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White Evangelicals’ Reluctance To Get Vaccine Could Make Pandemic Last Longer, Claim Scientists

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White evangelicals’ reluctance to get the coronavirus vaccine could make the pandemic last longer, scientists claim.

The prediction comes not long after a survey by the Pew Research Center found that 45% of white evangelicals will either definitely or probably not get the vaccine.

Last month, pastor James David Greear, the president of the Southern Baptist Convent, posted a picture to Facebook of himself receiving the coronavirus vaccine.
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MPs condemn ‘grotesque’ revelations that Uighur workers are sold online in China

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Uighur labourers are advertised on Baidu in groups of 50 to 100, Sky News report says

MPs have condemned an “utterly grotesque” report revealing that Uighur labourers are being advertised in batches on the Chinese internet and made to work under “half-military management”.

Wealden MP Nusrat Ghani described “groups of Uighurs being sold like slaves for auction” as “horrific” and “utterly grotesque”.

Reacting to the report on Sky News, former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith said that there’s “no question” in his mind that the Chinese authorities are engaged in genocide.

“The truth is that the Chinese authorities are engaged in – absolutely no question now, in my mind – in genocide,” he said. “They’re trying to eradicate an ethnic group.”

The report, produced by Sky News correspondent Tom Cheshire, says that there are dozens of adverts on websites hosted by Baidu advertising Uighur labourers in batches of 50 to 100 workers.

One agent who posted such an advert reportedly told Sky News that workers from Xinjiang are subject to a “political examination” by the local government of their receiving province and that they are placed under “half-military management” while working.

The Xinjiang government says in its 2019 five-year plan that its “labour transfer programme”, which Baidu allegedly facilitates, is aimed at providing “more employment opportunities for the surplus rural labour force”.

It has described claims from human rights groups that Uighur Muslims are actually subject to forced labour as “the lie of the century”.

China’s government has also described allegations that it is carrying out a genocide of Uighur Muslims at “re-education camps” in Xinjiang as “ridiculously absurd” and a “complete lie”.
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USA is enraging China.

USA negativity towards China could lead to catastrophe, diplomat says.
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Top Oath Keeper Brags that Active-Duty Cops are Training Domestic Terrorists for Civil War

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The far-right paramilitary the Oath Keepers is home to active-duty law-enforcement officers who are training up other members to prepare for civil war, according to one of the group’s top figures. CBS News’ 60 Minutes profiled the the increasingly notorious militia on Sunday night, and one of its leaders from Arizona, Jim Arroyo, spoke openly about the close involvement of police officers. “Our guys are very experienced,” said Arroyo. “We have active-duty law enforcement in our organization that are helping to train us. We can blend in with our law enforcement and in fact, in a lot of cases, our training is much more advanced because of our military backgrounds.” Arroyo’s statement was backed up by Javed Ali, an ex-National Security Council senior director and FBI counterterrorism official, who said the Oath Keepers are a “unique and challenging” threat to the U.S. because a “large percentage have tactical training and operational experience in either the military or law enforcement. That at least gives them a capability that a lot of other people in this far-right space don't have.” Dozens of members have been implicated in the storming of the Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington.
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Hero Officer Who Killed Threatening Trump Terrorist During The Failed Trump Coup Will Not Be Charged

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Press S to spit on Terror Karen's grave.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors will not charge a police officer who shot and killed a woman as she climbed through the broken part of a door during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Authorities had considered for months whether criminal charges were appropriate for the Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran from San Diego. The Justice Department’s decision, though expected, officially closes out the investigation.

Prosecutors said they had reviewed video of the shooting, along with statements from the officer involved and other officers and witnesses, examined physical evidence from the scene and reviewed the autopsy results.

“Based on that investigation, officials determined that there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution,” the department said in a statement.

Video clips posted online depict Babbitt, wearing a stars and stripes backpack, stepping up and beginning to go through the waist-high opening of an area of the Capitol known as the Speaker’s Lobby when a gunshot is heard. She falls backward. Another video shows other unidentified people attempting to lift Babbitt up. She can be seen slumping back to the ground.

