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Leaked Chats Show ‘White Lives Matter’ Movement in Shambles After Antifa Infiltration

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Just days before a series of White Lives Matter rallies were to take place in cities across the U.S., the movement has fallen into shambles after antifascists posed as event organizers and lured unsuspecting racists to join several fake Telegram channels.

On Thursday, the administrators of the "White Lives Matter" channels for Seattle and New Jersey suddenly changed their avatar to an antifa flag and revealed themselves to be a “honeypot,” created to draw in extremists and glean information about them. The “NYC White Lives Matter” channel followed suit.

This marks yet another major setback for the White Lives Matter movement, which began organizing “The March for White Lives” on the encrypted messaging platform last month. Since announcing the IRL rallies, the movement has been plagued with paranoia, intrigue, and infighting—as well as a general lack of interest from prospective attendees. What’s more, VICE News has obtained leaked chats from a private White Lives Matter admin channel, suggesting that antifa infiltration at the highest levels was even worse than organizers thought.

By Friday morning, White Lives Matter organizers were doing damage control, trying to assure the public all was well ahead of Sunday’s big event in cities across the country. “To quickly clarify. Antifa did not infiltrate the 'nation admins'. No,” they wrote in a statement on a Telegram channel that has over 2,000 subscribers. “Antifa infiltrated a small, semi-public chat where people were reminded to keep the content clean on their channel.”

But some subscribers to the channel didn’t know what to believe anymore. “Why is this happening?” wrote one user with the handle “JD.” “I’m so fucking sick of this shit.”

“Too many damn feds and antifa sniffing around,” another user with the handle “Freedom” replied.
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Neo-Nazis plan to 'breed out Jewish race' by seducing 'sexy Jewesses'

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An Australian Neo-Nazi group used social media platform Gab to call on members to "seduce sexy Melbourne Jewesses" and "breed out the Jewish race with Alpha Aryan Australian POWER," according to the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC). The leader of the group, the National Socialist Network (NSN), also posted a photo of the ADC's Chairman Dvir Abramovich inside a gas chamber, according to the ADC.
Additionally, the post set as a "side quest" to seduce Australian Senator Kristina Keneally stating that "she can't proscribe us if we are breeding her."

The NSN post states that the organization wants "every honorable white man, national socialist, Klansman, skinhead, racist, out on the town for Operation Ashkenazi Strange."
It shows three men, with their faces covered, holding a whiteboard with instructions telling followers to go clubbing in Jewish areas and seduce Jewish women to "breed" with.
In the "Tips" section, the instructions say to "run so many trains on a Jewb***h, her nickname will be Auschwitz."
To run train on a woman "refers to when multiple men have sex with a woman one after the other, with or without consent," according to
The sign also tells followers that they "need consent" because "rape doesn't count (also illegal)," "if a man won't f**k he won't fight," and "Jewish women don't like our views. Don't talk about Hitler for three hours."
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Hong Kong: Is the one ‘country, two systems’ principle officially over?

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Veteran Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigners are jailed as Beijing extends its crackdown on dissent. Is China’s promise of ‘one country, two systems’ officially over?

The verdicts came as mainland China is increasingly cracking down on Hong Kong's rights and freedoms.

Among those in court was Hong Kong pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai who was sentenced to 14 months in prison after being found guilty of unauthorised assembly.

Several other activists were sentenced on Friday for participating in two demonstrations, on 18 August and 31 August 2019.

They include veteran campaigner Martin Lee, 82, and lawyer Margaret Ng, 73, whose sentences were suspended.

The sentencing is part of a series of trials all relating to the large-scale pro-democracy protests in 2019.

The protests culminated in the most tense wave of demonstrations in years, often ending in widespread violence between police and activists.

Watch Newsnight with guests democracy campaigner Nathan Law and CCP mouthpiece and puppet Victor Gao:

"Drug Superstore" found by police in Atlanta holding 1,000 pounds of marijuana and edibles

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South Fulton police say the warehouse was uncovered while authorities were executing three search warrants connected to a street racing investigation. Police describe the building as a “drug superstore” where an assortment of drugs and other illegal substances were found.

A spokesperson for South Fulton, Gary Leftwich, told the media that authorities worked through the night to process evidence. 1,000 pounds of marijuana and edibles were recovered along with 13 guns. One of the weapons was reported stolen out of Dallas, Georgia. Leftwich also added that the total investigation had been underway for three months. Police believe that this is one of several locations that have been in operation for close to three years.

