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Biden aims for bipartisanship but applies stealthy pressure to expose Republicans hatred of America

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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden has begun publicly courting Republicans to back his sweeping infrastructure plan, but his reach across the aisle is intended just as much to keep Democrats in line as it is a first step in an uphill climb to any bipartisan deal.

Biden’s high-profile Oval Office meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Monday was just one piece of his effort to win over GOP lawmakers, White House aides said. But even if it doesn’t succeed, it could prove useful — boxing in Republicans while helping keep the widely disparate Democrats in line. Some moderate Democrats, notably Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, have urged an effort at bipartisanship to pass the $2.3 trillion bill.

And while Biden has made clear that he wants Republican support, the White House is also preparing to go it alone, if necessary, to get the bill passed. That would leave the GOP in the politically unpopular position of explaining why it objected to investments many Americans want.

“I’m prepared to negotiate as to the extent of my infrastructure project, as well as how we pay for it,” Biden said during Monday’s meeting with lawmakers. “Everyone acknowledges we need a significant increase in infrastructure.”

Biden dismissed the idea that his outreach to Republicans is just for show, saying, “I’m not big on window dressing, as you’ve observed.”

In fact, lawmakers left the White House meeting with the understanding that Biden was open to discussion, and the president’s team was headed to Capitol Hill to meet with them or other representatives as soon as Tuesday.

“Those are all the exact words that I wanted to hear going into the meeting,” Republican Rep. Garret Graves of Louisiana, a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said in an interview with The Associated Press. “And so that was really encouraging.”
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Republican Florida Fascists jam through law to elimination free speech and legalize murder

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The Florida Senate on Thursday passed, largely along party lines, a controversial anti-riot bill that was pushed by GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

The bill would increase criminal penalties for assaulting law enforcement officials while engaging in a "riot" and defacing monuments and other public property during riots. It would also penalize local governments that interfere with law enforcement efforts to contain riots and set up a citizen's appeal process when cities and counties try to reduce police budgets in response to riots.

The final vote in the Senate was 23-17, with one Republican voting with Democrats in opposition. The bill passed the GOP-controlled House in late March. Democratic legislators argue that it would create a chilling effect on First Amendment rights and restrict political dissent. Republicans argued that it would protect law enforcement officers and prevent public disorder.

GOP state Sen. Ed Hooper said during the bill's contentious debate that the legislation was not about racism but about "law and order." Democratic state Sen. Jason Pizzo, who criticized the bill, tweeted after it passed that "this legislative session will likely get its own custom box of Cards Against Humanity."

DeSantis, who championed the legislation, said in a statement after it passed that he "looks forward" to signing the measure. He is expected to do so as early as next week.

Since the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, at least 13 states have taken up legislation to crack down on protests. The push, critics say, is a revival of broader anti-protest efforts that emerged during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that rocked the country last summer.
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Feds execute search warrant on Child Sex Trafficker and Republican Representative Matt Gaetz

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MIAMI — The group took off for their Bahamas weekend getaway on three separate flights. Most of the passengers, which included at least five young women, flew out of Orlando on two separate private planes. Matt Gaetz flew commercial.

The details of that September 2018 trip are sparse, but they are critical to the allegations against Gaetz, the Florida congressman currently the subject of a federal sex-crimes investigation that is threatening his career.

Gaetz, who has not been charged, has consistently denied the two anonymous claims against him: that he had sex with a 17-year-old girl and paid for sex.

Gaetz’s predicament as the subject of a serious investigation became clearer this winter when federal agents executed a search warrant and seized his iPhone, according to interviews with three people who were told of the matter by Gaetz, who changed his phone number in late December. Around that time, the sources said, federal agents also seized his former girlfriend’s phone before she went into work in the morning. She declined comment.

At the time of the 2018 trip, Gaetz was a top adviser to Republican Ron DeSantis, who was running for governor, and went on to manage his transition team months later. DeSantis has long been a top Gaetz ally but declined to comment on his legal woes Monday when asked by reporters.

In the Bahamas, Gaetz was joined by two GOP allies: Halsey Beshears, then a state legislator, and Jason Pirozzolo, a hand surgeon and Republican fundraiser for DeSantis, according to three sources, including one who was part of the group.

Also among those on the trip: the former minor who is key to the investigation, whose presence on the trip was previously unreported.
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U.S. Cancels Warships Deployment to Black Sea -Turkish Diplomatic Sources

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Supreme Court denies 2A rights to felons

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Washington — The Supreme Court on Monday turned away a batch of legal battles involving the federal lifetime ban on firearms for people convicted of certain nonviolent crimes, sidestepping a contentious issue involving the Second Amendment.

The justices rejected appeals from three people who are barred from possessing firearms under federal law because of nonviolent misdemeanor and felony convictions. In declining to take up the cases, lower court decisions that found their Second Amendment rights were not violated by the ban remain in place.

