably know this lieutenant governor — tried to get rid of the training in the federal government on race on specific aspects of race — literally trying to wipe out history,” Harris declared.

>“They’re saying, there are senators and others who are saying that basically, essentially, we should stop teaching the truth about racism in America,” she continued. “We have to talk about, one — we have to talk about the need to have leadership that speaks the truth. I will do that.”
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Alyssa Milano Is A Hypocrite

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Sep 22, 2020

‘Defund The Police’ Activist Alyssa Milano Triggers Massive Law Enforcement Response Over Gun Threat

Actress Alyssa Milano, who recently became a top supporter of the “Defund the Police” movement, which seeks to disband police departments and redirect funds to “community organizations,” was quick to call the cops, the Daily Mail reports, over reports of an “armed gunman” in her neighborhood.

Fortunately, no one was hurt; the “armed gunman” turned out to be a teenager targeting squirrels with an air gun, according to the outlet. He turned himself in to authorities after realizing he had caused the problem.

Milano, though, who recently tweeted to “Defund the Police” and asked her social media followers to sign on to a petition that “demands a 90 percent reduction in police funding” in the Los Angeles city budget, triggered what neighbors told the Mail was a “massive” police presence after calling 911 to report gunshots on Sunday.

“Alyssa and her talent agent husband … had dialed 911 when they heard what they believed to be gunshots on their 1.39-acre property,” the Daily Mail reported (Milano now challenges that version of events). “They allegedly told the emergency hotline the sound ‘scared their dogs’ and made them feel like the gunman was nearby. A description was given of a suspect to the officers who was ‘male, 40-years old, with long rifle.'”

The couple was reportedly concerned that the alleged gunman could be a stalker; Milano has filed restraining orders against an older man who has broken into her home twice.
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Trump coup supporters engage in voter intimidation to disrupt voting in Virginia

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A group of Trump supporters waving campaign flags disrupted the second day of early voting in Fairfax, Va., on Saturday, chanting “four more years” as voters entered a polling location and, at one point, forming a line that voters had to walk around outside the site.
County election officials eventually were forced to open up a larger portion of the Fairfax County Government Center to allow voters to wait inside away from the Trump enthusiasts.
Election officials said that the group stayed about 100 feet from the entrance to the building and, contrary to posts on social media, were not directly blocking access to the building. But they acknowledged that some voters and polling staff members felt intimidated by what some saw as protesters.
“Citizens coming into and leaving the building did have to go by them,” Gary Scott, the general registrar of Fairfax County, said in a statement. “Those voters who were in line outside of the building were moved inside and we continued operations. Some voters, and elections staff, did feel intimidated by the crowd and we did provide escorts past the group. One of the escorts was the county executive.”

In an unnerved electorate, where concerns about voting rights and safely voting amid the coronavirus pandemic are at a fever pitch, the demonstration outside of a polling place served as preview of a likely contentious election season, and how groups may be utilizing tactics that rattle or even deter voters over the next six weeks.

The disruption came as President Trump has repeatedly sought to undermine confidence in the upcoming election, spreading falsehoods about voting by mail and declaring the election “rigged” before any votes have even been cast.
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What the Trump coup would look like if he loses the election and refuses to concede

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As Americans prepare to cast their vote in the US election, a nightmare scenario looms large: what if Donald Trump were to lose the presidency but refuse to accept defeat?

Mr Trump has repeatedly refused to commit to accepting the election outcome, predicted widespread fraud, and claimed that the results from postal voting — which is expected to surge because of the coronavirus pandemic — might not be known “for months or for years”.
His Democratic rival Joe Biden has accused Mr Trump of trying to steal the election and claimed the military would escort him from the White House if he refused to leave.
With the stage set for a dramatic showdown in the event of a close-run result, a constitutional crisis could play out against the backdrop of violent unrest in the streets — something that has flared in several US cities in recent months.
The Supreme Court and Congress might play a role in determining who takes the Oval Office. But legal scholars stress that resolving a disputed election should come down to good faith and a willingness to reach a compromise. In short, one candidate and their party would have to accept they have lost.
Edward Foley, a professor at Ohio State University who has studied the vulnerabilities in the US election system, said that both sides have defined the election as an existential test for the country, which would “make it hard to concede defeat”.

