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Book About Pepe and Pede for /pol/

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Principal writes book about Pepe to illustrate conservative values, has no idea that Pepe stands for anything.

>The book is called The Adventures of Pepe and Pede but it's the symbolism behind those characters that has people talking.

>Pepe the Frog started as an innocent cartoon. Some have since aligned it with Donald Trump supporters. Then, more recently, the Anti-Defamation League flagged it for some more offensive uses that the book's author told NBC5 he knew nothing about.
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Silicon Valley Companies Are Starting to Doubt Concept of Free Speech

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16 Aug 2017

Wired Notes Silicon Valley Companies Are Starting to Doubt Concept of Free Speech

Support for free speech is starting to dwindle in Silicon Valley, according to Wired, who claim that major tech companies are starting to doubt the concept.

“As the CEO of a service with 700 million users, Systrom recognizes that he’s something like the benevolent dictator of a country more than twice the size of the US,” declared Wired in their profileof Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom this week. “The choices he makes affect the lives of all his users—some of whom are insecure teens, some of whom are well-adjusted adults, some of whom are advertisers, and some of whom are pop singers dealing with an infestation of snakes.”

The profile continued to claim that support for free speech was beginning to shift in Silicon Valley, where companies are now starting to doubt the concept and take a more controlled stance over speech.

“In 2012, an executive at [Twitter] referred to the platform as the ‘free speech wing of the free speech party.’ Now that period in Twitter’s corporate lifetime looks like a moment of naive idealism: the creation of young men who didn’t understand the depths to which sexism, and maybe even fascism, lurk within the human id,” Wired claimed. “Back then, calls for free speech came from people who wanted to bring down dictatorships. Now they seem to come from people demanding the right to say racist stuff without being called racist.”

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Belgium: Radicalized Muslim Children in Kindergarten

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Teachers at a kindergarten in Ronse, Belgium are warning about alarming behavior among their toddlers. Kids cite Quran verses on the playground, they don't go to school when there's an Islamic holiday. Some even skip school every Friday.

One little girl already has a 'boyfriend' in Morocco that she will marry later on. Kids talk about killing disbelievers, call other kids 'pigs'
Make throat slitting gestures, but parents think it's not a problem.
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Missouri Lawmaker hopes for Trump's Assassination

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A Missouri lawmaker started the day by making a comment on Facebook that would soon lead to calls for her resignation and even catch the attention of the Secret Service.

Two days after PresidentDonald Trumponce again blamed "both sides" for violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Democratic state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal went on her personal Facebook page Thursday morning to vent.

"I put up a statement saying, 'I really hate Trump. He's causing trauma and nightmares.' That was my original post," she told the Kansas City Star.

The Facebook post received many responses, Chappelle-Nadal said, and to one she replied, "I hope Trump is assassinated!"

She would later explain that she didn't actually wish harm to come to Trump but wrote it out of frustration.

"I didn't mean what I put up. Absolutely not," Chappelle-Nadal told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "It was in response to the concerns that I am hearing from residents of St. Louis."

"There are people who are afraid of white supremacists," she added. "There are people who are having nightmares. There are people who are afraid of going out in the streets. It's worse than even Ferguson."
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political bomb dropped on Australian parliment

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ukrainian anti-maidan activists are going to sue jewbook for 6 billion dollar

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well. Jewbook published and shared private data of politician and their relatives with ukrainian neonazi and human kill-list "peacemaker" for around 5 years now. it gets interesting because the activists are suing jewbook directly in California for violating their human and political rights, conspiring with different pro-maidan killer and nazi groups. the jewbook admins in Ukraine and EU violated the privacy declartion of the company and laws of different countries and revealed all private conversation between activists to the creators of kill-list website peacemaker. the activists. who sue jewbook published the screenshots of ukrainian neonazis reporting that they got all the private data directly from jewbook office.

picture related.

also ukrainian goverment alreadydeclared the arest of the activists and manhunt on their relatives. ukrainian SBU also promissed to ban those people from travel to USA.
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East Idaho rep. says it’s ‘plausible’ Obama staged Charlottesville riots

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Idaho Falls Rep. Bryan Zollinger took to Facebook on Friday, re-posting a conspiracy theory suggesting that last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Va., could have been an inside job orchestrated to smear President Donald Trump.
The post, written on a site called The American Thinker, is replete with wild, unevidenced claims couched in what-ifs.
“The conflagration in Charlottesville is beginning to feel like a set-up, perhaps weeks or months in the planning,” the author wrote.
In a comment, Zollinger called the blog post “completely plausible.”

