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Litigious Portland Tranny Arrested For Felonious Assault

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Jessica Yaniv was arrested for the assault of a Canadian journalist on over the weekend. According to Keean Bexte, the journalist who was assaulted by Yaniv on camera outside of the B.C. courts on January 14, 2020, Yaniv spent time behind bars on the charge of assault. She may face up to five years for the assault.
That same day, Yaniv falsely accused TPM‘s own Amy Eileen Hamm of sexual assault while at the courtroom. Hamm is suing Yaniv for defamation.

There was widespread speculation that Yaniv was arrested over the weekend, but The Post Millennial and other outlets were unable to verify the claims at the time. Bexte, being the alleged victim in this particular case, was able to confirm the arrest Wednesday afternoon.

When reached for comment, Bexte said, “Yaniv has been ordered to cease all contact with me, both directly and indirectly. I can’t wait for the day when Yaniv is put away for the long haul. He is dangerous and unpredictable.”

Even if Yaniv is behind bars, the civil litigations brought by Bexte and Hamm against Yaniv for assault and defamation respectively can proceed. According to Bexte, Yaniv would be court-ordered to appear for the civil litigations as planned.

Yaniv was released back into the community after the arrest and will appear in court in February. She will also appear in court in February for two prohibited weapons charges.
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Florida worker fatally stabs Trump-loving boss in fight

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American flag found next to victim’s body at highway construction site, according to affidavit

ORLANDO, Fla. – A worker with anti-government views fatally stabbed his Trump-supporting boss at a highway construction site and placed an American flag next to the body after they got into a political argument, deputies in Florida said Tuesday.

Mason Toney, 28, faces a charge of first-degree murder in the killing of William Knight on Monday, according to an arrest affidavit from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.
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Another Bernie Staffer Allegedly Promotes Violence

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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released new bombshell undercover footage on Tuesday that appeared to show another paid member of 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign promoting violence against political opponents and against successful people.

The undercover video produced by Project Veritas allegedly shows Martin Weissgerber, South Carolina field organizer for the campaign, talking about wanting to kill wealthy people and wanting to throw Republicans into camps.

Qutoes from the video provided by Project Veritas include:

“Let’s force them (billionaires) to build roads … rebuild our roads, rebuild our dams, rebuild our bridges. Let’s force them to do that.”
“Well, the gulags were founded as re-education camps. … What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the re-education camps.”
“I’m already on Twitter, following numerous groups around the country that are ready to organize yellow vest protests. I’m ready … I’m ready to start tearing bricks up and start fighting. … I’m not — no cap, bro. I’ll straight up — I’ll straight up get armed, I want to learn how to shoot, and go train. I’m ready for the f***ing revolution, bro. … I’m telling you. Guillotine the rich.”
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Woman, 31, 'DELIBERATELY drives into path of oncoming car to test her faith'

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A woman deliberately drove her car into the path of an oncoming vehicle to test her faith in God, police say.

Nadejda Reilly, 31, from Drums, Luzerne County, allegedly caused the crash on Route 93 near Weatherly, Pennsylvania, on January 7.

State police say Reilly told them she had driven round for a few hours, waiting for a calling from God.

When no calling presented itself, Reilly told officers she decided to drive into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

When police arrived on the scene, the suspect reportedly told them she was not remorseful for the people injured in the crash because: 'God would have taken care of them'.

'Reilly related God took care of her by not having her injured,' said Trooper Bruce Balliet in an arrest affidavit.

'Reilly expressed no concerns or remorse for the victims. Reilly also stated she did not care if the other people were injured because God would have taken care of them.'

Two people in the other vehicle were taken to hospital for treatment for their injuries.

Reilly has been charged with aggravated assault and other offenses over allegations she purposely caused the crash.

Her $50,000 bail had been revoked, according to an online court docket on Wednesday.

The suspect's lawyer, Andrew Theyken Bench, filed a notice with the court that she plans to waive her formal arraignment in Carbon County court.
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Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Pro-gun Rally

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Fearing potential violence, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is declaring a state of emergency and is banning firearms and other weapons on the Capitol grounds in Richmond ahead of a gun rights demonstration planned for next week.

"We have received credible intelligence from our law enforcement agencies that there are groups with malicious plans for the rally that is planned for Monday," Northam said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Gun rights supporters are preparing to converge on Richmond for a lobbying day and a rally Monday morning. They're opposed to efforts by Virginia Democrats — who've just taken over control of the Virginia legislature following the November 2019 elections — to pass a slate of gun control bills backed by Northam.
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Waliser said it all started when she was woken up byher 5-year-old daughter. She told the girl to go back to bed and begannursing her 6-month-old son.

“I remember looking at the clock,” she said. “It was 4:36 exact.”
It was at that time she saw a dark, shadowy figure in her doorway, Waliser said.

“I was like ‘Who are you?’ and then the light turns on. And,I just realize that there is a strange man in my house. His pants were down to his ankles,”she said. “And I just remember grabbing my son and scooting up all the way to my headboard.”

Waliser says what unfolded next was an hour of pure horror.

The strange man, she said,suffocated and strangled her. He then sexually assaulted her. He also choked her young daughter and sexually assaulted her, too.

(long story continues at link)
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Barack Obama

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Former Recording Academy Chief (((Neil Portnow))) Accused of Raping Female Recording Artist

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>Neil Portnow, the former CEO of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences that oversees the Grammy Awards, on Tuesday was accused of raping an unnamed female recording artist.
>In a discrimination complaint filed Tuesday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, ousted Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan, said that Portnow “allegedly raped a female recording artist, which was, upon information and belief, the real reason his contract was not renewed.”
>In her complaint, Dugan said that she learned of the accusation last May while attending a three-day meeting of the Academy’s Board at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel after taking the job. “Ms. Dugan was hauled into a conference room and told — for the very first time — that a foreign recording artist (and member of the Academy) had accused Mr. Portnow of raping her following a performance that she gave at Carnegie Hall,” the complaint reads.

more at:

>Neil Portnow's birthday is 04/05/1948 and is 71 years old. Previous to Neil's current city of Los Angeles, CA, Neil Portnow lived in Great Neck NY. Sometimes Neil goes by various nicknames including Neil R Portnow and Neil Poirtnow. Right now Neil is a President at Recording Academy. We know that Neil's political affiliation is currently a registered Other; ethnicity is Middle Eastern American; and religious views are listed as Jewish.


will it go to trial?
will he be found guilty?
how much time will he serve?