Prosecutors said Babbitt was part of the mob that was trying to get into the House as Capitol Police officers were evacuating members of Congress from the chamber. The officers used furniture to try to barricade the glass doors separating the hallway from the Speaker’s Lobby to try to stave off the rioters, who kept trying to break through those doors, smashing the glass with flagpoles, helmets and other objects.
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China urges US, Japan to stop meddling in China's domestic affairs

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BEIJING -- China on Saturday urged the United States and Japan to immediately stop meddling in China's domestic affairs and harming Chinese interests.

"We urge the US and Japan to take China's concern seriously, abide by the one-China principle, and immediately stop meddling in China's domestic affairs and harming Chinese interests," a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said in a statement. "China will take all necessary measures to resolutely defend its sovereignty, security and development interests."

The spokesperson made the remarks when asked to comment on a US-Japan joint leaders' statement, which was released after their meeting, expressing concern over issues relating to Taiwan, the Diaoyu Islands, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and the South China Sea.

The spokesperson said that Taiwan and the Diaoyu Islands are both Chinese territory, adding that issues relating to Hong Kong and Xinjiang are purely China's internal affairs, and China has indisputable sovereignty over islands in the South China Sea and waters around them.

The spokesperson stressed that the US-Japan joint leaders' statement has grossly interfered in China's domestic affairs and severely violated basic norms governing international relations.

"China deplores and rejects it. We have stated our solemn position to the US and Japan through the diplomatic channel," said the spokesperson.

The US and Japan are actually ganging up to form cliques and fanning bloc confrontation while talking about "free and open," the spokesperson said. "This anachronistic move runs counter to the aspiration for peace, development and cooperation shared by the overwhelming majority of countries in the region and beyond."

It will only enable the world to see with increasing clarity the detrimental nature of the US-Japan alliance, which attempts to undermine regional peace and stability, the spokesperson said.
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Media Whore Tried harassing patriots who donated

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Republicans say the top 1% is suffering so make average Joe pay for infrastructure

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Infrastructure talks are starting to gain momentum in Congress two weeks after President Joe Biden rolled out his sprawling $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan.

A Republican-led group of 20 lawmakers is gearing up to make a counteroffer in a bid to strike a bipartisan deal on a smaller package. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia floated one this week in the range of $600 billion to $800 billion. But there are fresh signs of discord among Republicans on the price tag and it's far from settled.

The sole factor binding them together is opposition to Biden's corporate tax hike. Capito called it a "non-negotiable red line," and other Republicans like Sens. John Cornyn of Texas and Susan Collins of Maine agreed they wouldn't budge.

Instead, they are suggesting potential "user-fees," a set of charges levied on the users of a federal service or good, such as raising the federal gas tax. User-fees have the support from the Chamber of Commerce, a powerful business group.

"My own view is that the pay-for ought to come from people who are using it. So if it's an airport, the people who are flying," Sen. Mitt Romney told reporters on Wednesday. "If it's a port, the people who are shipping into the port; if it's a rail system, the people who are using the rails; If it's highways, it ought to be gas if it's a gasoline-powered vehicle."

That could shift the financial burden of an infrastructure overhaul from companies onto people, Kevin DeGood, an infrastructure expert at the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress, told Insider. It has triggered intense resistance among Democrats.

"If the Republican position is that we're going only going to do this by raising the gas tax and we won't accept an additional penny of corporate revenue, that won't be something our caucus can get behind," a Senate Democratic aide granted anonymity to speak candidly said.
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Pentagonscientists have invented a covid-19microchip

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Pentagonscientists have invented amicrochipthat once inserted under the skin will detect if the patient developsCovid-19.
And they have also developed a revolutionary filter that can remove the virus from the patient’s blood through a dialysis machine.

Researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) say they have been working for years on ways to prevent and to end pandemics.
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OHH RELLY!!?? Sleepy Joes next step..

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President Joe Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the US government had warned the Russian authorities about the consequences if opposition politician Alexei Navalny dies in prison. Sullivan said this in an interview with CNN.

“We have informed the Russian government that what is happening with Navalny in custody is their responsibility and they will be held accountable before the international community,” Sullivan said.

Speaking about specific measures, he noted that many different steps are being considered in the event of Navalny's death, but so far he will not voice them.

Note that Navalny's supporters report a significant deterioration in the politician's health in prison.

Earlier it was reported that the prison staff threatened to force feed the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who went on a hunger strike in prison.

Earlier, Navalny complained that candy was placed on him in the colony.