The post suggests, at various points, that the white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville, which resulted in brawls with counterprotesters and an apparent terrorist attack that left Heather Heyer dead and 19 others injured, may have been plotted by former President Barack Obama, billionaire George Soros, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe or Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer — or by some shadowy cabal involving them all.
And it describes both white supremacists and those who protested against them as “groups of demented racists.”
The post begins by reciting a claim that Obama “set up a war room in his D.C. home to plan and execute resistance to the Trump administration.” That claim, widely debunked by fact checkers but widely circulated by far-right news outlets, stems from an article in a London tabloid that cites a single unnamed source claiming to be a friend of Obama’s. There is no further sourcing for the claim, though the claim was recently repeated by the National Enquirer using the phrase “war room.”
“So were the events of Saturday the result of a despicable plan to further undermine Trump?” the author wrote. “There was plenty of time and Charlottesville is the ‘capital of resistance.’ If it was, it was evil and deadly and the people involved need to be prosecuted. Or is this a wild conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But the pieces fit.”
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Archaeologist dubs bronze spoon finding from Roman Villa dig like ‘sex on a stick’

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ARTEFACTS hidden for close to 2,000 years are being unearthed at a dig site in Bedford.

Edith Cavell School, in Manton Lane, is being excavated by the Bedford Roman Villa Project. Along with the remains of a bathhouse, they have found a number of Roman artefacts.
On Friday, day four of the dig, they uncovered a jet bead from a woman's bracelet. The day before, they found a bronze spoon.
Steven Cockings, an archaeologist working at the site, said: "It's an amazing discovery, especially given how some developers skirt around regulations and damage ruins when carrying out building works.

"These findings are like sex on a stick for archaeologists."
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British spy chiefs knew of FBI sting on NHS hack attack hero Marcus Hutchins

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GCHQ was aware that a British IT expert who stopped a cyber-attack against the NHS was under investigation by the FBI before he travelled to America and was arrested for alleged cyber-offences, The Sunday Times can reveal.
Officials at the intelligence agency knew that Marcus Hutchins, from Devon, who was hailed as a hero for helping the NHS, would be walking into a trap when he flew to the US in July for a cyber-conference. Hutchins’s arrest by the FBI on August 2 while he was returning from Las Vegas freed the British government from the “headache of an extradition battle” with their closest ally, say sources familiar with the case.

Hutchins, 23, made headlines in May when he helped to slow down a ransomware attack, known as WannaCry, against the NHS and other organisations in around 100 countries. The attack, believed to have been carried out by North Korea, freezes a user’s computer and demands an untraceable payment using the digital bitcoin currency. While Hutchins has no criminal history, he faces six charges and up to 40 years’ imprisonment for allegedly helping to create, spread and maintain the malware Kronos, which gathers information from infected computers — offences said to have taken place between July 2014 and July 2015. He denies any wrongdoing.

One source said. “Our US partners aren’t impressed that some people who they believe to have cases against [them] for computer-related offences have managed to avoid extradition. Hutchins’s arrest freed the British government and intelligence agencies from yet another headache of an extradition battle.”.Hutchins was granted bail on August 5 but will not be allowed to leave America. He is expected to live in Los Angeles while awaiting trial.
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Alisa Norris, a well-known cosplayer, also known as Alisa Kiss turned na

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Alisa Norris, a well-known cosplayer, also known as Alisa Kiss, who has appeared in costume at many comic con-style events over the years, as many characters — though Supergirl appears more than others — and has a strong following on social media. She has extended that appeal into other areas of her business.

But then she talked about going to Charlottesville for the marches the other day. Nothing unusual about that, many people have. But it seems she wasn’t on the side one might expect to find Supergirl.
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