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Troops in Afghanistan heartbroken after Speaker Pelosi’s visit cancelled

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BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan — Service members currently deployed to Afghanistan were devastated when they learned that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her entourage of congressmen had cancelled their planned visit this past weekend, sources confirmed today.

President Donald Trump halted the congressional delegation’s trip seemingly in response to Pelosi suggesting the president cancel or delay his State of the Union address, citing security concerns. The bus filled with congressman was stopped at the way to Joint Base Andrews where military aircraft were prepared to carry the representatives to Afghanistan.
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Mueller investigation to complete in a month

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We have about a month until either Trump is finished or it's literally nothing

WASHINGTON — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had been overseeing the special counsel investigation, plans to step down after Robert Mueller finishes his work, according to administration officials familiar with his thinking.

A source close to Rosenstein said he intends to stay on until Mueller's investigative and prosecutorial work is done. The source said that would mean Rosenstein would remain until early March. Several legal sources have said they expect the Mueller team to conclude its work by mid-to-late February, although they said that timeline could change based on unforeseen investigative developments.
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karma kills

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>Kenya attack: Nine arrests over bloody DusitD2 hotel siege

>Al-Shabab issued a statement calling the attack "a response" to US President Donald Trump's controversial decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

>>US citizen (((Jason Spindler))) is among the dead
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Orange man no!

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Drumpf cancels Nancy's vacation. Obvious sexism, which is an impeachable offense.
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Theater for dogs now open

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To hell with building cheap efficiency apartments. LETS USE CAPITAL TO BUILD A MOVIE THEATER FOR DOGS!
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Ukraine will receive Turkish drones

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Ukraine deescalating the civil war..

The state company Ukrspetsexport signed an agreement with the Turkish company Baykar Makina on the purchase of percussion tactical unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2.

According to the agreement, the Ukrainian army will soon receive a batch of drone drone-launchers, a significant supply of precision and conventional weapons to them, training services for operators and technical personnel, as well as warranty service for several years. At the same time, on the basis of the Zaporizhzhya GP Ivchenko-Progress, the creation of a joint Ukrainian-Turkish enterprise for the production of components for unmanned vehicles, in particular engines and other avionics, is being considered.

In "Ukroboronprom" note that Bayraktar TB2 has a wingspan of 12 m, it is able to be in the air for 24 hours, the UAV has a range of 150 km. Such characteristics were achieved thanks to the wide use of composite materials and the economical Rotax 912 engine. The maximum take-off weight of the device is 560 kg, with a maximum payload weight of 50 kg. This allows the Bayraktar TB2 to be equipped with modern high-precision missile weapons to destroy armored vehicles, engineering and fortifications, as well as naval targets. In addition, the UAV is equipped with an automatic take-off and landing system, which greatly simplifies its operation.

More people support Trump in shutdown than Congress

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More people actually approve of Trump during the govt shutdown than approve of congress.
likewise more people disapprove of congress during the sutdown than those who disapprove with Trump

I wonder if this could be because congress people from the Democratic party refuse to come to the weekly negotiations that Trump offers?

I wonder if this is because the Democrats go party at a resort with corporate donors and lobbyists while federal workers go without pay and Trump hosts a negotation that yet again no democrats show up to

According to none other than Huffington Post, 22% of all americans approve of Congress's actions during the shutdown while 36% approve of Trump -- Thats 1.5x as many people who support Trump than congress.

Specifically Congressional republicans and democrats are roughly the same with 26% approving of republican congresspeople and 22% approving of democratic congresspeople

President Trump, Congress, and members of both parties all get negative marks for their initial handling of the partial government shutdown, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov survey. Democrats in Congress, however, fare substantially less badly than their GOP equivalents ― a shift from the shutdown this January, after which the ratings were more evenly distributed.

Americans disapprove of the handling of the shutdown by Congress as a whole (by a 33-point margin), congressional Republicans (29 points), President Trump (14 points) and congressional Democrats (9 points). Members of Congress fare better with their constituents: Americans are split 35/37 in approving or disapproving of their own representatives’ performance.

No matter whos side your on, one things for sure:
Democrats are getting bootyblasted!!

Original Article:

HuffPo inforgraphic:
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42 percent people who use medical marijuana quit taking at least one prescription altogether once they have their cannabis card, a new study reveals. Another 38 percent reduced the amount of a different drug they were taking.

Most of the approximately 400 people that answered the University of Michigan survey said that they had used marijuana recreationally in the past, so the shift to the substance being legitimized might a sticking point. For the 26 percent of study participants that weaned themselves off of potentially dangerous drugs like OxyContin, it's likely for the best.

It's worth noting, however, that some patients incorrectly believe that cannabis can treat conditions like cancer itself - not just side effects of chemotherapy, like nausea.
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This Government Shutdown Is Now the Longest Ever

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At midnight on Saturday, the shutdown entered its 22nd day, which makes it the longest gap in American government funding ever.

That beats the previous record, under President Bill Clinton in 1995, of 21 days.
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