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Mueller To Release Publically The Findings Of Trump Probe

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I would wager that the lack of current criminal charges against Trump could only point to one things..
Just kidding. This probably turned up no actionable evidence to arrest trump with, otherwise it would be done already
And no, they arent waiting to arrest him for the midterms, they are waiting to release publicly the findings.
Come at me shills.
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Bernie Sanders Calls a Spade a Spade

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Bernie Sanders Says Not All Voters Who Feel ‘Uncomfortable’ With Black Candidates Are Racist
>The senator got flak after saying white people who didn’t vote for Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams because of their race are “not necessarily racist.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) drew criticism Thursday after saying many white voters in the South who felt “uncomfortable” voting for black candidates for the first time were “not necessarily racist.”

>The comment came in an interview with The Daily Beast published Thursday, in which the senator discussed the difficulties faced by black gubernatorial candidates Andrew Gillum in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia.

“I think you know there are a lot of white folks out there who are not necessarily racist who felt uncomfortable for the first time in their lives about whether or not they wanted to vote for an African-American,” Sanders told the outlet. “I think next time around, by the way, it will be a lot easier for them to do that.”

....No, no they wont.
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Tucker Carlson Antifa thug. Let's find him.

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The first 11 minutes of this video, Tucker says a guy on his show was at his house, he can't prove it but I feel confident in Tuckers recall.

Here is the guy I believe he is talking about. Another NPC. Let's show him/her/it what it is like to show up or harass someone!

New to this, if I am in wrong forum let me know. Thanks

Jeff Sessions ousted, resigns at Trump's request

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>Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned Wednesday at President Donald Trump's request.

>The announcement came the day after the midterm elections. He submitted his letter of resignation earlier Wednesday.

>Trump announced the resignation on Twitter. The president has repeatedly criticized Sessions, particularly for recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

>Sessions departure after the midterms was not unexpected.
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First time ever! Russia’s floating nuclear power plant bound for the Arctic Ocean!

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April 28, 2018 21:17:03

Russia’s controversial floating nuclear power plant has headed out for its first sea voyage.

The floating plant, the Akademik Lomonosov, was towed on Saturday (local time) out of the St Petersburg shipyard where it was constructed.

It is to be towed through the Baltic Sea and around the northern tip of Norway to Murmansk, where its reactors are to be loaded with nuclear fuel.

The Lomonosov is to be put into service in 2019 in the Arctic off the coast of Chukotka in the far east, providing power for a port town and for oil rigs.

The project has been widely criticised by environmentalists — Greenpeace has dubbed it a “floating Chernobyl.”

“Nuclear reactors bobbing around the Arctic Ocean will pose a shockingly obvious threat to a fragile environment, which is already under enormous pressure from climate change,” Greenpeace nuclear expert Jan Haverkamp said in a statement.

“The floating nuclear power plants will typically be put to use near coastlines and shallow water … contrary to claims regarding safety, the flat-bottomed hull and the floating nuclear power plant’s lack of self-propulsion makes it particularly vulnerable to tsunamis and cyclones.”
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Broward County Elections Office Mixes Bad Provisional Ballots with Good Ones.

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Broward’s elections supervisor accidentally mixed more than a dozen rejected ballots with nearly 200 valid ones, a circumstance that is unlikely to help Brenda Snipes push back against Republican allegations of incompetence.

The mistake — for which no one had a solution Friday night — was discovered after Snipes agreed to present 205 provisional ballots to the Broward County canvassing board for inspection. She had initially intended to handle the ballots administratively, but agreed to present them to the canvassing board after Republican attorneys objected.

“We have found no clear authority controlling the situation faced by the board,” said Broward County Attorney Andrew Meyers.

On Election Day, Broward County collected more than 600 provisional ballots. The vast majority were declared invalid by the county’s canvassing board judges for reasons ranging from registering to vote too late to previously voting to voting at the wrong precinct.

But a couple hundred provisional ballots were held in limbo. Those ballots were the result of a connectivity issue in the system that precincts use to look up voter registrations, said Pat Nesbit, the elections day operations manager for Broward County. Voters would swipe their ID and the precinct system would show they weren’t registered voters. But when staffers called the Broward elections headquarters, the voter’s registration would appear. Precinct workers had those 205 voters fill out provisional ballots.
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In Trump is a criminal news - Draft indictment detailed Trump's role in criminal hush money scheme

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If Trump weren't the president, he'd already be criminal prosecuted for this.

(CNN) Federal prosecutors prepared a detailed 80-page indictment against Michael Cohen that outlined President Donald Trump's role in directing payments to women to keep quiet about alleged affairs, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The report adds new details to Cohen's comments in court when he pleaded guilty in August, in which he said the payments to the women were coordinated with Trump.
Trump was involved in or briefed on nearly every step of the payments that were made to former Playboy model Karen McDougal and adult film actress Stephanie Clifford, who goes by the stage name Stormy Daniels, to keep quiet about their alleged affairs with Trump, the Journal reported, and the US Attorney's office in Manhattan gathered information about Trump's participation.

The transactions may have violated campaign finance laws.
The 22-page document prosecutors ultimately filed against Cohen alleged that he coordinated with one or more members of the Trump campaign. In court, Cohen admitted that "in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office," he kept information that would have harmed Trump from becoming public during the 2016 election cycle.
Prosecutors had prepared a draft indictment of Cohen that was more detailed and included additional charges, people familiar with the investigation have told CNN.
The indictment was sent to the Justice Department in anticipation of charging Cohen, a person familiar the matter said. But negotiations between Cohen and prosecutors then began in earnest and they negotiated a plea deal. Prosecutors never filed the indictment and Cohen pleaded guilty to a court filing containing fewer charges.
The Journal report adds new details about how Trump was involved.
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Bourke Street Attack - Melbourne

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Bourke Street incident: police confirm assailant dead after 'terror' attack – as it happened
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US Ambassador opened MCDONALDS

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