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New attack of peace

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One dead and 4 injured in Paris by assault knife man, about 10 minutes away from the Paris opera house.
Paris police tweeted the attacker died, his identity still unknown.
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Pakistani girl who died in Texas shooting ‘wanted to experience American culture’

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Cannabis should be legal!

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Let's cut the chase, I started a Petition, please sign it. Spread the word and get a following. Weed smokers in the states depend on it.
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'Sex Toy Gang' Paraded In Front Of Dildos

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A group of Cambodians who were arrested for selling sex toys have been publicly shamed for their actions.

The group of five, which included one woman and four men, were made to stand in front of a camera with their contraband goods while a policeman gave them a right good telling off.

The 'gang' were selling their illegal wares over Facebook when they were caught - they were also caught in the act of selling 'pornographic material' at a protest last Friday on 11 May.

Despite having quite a large red-light district in the capital city, Phnom Penh, sex toys are completely banned by law in the South East Asian country.

They seized a whole heap of rubber penises and vaginas, nearly 50 vibrators, countless pills, and bottles of lube, as well as about 50 porn DVDs when they broke into the warehouse that the group were operating out of.

Police filmed the bizarre video afterwards, parading the five people in front of the seized goods.

At one point in the video, Lieutenant General Rath Streang brandishes a dildo in the direction of the camera and accuses the sex toy salespeople as 'abusing the privileges of the free market'.

He went on to say: "Khmer is a gentle, well cultivated tradition. In the 21st century people gained full rights, including earning a livelihood in the free market.

"But these opportunists used their over-privileged rights and were ruining traditional culture.

"They were abusing the good traditions that Cambodians experienced before, by sowing Western culture into Cambodia for personal gain."

For those who don't already know, Khmer refers to the culture of Cambodia which includes their own language and particular set of religious beliefs.

Whilst it is a fascinating blend of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other folk religions, the real take-home message from this story is that sex toys are really, really, not allowed.
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EU bans bee-killing pesticides!

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The Neonicotinoids that have been threatening the bee populations (and consequently the humans) with extinctions are banned in Europe.

Significant and historic decision that sets a precedent and will be use to measure future endeavours of the chemical industry giants.
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Border guards detain Russian over ‘information war’ on Poland

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The woman, who is a citizen of Russia and Cyprus, is to be expelled from Poland, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported on Friday.

The woman, named only as “Anastazja Z”, worked to consolidate pro-Russian groups in Poland in order to challenge Polish government policy on historical issues and “replace it with a Russian narrative,” according to IAR.

Polish security services said on Thursday they had detained a Russian citizen named as “Yekaterina C” and banned four people from entering the country after cracking down on a network waging a “hybrid and information war” masterminded by Moscow.

A security services spokesman warned that Russia was trying to destabilise Polish society and politics.,Border-guards-detain-Russian-suspected-of-waging-%E2%80%98information-war%E2%80%99-on-Poland
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GOP congressman asks if rocks are causing sea levels to rise

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>Washington (CNN)A member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology evinced skepticism about climate change during an exchange with a witness about rising sea levels.

>Instead, Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks offered an additional culprit: soil or rock deposits into the world's waters.

>A study released in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in March documented accelerating sea-level rise driven by climate change.

>E&E News reported on the comments of Brooks and others at the hearing, including California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher who said he was "disturbed" that he heard people warning against questioning the link between human activity and climate change.

>On Wednesday, at a hearing titled "using technology to address climate change," Brooks began by raising a broad question about rising ocean levels to the witness panel.

>Philip Duffy, president of Woods Hole Research Center, said in response to the question that "the last 100-year increase in sea-level rise, as I mentioned earlier, has clearly been attributed to human activities, greenhouse gas emissions."

>Brooks interjected and rephrased his question again, asking if there "are other factors."

>"What about erosion?" Brooks offered during the exchange. He added: "Every time you have that soil or rock, whatever it is, that is deposited into the seas, that forces the sea levels to rise because now you've got less space in those oceans because the bottom is moving up."

>Duffy responded that he did not believe that explained sea-level rise.

>"I'm pretty sure that on human time scales those are minuscule effects," Duffy said.
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Argentina soccer federation’s World Cup guide included chapter on meeting Russian women

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With the World Cup in Russia only weeks away, a number of soccer executives, players, coaches and journalists on Tuesday attended an educational course on Russian language and culture hosted in Buenos Aires by the Argentine Football Association. One of participants, Nacho Catullo, made note of a section of the course material that, translated loosely, was headlined “How to score with a Russian woman.”

The passage contained a number of talking points:

• “Russian girls, like any other girls, pay close attention if you are clean, you smell good and if you are well dressed. The first impression is very important for them, pay attention to your image.”

• “Russian girls do not like to be seen as objects. Many men, because Russian women are beautiful, they just want to take them to bed. Maybe they want it too, but they are people who want to feel important and unique . . Do not ask stupid questions about sex. For the Russians sex is something very private and the subject is not discussed in public (Maybe you do not believe me, but I know men who do it).”

• “Normally they do not like it when you monopolize the conversation. I see this problem in men who are very selfish or sometimes with men who are nervous when talking to a pretty girl. In both cases it is required that you change your attitude, but for the nervous guys, relax, it’s just a girl, nothing more.”

• “Normally, Russian women pay attention to important things, but of course you will find girls who only pay attention to material things, money, if you are handsome. … Do not worry, there are many beautiful women in Russia and not all are good for you. Be selective.”

After Catullo tweeted out the photos, three AFA officials removed all the notebooks from the class and returned them with those pages removed. On Wednesday, the AFA...