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FBI raids offices, home of Trump's personal lawyer: source

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>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday raided the offices and home of U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, law enforcement sources said, in a dramatic new development in a series of probes involving close Trump associates.

>Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen M. Ryan, said that U.S. prosecutors conducted a search that was partly a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

>Mueller is investigating whether members of Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia during the U.S. presidential election. Trump has called the probe a “witch hunt” and denied any collusion.

>“Today, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York executed a series of search warrants and seized the privileged communications between my client, Michael Cohen, and his clients,” Ryan said in a statement.

>“I have been advised by federal prosecutors that the New York action is, in part, a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller,” Ryan said.

>Monday’s raids were first reported by The New York Times.

>Cohen has been at the center of a controversy surrounding a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, who has alleged that she had sex once in 2006 with Trump and was paid money shortly before the 2016 election to keep quiet about it.

>Cohen did not immediately respond to Reuters for a request for comment. A spokesman for Mueller had no comment.

>A source familiar with the investigation said that among the items the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan sought in the raids were information on the origins of a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.
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Prostitute Animal Ryuichi Yoneyama, Governor of Niigata Prefecture in Japan. chapter3

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Chapter3 Debut in Reuters

Governor of Japan's Niigata resigns to avoid 'turmoil' over magazine article

Ryuichi Yoneyama, Governor of Niigata Prefecture in Japan is Prostitute Animal.

Chapter1 >>88416442
Chapter2 >>88465347

Short Quiz
What is these on top picture?
1) left one
2) middle one
3) right one
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Canada calls to be more progressive on drug policy, prostitution

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New Democrats approved a resolution on national pharmacare at their recent convention.

Oliver warned that “very powerful lobby groups”, including the big pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies, will fight a universal pharmacare plan. And he said there will be “all kinds of other people resisting it” – not mentioning that Morneau himself initially talked about strictly providing drug coverage for Canadians who aren’t already covered by private drug plans.

Another resolution proposed by the caucus calls on the government to decriminalize simple possession and consumption of all illicit drugs, adopting a model similar to that used in Portugal where the emphasis is on getting drug users into treatment.

New Democrats have adopted a similar resolution.

Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor reiterated Friday that Canada and Portugal are very different countries. And she noted that Trudeau has been clear that legalizing recreational marijuana is as far as he’s prepared to go in removing the criminal prohibition on drug use.

But Toronto MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith urged grassroots Liberals not to take no for an answer.

“The government is committed to the grassroots, the government is committed to evidence and if we come out of this supporting (this resolution) I think the government will change its mind,” he told the workshop.
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Bathroom hand dryers could be spreading faeces, study finds

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Hand dryers in bathrooms could be covering our hands in germs and faecal matter, a new study has suggested.

A study by the University of Connecticut sought to discover if hand dryers were helping to disperse germs, or were in fact simply redistributing them.

The paper found that dryers actually spread germs.

Flushing the toilet with the lid open can send faecal particles into the air, where they can linger until the hand dryer is switched on, with the particles heated up in the machine and spat back into the user’s hands.

The hands being wet is a particularly healthy environment for gems to thrive in.

“These results indicate that many kinds of bacteria, including potential pathogens and spores, can be deposited on hands exposed to bathroom hand dryers and that spores could be dispersed throughout buildings and deposited on hands by hand dryers,” the study concluded.

Researchers suggest fitting dryers with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters, which can reduce the bacterial deposition by four times. Alternatively paper towels are found to be more hygienic, but that option is also less environmentally friendly and potentially more costly. The consequence of hand dryers spreading faecal matter is unlikely to have a serious effect on your health, however, as many day-to-day items, such as mugs and desks, are also covered in germs.
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Naked Burglar Found In Tub Eating Cheetos

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APRIL 19--Upon returning home from work Tuesday, a Louisiana resident discovered a woman “naked in her bathtub and eating her Cheetos,” police report.

