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Ukraine declares state of emergency.

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Additionally pro-american maidanek "parliament" declared new law which banned all "state on emergency". the law contains also the ban of use words in "state of emergency" in medias and official reports.

"In connection with the blocking of train roads in Donbass by "activists"(simple said president poroshenko just gave order to inner secret agency SBU to block the roads) the delievery of anthracite coal and in order to ensure reliable, trouble-free, stable operation of the united energy system of Ukraine. To prevent occurrence of an imbalance between production and consumption of electric energy along with the proposal Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of acceptance in the market of electric energy time emergency measures ", - stated in the disposal of the Goverment.
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trudeau guy babbles

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>>Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the massacre at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, calling it a “terrorist attack on Muslims.”

And yet his best-est buddy in the whole wide world is terrorist castro who killed, or had killed, a lot more than a few people. His buddy terrorized a nation for decades and most of them are still stuck in the stockholm syndrome, in denial and idolizing their dead captor, their dictator. People getting killed or think they're going to get killed by gun-fire is terror for everyone but the killers. Way some people whine it's as if people in certain groups are the only ones suffering and this is blatantly false.
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HOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT. What couldn't been done for NAZISTAS RACISTAS GHONORRHEAS, is now being done for the head of the mexican cartesls. How will it go down? Doesn't the big-guys-for-us support him? Will they intervene? Will this bring chaos into the drug, and by extension, the real world??
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Government staff and truth-tellers in danger from McCarthy-esque attacks by President

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Global energizing...growing exponentially

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>> The big melt: Global sea ice at record low

There's bound to be fluctuations, but only someone scared and in denial, trying to be stupid or someone who is stupid would deny the climate change (warming) trend. All the science and technology that makes phones go is the same science that realistically shows global warming is happening and society has a major effect.
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Trump knew Flynn lied for weeks

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Scott Pruitt Is Seen Cutting the E.P.A. With a Scalpel, Not a Cleaver

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WASHINGTON — Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency, is drawing up plans to move forward on the president’s campaign promise to “get rid of” the agency he hopes to head. He has a blueprint to repeal climate change rules, cut staffing levels, close regional offices and permanently weaken the agency’s regulatory authority.
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Judge Orders Mom Not to Get Pregnant Again After She Loses Fourth Child Due to Neglect

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A western New York judge has ordered a mother not to get pregnant again until she is able to “get her life together” and become a responsible caretaker for her children, issuing the controversial decision after a fourth child was taken from the woman because of neglect.

The woman, referred to in court documents as Brandy F., is a sex worker and drug addict who allegedly admitted to ingesting crack cocaine, methadone and alcohol while pregnant, Monroe County Family Court Judge Patricia Gallaher wrote in the December 27 decision.

The infant was removed from her custody after he was born in June 2016 prematurely and immediately showing signs of drug withdrawal.

He was the woman’s fourth child and her third to be born addicted to drugs, court documents said.

Her first child, born in 2007, has lived with his maternal grandmother after it was discovered he was “not protected from access to hypothermic needle."

“Over and over this court has had to order children removed from the mother only to see her show up in court in a few months obviously pregnant, often by another man while the [five] Department caseworkers and the court are still working to help that very mother get her already born child or children returned,” Gallaher wrote.

In her ruling, Gallaher wrote that her goal was to allow Brandy to stabilize her life so she could one day have custody of her children.

Brandy’s sons and daughter “would most probably rejoice in having [a] mother who was clean, sober and competent, and hopefully even would love them as a mother should love her children,” Gallaher wrote.

The judge, who retired in December, noted the responsibility to get Brandy back on track not only falls on the shoulders of the mother-of-four, who did not appear in court, but also on caseworkers to offer family planning and contraception, as the law allows.
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More bad people pretending to care, to cop

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>> Paris police say rape of black man an 'accident'

All four of them assaulted (raped) the guy. Lots of cops don't care [who they f]. They'd f us, our friends, our family, other cops, their friends or family. France is a barbaric place; sadly as everywhere to some degree.
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13 pounds of horse genitals concealed in woman's luggage; claimed it was for medicinal purposes

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Customs agents have seen all sorts of things come through travelers' baggage. And what they seized from two women at Washington Dulles International Airport last month may take the cake.

On January 29, two women arrived from Mongolia. Customs and Border Protection officers sent them for a routine agriculture examination. What was found inside might turn your stomach.

The women had a combined 42 pounds of horse meat concealed inside juice boxes. That includes 13 pounds of horse genitals that one of the women claimed were for medicinal purposes.

Horse meat is prohibited from entering the country unless the traveler has an official government horse meat certification from the country of origination. The concern is bringing foot and mouth disease into the United States and introducing it to livestock here.

“Customs and Border Protection takes no pleasure in seizing and destroying travelers’ food products,” said Wayne Biondi, CBP Port Director for the Area Port of Washington Dulles. “We’re in the business of protecting America’s agriculture industries, like the livestock industry, from the potential introduction of animal diseases posed by these unpermitted food products.”

All of the meat was incinerated.

“Safeguarding America’s agriculture industries, and by extension our nation’s economy, remains an enforcement priority for Customs and Border Protection. It is a mission that we take very seriously,” said Casey Owen Durst, CBP’s Field Operations Director in Baltimore, the agency’s operational commander in the mid-Atlantic region.

CBP agriculture specialists inspect more than 1 million people coming into the U.S. every day.