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t-rump White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man

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The investment company that employs a white woman who went viral after calling the cops on a black man in Central Park on Monday has placed her on administrative leave.

“We take these matters very seriously, and we do not condone racism of any kind,” read a statement from Franklin Templeton.

“While we are in the process of investigating the situation, the employee involved has been put on administrative leave.”

The woman in the video was identified in reports as Amy Cooper. A screenshot of her LinkedIn account that was shared on Twitter identified her as the head of insurance investment solutions at Franklin Templeton.
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Liberals are being violent, again

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Swedish girl, 17, was decapitated 'by Iraqi-born boyfriend, 23

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A 17-year-old girl was beheaded by her ex-boyfriend after breaking up with him in Sweden, it is alleged.

Wilma Andersson vanished on November 14 last year and police found a 'body part' two weeks later - which was later revealed to be her head.

Her ex-boyfriend Tishko Ahmed Shabaz was arrested at the time and has now been charged with her murder, which he denies.

Shabaz is accused of decapitating Wilma when she went to collect her belongings before wrapping her head in foil and hiding it at his home.

Charges against the 23-year-old suspect were announced last week in a case that has shocked Sweden, which has long held a reputation as one of the world's safest countries.

According to human rights monitor HRS, the suspect was born in Iraq and took up Swedish citizenship in 2014.

Hundreds of volunteers had joined the search for Wilma after she was reported missing in Uddevalla on November 17, three days after she was last seen.
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Records show arrests so far are mostly in-state

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MINNEAPOLIS — In casting blame on those responsible for the worst damage from the riots, local and state leaders attributed it to people not from Minnesota.

But publicly available data does not support those claims, KARE 11 Investigates has found.

“I think our best estimate of what we heard are about 20 percent are Minnesotans, and 80 percent are outside,” Gov. Tim Walz said during a Saturday morning press conference.

“I want to be very, very clear,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said during the press conference. “The people that are doing this are not Minneapolis residents. They are coming in largely from outside of this city, outside of the region, to prey on everything we have built over the last several decades.”

A review of all the arrests made by Minneapolis-based police agencies for rioting, unlawful assembly and burglary-related crimes from Friday to Saturday tells a different story.
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Humanity in chains?

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Who held back free energy, technology and treatments? Stifled and stifles knowledge unless financial gain is theirs?
Why is BiggyP frightened to let the truth concerning vitamin D3 be widely known?
D3 deficiency is bad to humans? Benefits BiggyP and chemical brothers?
Who benefited from the false pathway set in Medicine, dictated doctor programming in med schools? Can you only regurgitate what you have been fed?
Was cabled electricity and Edison funded whilst transmittable free energy and Tesla defunded and destroyed? Why?
Why did three killanthropists start foundations? To avoid federal income tax or for the good of humanity? What do you think?
Do they practice true philanthropy or boomerang catalyst? Gift1 dime out for a future taxpayer dollar in?
Research Carn Rock Morgan? A mutual self interest group?Flexner 1910? Who gained destroying thousands of years of natural remedy knowledge? Who set up gatekeepers to protect chemical product cash flow and self interest in the guise of protecting public health?
Who benefits suppressing free technology? Follow the money to see if anyone did and does?
Who benefits rigging doctor medical training? Who did benefit?
Who really owns BiggyP at arms length?
Who pulls strings within multinational organisations?
Who has 'made men' and 'women' planted in all institutions, regulatory bodies, governmental departments and has controlled past 'commander' in chiefs?
If POTUS is out of their control then isn't he of and for the people and the land of the free? Not the land of the occult few who keep trying desperately to orchestrate his downfall? So the few owning all, in the land of the many aim to divide and rule the many with acts of subterfuge?
Are there new killanthropists? Do they seek to make the many a few? Beware of men who wear masks and of those wearing smiles that mask?
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The old rediscivered

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In Japan someone rediscivered you can make a periodic table based on protons with the focus being magic numbers of stability. This one hypothises proton orbitals instead of proton geometry like the old one . Reason old one was suppressed was imitation gold so this one may run into the same, basically the standard periodic table describes why chemical reactions occur because of electrons wanting to be in a stable state, where as these two proton ones can be used to cause not quite fusion reactions that have an end product that can immitate what the end product would be if actual fusion had occured but instead it's a less stable mash up that has part of the fusion energy and partially it is held together by wanting to achieve stability as with chemical reactions, with this you can make a sort of gold that isn't anywhere as stable as actual gold because full fusion has not occured., Been a decade + since I ran into the old table otherwise I'd try to give it proper name and credit

Media induces riots and looting over thug

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Violent rioters/looters have killed a Black federal police

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- 53-year-old Patrick Underwood from Pinole, Calif has been identified as the Federal Protective Service officer who was shot and killed Friday night in Oakland, a source confirms to ABC7 News.

The family and friends of the protective security officer killed last night at the Federal Building in Oakland have confirmed the victim's identity to the ABC7
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Escalating Downtown Portland Protest Against the Police Killing of George Floyd

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Welp, it's happening in my city too.
>Tonight what started out as a peaceful vigil at Peninsula Park to honor the memory of George Floyd, a Black man killed by police in Minneapolis, has turned into a downtown melee in which the Multnomah County Justice Center (1021 SW 4th) has been broken into, and set ablaze. Our Alex Zielinski is on the scene.

>While keeping a low profile throughout the evening, the Portland Police were quick to arrive at the scene dressed in tactical gear, and issuing warnings.

>Police are now using pepper spray and tear gas in an effort to break up the protest. The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is also reporting that there have been three shootings related to tonight's protests, though details about the shootings are scant.

Ngl, though. I kind of want to go down there and see for myself.
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