Much rests on the character and calculations of Mr Trump and Mr Biden, although neither would be able to dispute the election without the backing of state and federal party machinery.

“The candidate can’t just [create a crisis] by himself,” Mr Foley said. “They’re going to need some institutional players in the system to support their moves.”
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EXPOSED: NIH official was actually a Far Right Wing Media Shill who undermined Trump Virus response

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Bill Crews is a PR official at the National Institutes of Health. But he also has another job: an anonymous RedState editor who rails against the agency for which he works.

The managing editor of the prominent conservative website RedState has spent months trashing U.S. officials tasked with combating COVID-19, dubbing White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci a “mask nazi,” and intimating that government officials responsible for the pandemic response should be executed.

But that writer, who goes by the pseudonym “streiff,” isn’t just another political blogger. The Daily Beast has discovered that he actually works in the public affairs shop of the very agency that Fauci leads.

William B. Crews is, by day, a public affairs specialist for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. But for years he has been writing for RedState under the streiff pseudonym. And in that capacity he has been contributing to the very same disinformation campaign that his superiors at the NIAID say is a major challenge to widespread efforts to control a pandemic that has claimed roughly 200,000 U.S. lives.

Under his pseudonym, Crews has derided his own colleagues as part of a left-wing anti-Trump conspiracy and vehemently criticized the man who leads his agency, whom he described as the “attention-grubbing and media-whoring Anthony Fauci.” He has gone after other public health officials at the state and federal levels, as well—“the public health Karenwaffen,'' as he’s called them—over measures such as the closures of businesses and other public establishments and the promotion of social distancing and mask-wearing. Those policies, Crews insists, have no basis in science and are simply surreptitious efforts to usurp Americans’ rights, destroy the U.S. economy, and damage President Donald Trump’s reelection effort.
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Woman Cops Plea Over Fiery Pussy 911 Call

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SEPTEMBER 23--The Ohio woman who recently called 911 to claim that “my pussy’s on fire” and, as a result, needed someone from the fire department to “put it out with their hose,” pleaded guilty today for her misuse of the emergency dispatch system.

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Katrina Morgan, 50, copped to disorderly conduct with persistence, a misdemeanor, in connection with a late-night 911 call in May. Morgan was intoxicated when she placed the call while at a friend’s home in Port Clinton, a city on Lake Erie.

After entering her plea in Ottawa County Municipal Court, Morgan was sentenced to 10 days in jail, though the execution of the sentence was suspended as long as she avoids trouble for the next year. She was also fined $250, but $150 of that penalty was suspended.

Seen above, Morgan was initially charged with disrupting public service, a felony, and several misdemeanors.

When a Port Clinton Police Department dispatcher answered Morgan’s 911 call, she said, “I need the fire department please, ‘cause my pussy’s on fire. I need to make sure their hose is working. Is their hose working?” After the dispatcher asked “What is on fire?” Morgan replied, “I need the fire department ‘cause my pussy’s on fire. And I need somebody to come put it out with their hose.” In the background, a female friend of Morgan’s can be heard squealing.
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Totally not a RACIST

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> Trump Rambles About ‘Good Genes’ and ‘Racehorse Theory’ at Minnesota Campaign Rally
> President Trump told supporters at a campaign rally in Minnesota on Saturday that they’re genetically blessed. “You have good genes, you know that, right? You have good genes. A lot of it is about the genes, isn’t it, don't you believe? The racehorse theory. You think we’re so different? You have good genes in Minnesota.”
> The “racehorse theory” of genetics holds that some human beings are born genetically superior to others, and Trump has reportedly attributed his success to his genes.

Is this what a non-racist persons says?

>You have good genes. A lot of it is about the genes, isn’t it, don't you believe? The racehorse theory

Please tell me again how TRUMP is not a RACIST.
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