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Sharknado Not Happening Yet

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Reports exist stating that there is no sharknado currently occurring. There is no need for public panic. Again, there is no sharknado. Please ignore anyone who says a sharknado is happening. It is totally not.

Sources saying that there is a sharknado:
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Macron vs Le Pen: what the data say after the first round of the French Presidential Election

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UW study: First modern case of "river piracy" observed; Global Warming blamed

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>Scientists have witnessed the first modern case of what they call "river piracy" and they blame global warming. Most of the water gushing from a large glacier in northwest Canada last year suddenly switched from one river to another.

>That changed the Slims River from a 10-foot (3 meters) deep, raging river to something so shallow that it barely was above a scientist's high top sneakers at midstream. The melt from the Yukon's Kaskawulsh glacier now flows mostly into the Alsek River and ends up in the Pacific Ocean instead of the Arctic's Bering Sea.

>It seemed to all happen in about one day - last May 26 - based on river gauge data, said Dan Shugar, a University of Washington Tacoma professor who studies how land changes. A 100-foot (30-meter) tall canyon formed at the end of the glacier, rerouting the melting water, Shugar and his colleagues wrote in a study published in Monday's journal Nature Geoscience .

>The term "river piracy" is usually used to describe events that take a long time to occur, such as tens of thousands of years, and had not been seen in modern times, especially not this quickly, said study co-author Jim Best of the University of Illinois. It's different from something like the Mississippi River changing course at its delta and it involves more than one river and occurs at the beginning of a waterway, not the end.
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Happy Easter

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>Muslim youth take initiative to guard churches as Easter celebrated

>AMMAN — After the attacks on two churches in Egypt last week, Muslim Jordanian youth launched an initiative to protect churches all over the Kingdom on Easter Sunday, in an act of solidarity, they said.

>Daesh claimed responsibility for the attacks on two Coptic churches in Egypt’s Tanta and Alexandria on Palm Sunday, which killed around 44 and injured more than 100 worshippers, many of whom were children.

>Kazem Kharabsheh wrote: “On Sunday, our Christian brothers and sisters will be in churches [performing] religious [rituals], [and] extremists [are] threatening our national security… My Muslim friends and I will be in Balqa Governorate, protecting its churches and people.”

>There have been no direct threats by terrorists to attack churches in Jordan, although Daesh has been repeatedly issuing statements of threats against the Kingdom’s security.

>Another Balqa resident, Fayez Ruqeidi, added the vigilante act is meant to “underline the unity of Jordanians and to give everyone the freedom to practise their religion without restraints or fear”.

>In Madaba, Hazem Al Fouqaha said many Muslim residents will stand as guards in front of churches to ensure the safety of Christians inside.
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Woman comforted dying ex-husband by convincing him Donald Trump had been impeached

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>Michael Garland Elliott, who died earlier this month at the age of 75, was no fan of US president Donald Trump.

>A keen follower of the news, Mr Elliott would regularly voice his disapproval of Trump, until ill-health left him unable to communicate.

>As he lay dying in his Oregon home, surrounded by friends and caregivers, he had one last phone call with he ex-wife Teresa Elliott. The pair had remained close friends after their divorce two decades ago - and Ms Elliott knew precisely what to say.

>As an obituary for Mr Elliott published in The Oregonian records: "Mike ran out of family long ago and is survived by his ex-wife and best friend, Teresa Elliott. Though their marriage ran aground, their friendship only grew stronger and hers was the last voice Mike heard.

>"And the last thing she said to him was 'Donald Trump has been impeached.' Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded.

>“I knew it was his very, very last moments,” Ms Elliott told the New York Daily News. “I knew that would bring him comfort and it did. He then took his final breath.”

>Asked if she had any regrets about lying to Mr Elliott in his last moments, she replied: “Oh God no. If I could leave him with a happy piece of news then why wouldn’t I?

>“And maybe in the end it won't turn out to be a lie.”
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Trump privately signs anti-Planned Parenthood law

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>President Donald Trump privately signed a bill on Thursday that allows states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortion services, including Planned Parenthood, a group frequently targeted by Republicans.

>The bill, which the usually camera-friendly President signed without any media present, reverses an Obama-era regulation that prohibited states from withholding money from facilities that perform abortions, arguing that many of these facilities also provide other family planning and medical services.

>The bulk of federal money Planned Parenthood receives, though, goes toward preventive health care, birth control, pregnancy tests and other women's health services. Federal law prohibits taxpayer dollars from funding abortions and Planned Parenthood says 3% of the services it provides are abortions.

>The signing comes weeks after Vice President Mike Pence, a social conservative who regularly touts his anti-abortion stances, cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate after two Republicans opposed the measure.

>"(Women's) worst fears are now coming true. We are facing the worst political attack on women's health in a generation as lawmakers have spent the past three months trading away women's health and rights at every turn," Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood, said in a statement.

Ivanka Trump's influence

>The law once again raises questions about the power Ivanka Trump, the President's daughter and aide, actually wields inside the West Wing. The first daughter met with president of Planned Parenthood shortly after her father was inaugurated in an attempt to better understand the group that is regularly targeted by Republicans. She has also cultivated an image of a moderating force inside the White House.
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Texas men soon to be fined $100 formastrubation

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right wing MSM propagates lie about NOAA falsifying data

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Update: In interviews with E&E News and ScienceInsider, Bates has denied being the whistleblower the House Science Committee has cited in the past, although his accusations are very similar to those cited by the Committee chairman.

Original article follows

>he UK tabloid Mail on Sunday alleged a seemingly juicy (if unoriginal) climate science scandal. At its core, though, it’s not much more substantial than claiming the Apollo 11 astronauts failed to file some paperwork and pretending this casts doubt on the veracity of the Moon landing.

>The story’s author, David Rose, has published a great many sensational articles over the years, falsely claiming to present evidence undermining the threat of climate change or the human cause behind it. But this latest article is noteworthy in that it appears to reveal the supposed “whistleblower” who has been cited by the US House Science Committee in its ongoing clash with climate scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

>The committee’s Twitter account, as well as the account of Committee Chair Lamar Smith (R-Texas), has gone hog-wild tweeting about the story. For example, the committee account tweeted, “@NOAA obstructed the committee's oversight at every turn. Now we know what they were hiding.”

>The research at the center of the supposed scandal was a 2015 paper published in Science by a group of NOAA researchers. The paper presented an update to NOAA’s global surface temperature record using newly updated land and ocean databases—each of which had previously been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The update resulted in slight changes to NOAA’s numbers for some recent years, which slightly increased the short-term rise since 1998 (the adjustment brought NOAA's record closer to other major datasets).
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Operation Gotham Shield

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>As North Korea threatens to unleash fury on the US, conspiracy theorists claim to have found 'evidence' that suggests Americans' fears should instead be focused closer to home.

>An alert has surfaced on the web describing an exercise called 'Operation Gotham Shield', which will conduct a simulation crisis by detonating a 10,000-ton nuclear bomb over the New York City/New Jersey area next week.

>Agencies involved in the exercise, which is said to be a routine drill, have noted that it will simulate 'a large scale terrorist attack' – but some believe it may turn into an actual disaster.
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