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BREAKING NEWS earthquake Oregon

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Belle Delphine bath water sells out in TWO days

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>An influencer who has racked up almost 4 million followers by sharing racy cosplay pictures online is selling her bathwater for £24 a pot.

>British Belle Delphine, 20, who describes herself as a 'gamer girl', took to her Instagram account on Tuesday to reveal her 'Gamer Girl Bath Water'.

>The pot of water, comes with the warning: 'Bottled while I'm playing in the bath. This really is bath water.. disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.'

>And just two days later the site showed the pots of bath water had sold out, with the website page reading 'out of stock'.

>Taking to Instagram at the beginning of the week, Belle posed in a bath as she held a tub of branded water and wrote: 'I am now selling my BATH WATER for all you THIRSTY gamer boys, check out my new shop where im selling stuff for you!'.

>Sharing their shock at the young influencer's uncanny ability to make money, one follower wrote: 'Holy sh**, Bell has reached a level of power so high that she can sell her bath water and make a profit. Bell looks at her water bill and says “No, you pay me”.'

>But one admitted: 'I will be purchasing 10 gallons', while another added: 'The fact people actually buy this stuff is hilarious, girl you have to much power'.
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Korea will have no problem kicking Japan out if supply chain

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Korea will have no problem kicking Japan out if supply chain

Yeah, totally. I mean we think that this is a very big self inflicted wound by the Japanes.

Jul.15 -- Amir Anvarzadeh, senior markets strategist at Asymmetric Advisors, discusses the growing tensions between South Korea and Japan and if the conflict could backfire on Japan. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.”

20% of Whiney Complaining Bitches Upset at Work with Us Nature Loving Smokers

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2nd hand smoke??? What about me! I have to look at...

>2nd hand Careless Driving
Most of you people out there can't drive worth a damn and place all of our lives at risk.

>2nd hand Ugliness
You see that ugly bitch in your mirror, right? Well, now I have to see that ugly bitch in public.

>2nd hand Your kid is fucking retarded
You know your kids are retards. And so I have to see and listen to your retards in public.

>2nd hand Annoyance
You annoy your fellow coworkers, family, and friends. Now I have to read your 2nd hand annoying shit on here and listen to your babbling in bars and grocery lines.

>2nd hand Your Wife's a Whore
You know she's a whore. Well, after you leave for work every day, she comes to my apartment dropping her drawers and taking advantage of Big Jim's unusual sexual appetite.

>2nd hand You fat piece of shit
I have to see you fat fucks every time I'm out there in the wild trying to keep my Jimmies hard, toned, and fit. That's not right!
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Canada passed unconstitutional law!

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Canada has amended its criminal code related to drinking and driving, and it can be summed up in three words, unconstitutional and dangerous.

You may be thinking, anything that deters an intoxicated person from endangering the lives of others seems like a good idea, so, what makes this amendment unconstitutional and dangerous?

To clarify, I will present the amendment and explain why this is a problem.

Section 253 Operation while impaired — blood drug concentration now reads:
"Everyone commits an offence who has within two hours after ceasing to operate a motor vehicle or vessel... a blood drug concentration that is equal to or exceeds the blood drug concentration that is equal to or exceeds the blood drug concentration for the drug that is prescribed by regulation."

Why is this a problem? The old drinking and driving law required police to have reasonable grounds to ask you for body substance to test your blood-alcohol level, such as your breath, while you were driving. Now, this no longer applies!

Sure the police still need reasonable grounds to test you, but now they can test you at any time. It doesn't matter if you are stopped at on the road or later at home. You will be required to provide a sample. If you do not comply, the police will charge you.

Once you are in court, you can prove there were no reasonable grounds to be tested, but now the onus is on you, a law-abiding citizen, to prove your innocence when there was no evidence to justify the charge.

This new law means you can be found guilty even if you stopped driving and had a drink with dinner.

It's good that the amendment could theoretically crackdown on drunk drivers that avoid legal consequences, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

How was this law passed?! All I'll I say is I hope no police officers, lawmakers or politicians are seen consuming alcohol or drugs.

What are your thoughts, 4chan?
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Call to raid Area 51 draws hordes of alien hunters on Facebook

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56 shot in chicago

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chalk up another failure for democrat policies.
Chicago, a historic heavy blue city saw 56 people shot over the weekend in unrelated revents such as drive bys, assaults, and robberies.

Chicago is well known for having more shooting deaths during the iraq war than the US military had.

Probably because democrats are so tolerant towards crime.
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Pence: 'Outrage' to say migrant children being held in concentration camps

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Vice President Pence on Friday called it an “outrage” to equate migrant detention facilities with concentration camps, pushing back on criticism of the crowded facilities at the southern border.

Pence made the remarks after visiting detention centers in Texas near the U.S.-Mexico border that the administration says show the strain immigration enforcement agencies are under.

“I hope first and foremost that we put to lie this slander against Customs and Border Protection. People saying that families and children are being held in concentration camps is an outrage,” Pence told CNN.

“The Nazis killed people. Our Customs and Border Protection, as you heard today, are saving lives every day.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) first drew Republican outrage last month after comparing the detention facilities to concentration camps. The New York Democrat has since doubled down, while the administration has ripped the comparison.

The Trump administration has long touted hardline immigration policies as a strategy to combat what it says is a crisis at the border, something Democrats have dismissed. Pence on Friday urged Democrats to "move past this rhetoric about a manufactured crisis."

“The president wanted me to come down here today to look in on how families are being treated, but also to be able to show the American people that this system is overwhelmed, it’s overcrowded and Congress has got to step up to end this crisis of illegal immigration at our southern border,” he said.

Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey, who travelled with Pence, said in a pool report that one of the facilities they visited had over 380 men behind fences with no pillows or mats to sleep on, and not enough space for everyone to lie down. Dawsey said men told reporters they had not showered in weeks and did not have access to toothbrushes and food.
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An Anonymous Group Leaked A Poll That Shows Swing Voters Deeply Dislike AOC And the Left

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An anonymous Democratic group leaked an internal poll to Axios on Sunday that shows "swing voters" deeply dislike prominent progressive lawmakers, deepening a public rift within the party.

The poll found that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a 22% approval rating and Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota had a 9% approval rating among 1,003 "likely general-election voters who are white and have two years or less of college education" and knew of the two outspoken lawmakers.

"If all voters hear about is AOC, it could put the [House] majority at risk," a Democrat involved in the 2020 congressional races told Axios. "She's getting all the news and defining everyone else's races."

Some pollsters criticized the poll for looking at a small slice of the voting public that is disinclined to approve of the left.

The poll's methodology and the questions it asked were not made public.

Progressives decried the Democratic group's move as an attack on the left wing of the party.
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