The decision by the high court to stay away from the politically charged issue of gun rights comes in the wake of a spate of mass shootings in recent weeks, which have spurred calls for Congress to pass legislation restricting access to firearms. Still pending before the Supreme Court, however, is at least one dispute over restrictions for carrying a concealed handgun in public.

Gun rights supporters have hoped the high court would clarify the scope of the Second Amendment now that it boasts a 6-3 conservative majority. Some of the justices have taken note of the Supreme Court's reluctance to wade into the debate over gun rights and called for the court to address the issue in the wake of its last major gun rights decisions in 2008 and 2010, when it found the Second Amendment protects the right to have firearms in the home for self-defense.

The federal law at the center of the three challenges prohibits the possession of guns by people convicted of crimes punishable by more than one year in prison.

1st Dose of Chinese Vaccine Offers Little Protection, Chile Learns

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Several days after receiving his first dose of a Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine, Rodrigo Jordán fell ill and tested positive for Covid-19. The 61-year-old was hospitalized near his home in the Chilean capital, Santiago, for nine days and needed supplemental oxygen to pull through.

Across Chile—which has mounted one of the world’s most rapid vaccination campaigns using the vaccine made by Chinese drugmaker Sinovac Biotech Ltd.—health authorities are scrambling to deal with a surge in new infections and deaths.

More than 7.6 million people, half of Chile’s adult population, have already received at least one vaccine dose, most made by the Chinese drugmaker, making the country a real-world testing ground for a vaccine that Beijing is supplying to countries across the developing world.

related: ChyyNa epidemiologist say, "Chinese vaccine is shit!"


Massive Covid-19 second wave surging in India

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India's Kumbh festival attracts big crowds amid devastating second Covid wave

Covid-19 Pushes India’s Middle Class Toward Poverty


“Too many dead bodies” are weighing heavy on India’s Covid-19 crematoriums

PM reviews Covid situation as India logs over 260k cases

As India is battered by severe Covid-19 second wave, where is Narendra Modi and his government?

India’s COVID Surge Affects the Entire World

>In Kurnool, violating Covid norms, people gather in numbers to throw cow dung cakes at one another as part Ugadi celebration. @TheQuint

>This is from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

>100s of people are celebrating #Ugadi by throwing Cowdung on each others.

>This happening when India has 200,000 Covid cases/day.

>Hundreds of people throw cow dung on each other as part of a local festival in #India.

Full thread on recent COVID-19 surge in India.
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Jan 6 Insurrection "Oath Keepers Lifetime Member" Abandons Ship

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Cowardly going into Witness Protection. Such a Proud Boy. Like we will ever forget what he looks like.

First guilty plea. The Titanic has sunk and your GEOTUS is nowhere to be found, as predicted.

You are losers.

A member of the Oath Keepers pleads guilty and will cooperate with prosecutors in the Jan. 6 riot inquiry.

Jon Ryan Schaffer wearing a blue jacket and a hat that reads “Oath Keepers, Lifetime Member” while inside the Capitol on Jan 6.
Jon Ryan Schaffer wearing a blue jacket and a hat that reads “Oath Keepers, Lifetime Member” while inside the Capitol on Jan 6.Credit...Roberto Schmidt/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
A member of the Oath Keepers militia who was charged in connection with the riot at the Capitol pleaded guilty on Friday and agreed to cooperate with the government — potentially against other members of the far-right group.

The guilty plea by the Oath Keeper, Jon Ryan Schaffer, 53, of Indiana, was the first to be entered publicly by any of the more than 400 people who have been charged so far in the Jan. 6 riot. News of the plea emerged last week after secret documents in Mr. Schaffer’s case were briefly unsealed by accident on a federal court database.

Mr. Schaffer’s cooperation with the government could prove instrumental in helping prosecutors pursue much broader conspiracy charges against 12 other members of the Oath Keepers who stand accused of the some of the most serious crimes in the sprawling investigation.

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Gone postal:8+ dead in shooting at FedEx in Indianapolis

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A gunman killed eight people and injured several others before killing himself in a late-night shooting at a FedEx facility near the Indianapolis airport, police said.

Five people were hospitalized after the Thursday night shooting, according to police. One of them had critical injuries, police spokesperson Genae Cook said. Another two people were treated and released at the scene. FedEx said people who worked for the company were among the dead

It was too early to tell whether the shooter was an employee at the facility.
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Capitol Police Were Told to Hold Back Against Insurrectionists

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On Thursday, Michael A. Bolton, the inspector general for the United States Capitol Police, will deliver a report on the law-enforcement agency’s preparation for and conduct during the attack.

Bolton determined that leaders told officers on the scene to hold back.

The strategy on January 6, the inspector general found that Capitol Police leaders ordered the Civil Disturbance Unit not to use its most serious crowd-control weapons, such as stun grenades, as Trump supporters took over the building while lawmakers were still inside. Officers on duty told the inspector general that those tools could have helped “push back the rioters.”

Despite this report of the violence to come, the FORMER chief of the Capitol Police determined that the likelihood of an attack was “improbable.”
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