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Attorney in Mike Lindell martial law plan denies knowing of pro-Trump plot

A US army cyber attorney has expressed confusion at apparent plans among Trump allies to place him in a senior national security role, as part of a mooted move to impose martial law and reverse the president’s election defeat.

A day after his name and location appeared in notes carried into the White House by the My Pillow founder, Mike Lindell, Frank Colon told New York magazine he was “just a government employee who does work for the army” at Fort Meade, in Maryland.

Reporter Ben Jacobs added that Colon “seemed befuddled [over] why he would be floated to the president in any senior role and said that he never met Lindell”, although he said he had “seen him on TV”.

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Hero DC cop gets some inaugural Kameltoe!?

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DC cop who led enraged chimping out Trump supporters away from a door that opened on to the Senate floor by offering his black flesh as bait to the ravenous coon hounds, gets to cuddle with VP Ms Harris at the inaugural ceremony!

Affirmative Action Hire Gets 30 Month In Prison For Corruption

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Former Customs and Border Protection Officer Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Bribery
TUCSON, Ariz. – Last week, Jose Rosalio Fuentes, 58, of Nogales, Arizona, was sentenced to 30 months in prison by United States District Court Judge Rosemary Marquez. Fuentes previously pleaded guilty to Bribery of a Public Official.

In early 2018, Fuentes, then a CBP officer assigned to canine duty at the Nogales Port of Entry, agreed to allow an illegal alien into the United States in exchange for a $6,000 cash bribe. Fuentes knew the alien was a convicted felon, and proposed that the alien enter the United States through the port of entry during Fuentes’ shift. Surveillance footage shows Fuentes, on-duty and in uniform, pretending to swipe the alien’s identification at the port of entry, and then waiving the alien through the pedestrian gate and into the United States. Fuentes later met up with the alien and another individual to receive the $6,000 cash bribe.

In addition to 30 months in prison, Fuentes is required to serve three years of supervised release and to pay a $6,000 fine. Fuentes is also prohibited from holding a position of trust with the United States in the future.

The Southern Arizona Corruption Task Force, which is composed of members from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security-Office of Inspector General, Immigration and Custom Enforcement-Office of Professional Responsibility, Customs and Border Protection-Office of Professional Responsibility, Tucson Police Department, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, conducted the investigation in this case. The Public Integrity Section of the United States Attorney’s Office is handling the prosecution.

CASE NUMBER: 4:18-cr-02068-RM-EJM
RELEASE NUMBER: 2021-001_Fuentes

Like Trump, Biden has promised to end ‘US wars.’ (is complicated)

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Trump Pardons

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Pardons spies/ pardons corrupt business friends who stole money from their workers. Pardons his buddy who scammed 25 million from Trump supporters for a fake “build the wall” fundraiser that Bannon stole the money for.

Tell us again about Trumps great work for the people...
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Biden to propose overhaul of immigration laws on first day in office

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>President-elect Joe Biden will roll out a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws the day he is inaugurated, including an eight-year pathway to citizenship for immigrants without legal status and an expansion of refugee admissions, along with an enforcement plan that deploys technology to patrol the border.

>Biden’s legislative proposal, which will be sent to Congress on Wednesday, also includes a heavy focus on addressing the root causes of migration from Central America, a key part of Biden’s foreign policy portfolio when he served as vice president.

>The centerpiece of the plan from Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris is the eight-year pathway, which would put millions of qualifying immigrants in a temporary status for five years and then grant them a green card once they meet certain requirements such as a background check and payment of taxes. They would be able to apply for citizenship three years later.

>Biden’s bill will have three overarching pillars, the transition officials said: provisions to address the causes of migration, border management and a path to citizenship.

Biden is going to propose the most sweeping and progressive immigration bill in the last 50+ years. Basically, people like those with DACA and other temporary protected statuses will have a path to citizenship within years.

How do you all feel about this?

I have one friend in particular who has DACA, isn't hispanic or has any criminal background, has a STEM bachelor's and has been here since he's been a month old. I know he feels happy as shit about this.

But you guys on the other hand....
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Indiana woman attacks two wendy's employees

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MISHAWAKA — Mishawaka police are searching for a woman who assaulted two employees at a Wendy's on Grape Road after being denied a refund.

According to a release from Mishawaka police, shortly before 1:45 p.m. Monday, a woman driving a maroon Pontiac ordered food and then left the restaurant at 6526 Grape Road. The woman came back a short time later demanding a refund.

When a Wendy's employee denied her the refund, the woman threw her food at the employee and slammed a plexiglass barrier into the employee's face.

As the woman drove off, she allegedly hit a second employee, injuring his leg and hand. Both employees were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to the release.

Officers received reports the woman drove into the University Park Mall parking lot, but police searching the area did not find the car or the suspect.

Trump's Coup D'etat Forces Prepare to Make Their Final Stand Against Democracy and America

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Both those who betrayed their oath of office and are committing sedition.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s extraordinary effort to overturn the presidential election is going before Congress as lawmakers convene for a joint session to confirm the Electoral College vote won by Joe Biden.

The typically routine proceeding Wednesday will be anything but, a political confrontation unseen to such intensity since the aftermath of the Civil War, as Trump mounts a desperate effort to stay in office. The president’s Republican allies in the House and Senate plan to object to the election results, heeding supporters’ plea to “fight for Trump” as he stages a rally outside the White House. It’s tearing the party apart.

The last-gasp effort is all but certain to fail, defeated by bipartisan majorities in Congress prepared to accept the November results. Biden, who won the Electoral College 306-232, is to be inaugurated Jan. 20.

“The most important part is that, in the end, democracy will prevail here,” Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, among those managing the proceedings, said in an interview.

The joint session of Congress, required by law, will convene at 1 p.m. EST before a watchful, restless nation — months after the election, two weeks before the inauguration’s traditional peaceful transfer of power and against the backdrop of a surging COVID-19 pandemic.

Youtube video thumbnail

Lawmakers were told by Capitol officials to arrive early, due to safety precautions with protesters in Washington. Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered around the Capitol, filling the plaza area and sidewalks, many bearing enormous flags and few wearing masks.. Visitors, who typically fill the galleries to watch landmark proceedings, will not be allowed under COVID-19 restrictions.
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Racist Frog Strikes Again!

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DC police are investigating a Bernie Sanders mural that was defaced with a Pepe the Frog image as a possible hate crime.
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US tops 4000 deaths from Covid in 24 hrs

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US suffers more than 4,000 deaths in 24 hours
More than 4,000 people died in the US on Thursday, Johns Hopkins University data shows – a world record daily toll, and the first time it has passed 4,000.

In 24 hours, 4,085 Americans died, according to the data, while nearly 275,000 cases were confirmed.

The virus is surging in several states, with California hit particularly hard, reporting on Thursday a record two-day total of 1,042 coronavirus deaths. Skyrocketing caseloads there are threatening to force hospitals to ration care and essentially decide who lives and who dies.

“Folks are gasping for breath. Folks look like they’re drowning when they are in bed right in front of us,” said Dr Jeffrey Chien, an emergency room physician at Santa Clara Valley Regional Medical Center, urging people to do their part to help slow the spread. “I’m begging everyone to help us out because we aren’t the front line. We’re the last line.”

Meanwhile, the number of Americans who have had their first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine climbed to at least 5.9 million on Thursday, a one-day gain of about 600,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hundreds of millions will need to be vaccinated to stop the coronavirus.
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