According to an arrest affidavit, the victim found the stranger inside her Monroe home around 5 PM. When she confronted the intruder, the woman told cops, the naked burglar claimed that “an unknown male told her to break into the victim’s house.”

Cops responding to a 911 call identified the naked woman as Evelyn Washington, a 29-year-old Monroe resident whose home is a little more than a mile away from the victim’s house.

Washington apparently entered the home through a broken window.

An officer noted that she observed the bathtub “to be full of water and a plate of food along with half-eaten Cheetos belonging to the victim on the toilet next to the tub.”

Seen in the above mug shot, Washington was arrested for burglary and criminal damage to property. She is locked up in lieu of $8000 bond at the Ouachita Correctional Center.
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CIA director visits Kim Jon

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Vegan protesters still won't leave Antler restaurant alone

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A bunch of kale assassins is protesting a small restaurant in Toronto on a weekly basis. The restaurant is now booked for months. The vegans wont back down (for now).
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Trump's allies sound the alarm amid mounting fears his most trusted associate could turn on him

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>President Donald Trump and his loyalists are worried.

>Trump, who is already facing tremendous pressure from the special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, was thrust into another legal controversy last week when it emerged that the FBI is investigating his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, for possible financial crimes and campaign finance violations.

>Armed with a search warrant, investigators working for the Manhattan US attorney's office raided Cohen's office and hotel room to seize: tape recordings, financial records, documents pertaining to payments made to women who have alleged affairs with Trump, material relating to a 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape featuring Trump saying lewd things about women, electronic devices, and communications between Trump and Cohen.

>The warrant specifically authorized FBI agents to seize the materials, and it also mentioned Trump by name several times.

>Now, it looks like Trump and his advisers are not only concerned about the gravity of the situation, but that Cohen will do what several other defendants in the Russia investigation have done: turn on the president.

'You can never say somebody will not flip'

>Cohen has been referred to at different times as Trump's fixer, pit bull, and consigliere. His relationship with Trump stretches back decades, and he worked at the Trump Organization for over 10 years, beginning in 2006. Cohen left the company in 2017 to serve as Trump's personal lawyer.

>"Anyone that takes care of problems and buries the bodies is not someone you want to testify against you," said Jeffrey Cramer, a former federal prosecutor who spent 12 years at the Justice Department. "The damage Cohen can do is far greater than everybody else combined."
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New record on squeezing light to one atom: Atomic Lego guides light below one nanometer

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All electronic devices consist of billions of transistors, the key building block invented in Bell Labs in the late 1940s. Early transistors were as large as one centimeter, but now measure about 14 nanometers. There has also been a race to further shrink devices that control and guide light. Light can function as an ultra-fast communication channel, for example, between different sections of a computer chip, but it can also be used for ultra-sensitive sensors or novel on-chip nanoscale lasers.

New techniques have emerged to confine light into extremely tiny spaces, millions of times smaller than current ones. Researchers previously found that metals can compress light below the wavelength-scale (diffraction limit), but more confinement would always come at the cost of more energy losses. This paradigm has now been shifted by using graphene.

In a recent study published in Science, ICFO researchers have now confined light down to a space one atom thick in dimension, the smallest confinement possible. The work was led by ICREA Prof at ICFO Frank Koppens and carried out by David Alcaraz, Sebastien Nanot, Itai Epstein, Dmitri Efetov, Mark Lundeberg, Romain Parret, and Johann Osmond from ICFO, and performed in collaboration with University of Minho (Portugal) and MIT (USA).

The team of researchers used stacks (heterostructures) of 2-D materials, and built up a completely new nano-optical device, as if it were atom-scale Lego. They took a graphene monolayer (semi-metal), and stacked onto it a hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) monolayer (insulator), and on top of this deposited an array of metallic rods. They used graphene because this material is capable of guiding light in the form of "plasmons", which are oscillations of the electrons, interacting strongly with light.
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Bernie Sanders’ Tax Day Message: We Want To Raise Your Taxes

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has a super popular idea on tax day — repeal the Republican tax cuts and raise people’s taxes.
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