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Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai and 9 other activists sentenced to jail for pro-democracy protests

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Hong Kong pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been sentenced to 14 months in prison after being found guilty of unauthorised assembly.

Mr Lai, 73, was one of several activists in court who were earlier found guilty of charges relating to pro-democracy protests in 2019.

The founder of the Apple Daily tabloid is a fierce critic of Beijing.

Friday's verdict comes as the mainland is increasingly cracking down on Hong Kong's rights and freedoms.

Several other activists were sentenced on Friday for participating in two demonstrations, on 18 August and 31 August 2019.

They include veteran campaigner Martin Lee, 82, and lawyer Margaret Ng, 73, whose sentences were suspended.

Earlier this week, Mr Lai's Apple Daily newspaper published a handwritten letter by him, sent from prison, which read: "It is our responsibility as journalists to seek justice. As long as we are not blinded by unjust temptations, as long as we do not let evil get its way through us, we are fulfilling our responsibility."

Mr Lai was sentenced to 12 months for the 18 August demonstration and another eight months for 31 August. However, the judge ordered for the sentences to be served concurrently except for two months. Former lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan was also jailed for both demonstrations.

The tycoon faces another six charges - two of which were imposed under the country's new National Security Law, which can carry a maximum term of life in prison. It is possible that prosecutors could file further charges against him.

The law, implemented in Hong Kong by China last year, criminalises secession and subversion. Earlier this month, Beijing overhauled the territory's electoral rules to ensure more loyalty to the mainland.

Thumbs-up from the audience

By Grace Tsoi, BBC News, Hong Kong

Variant Covid: vaccines becoming useless,pandemic into 2022!

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COVID could mutate into a new super variant which could beat vaccines, make people sicker and reinfect victims in a devastating new outbreak, leading experts have warned.

Scientists told The Sun Online about the need to vaccinate as many people as possible and stick to the lockdown rules as it is feared the rapidly changing virus could overwhelm our current arsenal of vaccines.

The experts hammered home the need to rob Covid of the rapid person-to-person transmission which helps it develop mutations.

Dr Lockett explained some mutations arise when the virus infects people who cannot beat it with their immune system.


"As Chris Whitty has indicated speeding the lockdown release will lead to more transmission and so more likely mutants – or existing mutants spreading – so the mutations are fed by meeting up and not getting vaccinated.”

[Mutations] are already on the way to becoming immune to our current vaccines.

Harvard Professor Dr William Hannage explained it is key to stop the new variants before they can get a foothold as it stops the spread which fuels the mutations.

He told The Sun Online: “At the moment there is a lot of concern around E484K, a mutation in the spike protein which is thought to help the virus sidestep immunity from prior infection and is found in several of the variants.

“While it looks like vaccines should still offer protection, at least from severe disease, this is one to watch.

continued below
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Minnesota Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright Meant to Fire Taser, Chief Says

Hours after body camera video of the killing was released, protesters gathered outside the Brooklyn Center police station despite a new curfew for much of the Twin Cities region.
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A police officer fatally shot a Black man, identified as Daunte Wright, after he was pulled over in a Minneapolis suburb Sunday, leading to clashes between protesters and law enforcement. On Monday, the police chief for the city of Brooklyn Center said the officer, identified as Kim Potter, intended to use her Taser but instead grabbed her gun and shot Wright.

Police released bodycam video of the shooting at a news conference. In the video, the officer who shot Wright shouted "Taser" multiple times before firing her gun at Wright at close range while Wright was in the driver's seat.

"I just shot him," Potter said as the car drove away. She has been placed on administrative leave.
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Crypto is a PONZI scheme

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How to weaken Racism

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I am a white straight man. But, yeah. I agree with you. Black straight males must call whites as 'crackers' or 'cream crackers' or anything bad.

The Racism must flow both sides. I am trying to be a man who follows the justice. I think the racism will never end. By racism I mean, any insult to any race. Black people are, and always were racist against white people, and always will be. As much as whites are against blacks. But, as the big money and big power in Earth is in the whites hands, the blacks feel inferior, and suffer when offended because of their race. The best way to better this situation, is each day, more and more, blacks start calling whites something the whites don't like. For example, 'crackers' or 'cream crackers'. I find it offensive. It's fair... It's a good start to equilibrate the racism between races.
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