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Woman fucked to death by pet great dane

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>A woman was found dead with bloody puncture wounds. Police blame her Great Danes.

By the time authorities got to Mary Matthews on Friday afternoon, the 49-year-old Ohio woman had changed her bloody clothes several times. She was lying on the bathroom floor, covered in puncture wounds and unresponsive.
Quickly, Clearcreek Township police declared her dead.
At first, Matthews’s husband and his son thought that she might have overdosed. But as authorities began to investigate the family’s home in Waynesville, Ohio, a more gruesome picture became clear.
According to a report from the Clearcreek Township Police Department obtained by WKRC Local 12, authorities found bloodstains throughout the house, flesh and fur on the couch, and a pair of bloody sweatpants in the living room. There was a pile of bloody towels on the kitchen floor and blood on the blinds of a glass door that led to an outside deck.

On that deck — which, according to the report, was covered in feces — were two large but thin Great Danes, one black and one brown.
Authorities deduced that Matthews had been attacked by the family dogs, according to the report. Later, preliminary results from the coroner’s office indicated the same, Clearcreek Township Police Chief John Terrill told NBC WLWT 5.
Police said in the report that Matthews was able to get the dogs outside “but perhaps didn’t recognize the extent of her injuries and felt she could handle things on her own,” according to WLWT 5. She did not call for help, police said.
Matthews’s husband, Dale Mark Matthews, and his son called police Friday afternoon, and police were dispatched to respond to a possible overdose, reported WKRC Local 12. The father and son had found Matthews unresponsive in the first-floor bathroom and met authorities in the driveway.
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WWF abuses

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WWF charity Abuses

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Border Patrol agent shoots Russian allegedly trying to sneak into US

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A Border Patrol agent shot and wounded a Russian citizen who appeared to be trying to enter the United States illegally from Mexico, the Border Patrol said.

The agent was trying to arrest the man just after 7:15 p.m. on the U.S.-Mexico border east of Lukeville, Ariz., Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a statement.

"As the agent attempted to arrest the subject, a physical altercation ensued, and the agent discharged his firearm, striking the subject," CBP said.

The agency said the injured man was flown to a Phoenix hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The border agent was not harmed.
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Iranian Protests because of gas price hike - at least 20 dead

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Is this the end for the Islamic Republic or just another dead end just like in 2009?

Florida woman bit boyfriend’s penis ‘out of frustration’

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A Florida woman allegedly bit her boyfriend’s penis and threatened him with a knife after she accused him of wanting to have sex with another woman, a report said.

The alleged assault happened during an hours-long drinking session in Miami Beach that ended at about 3 a.m. Wednesday, a local NBC affiliate reported.

Esperanza Gomez, 33, was drinking beers with her boyfriend when a female friend joined them at about midnight, according to the report.

The friend left a short time later — but Gomez became enraged and accused her boyfriend of wanting to bed the woman.

She allegedly shouted at him, grabbed him by the arms and “began to poke him with a knife,” according to a police report obtained by the station.

She then “bit his penis out of frustration,” he later told police.

Gomez was arrested and hit with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to county records.

Her bond was set at $6,500.
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Keystone pipeline leaks oil in northeastern North Dakota

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BISMARCK, N.D. — A pipeline that carries tar sands oil from Canada through seven states has leaked an unknown amount of crude oil over more than quarter-mile swath in northeastern North Dakota, state environmental regulators said Wednesday.

State Environmental Quality Chief Dave Glatt told The Associated Press that regulators were notified late Tuesday night of the leak near Edinburg, in Walsh County. Glatt said pipeline owner TC Energy shut down the pipeline after the leak was detected. The cause of the spill is under investigation.

The Calgary, Alberta-based company formerly known as TransCanada did not immediately respond to phone messages seeking comment Wednesday.

State regulators were on the scene Wednesday afternoon, and they estimated that the area of the spill was 1,500 feet long by 15 feet wide. Glatt said some wetlands were affected, but not any sources of drinking water.

The company was still working to contain the spill Wednesday afternoon.
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You Can Now Buy “Virginity Pills” to Fake It on Wedding Night

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Retail giant Amazon recently found itself at the center of controversy in India, after it was reported that it is selling virginity pills that help women fake their virginity on wedding night.

Called “i-virgin”, the controversial product consists of small capsules containing a mysterious “blood-powder” that allegedly imitates human blood. All the user has to do is insert one of these pills in the vagina a couple of hours before the planned intercourse to fake virginity. The producer adds that the “high quality blood” completely dissolves, posing no health danger to the user. Amazon India has been accused that by selling a product which helps fake virginity on the first day of marriage it is supporting a centuries-old taboo.

In certain regions of India, the need to pass virginity checks is considered a life-or-death situation, with relatives of the groom inspecting the bed sheets after the newlyweds’ wedding night. If the bride fails the test her family must pay compensation, or in extreme cases endure a series of trials, like walking on hot embers or staying underwater for a period of time without coming up for air. Many have expressed concern that in a country where a woman’s virginity often determines her worth, a product like i-virgin just encourages centuries-old taboos.

It is worth pointing out that Amazon has been selling similar products on its European store for years, with German company VirginiaCare, even selling artificial hymens containing bovine blood. Similar virginity-faking capsules are also available on Chinese mega store Alibaba.

i-virgin capsules were reportedly being sold in India for 3,600 rupees ($50) per pack, but at the time of this writing, the controversial product seems to have been removed from the store.
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Japanese Christianity is dying out. The loss of culture and tradition is real tragedy amid idolcraze

>His face weathered from years at sea, kimono-clad Japanese fisherman Masaichi Kawasaki kneels before an altar adorned with images of the Virgin Mary, crossing himself as he softly intones chants handed down through centuries.

>Kawasaki, 69, is one of a dwindling number of Japan's "Kakure Kirishitan," or "Hidden Christians," descendants of those who preserved their faith in secret during centuries of persecution.
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Prayer prosecution in London

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>police bodycam footage of officers “carrying a disabled man and his wheelchair to a riot van, simply for praying, is deeply disturbing”. It also criticised the waste of “vital police resources

>This marked the first case in modern times of arrest and prosecution for praying
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