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Big Denial

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Marvel Will Discipline Artist Who Sneaked Political Messages Into X-Men

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>The X-Men have battled evil mutants, killer robots and alien invaders, but now one of the most venerable franchises in the Marvel universe has found itself embroiled in a new — and unexpected — conflict: the religious and political tensions in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.

>On Saturday, Marvel said that it would remove artwork from the first issue of X-Men Gold, part of a reboot of the X-Men franchise, after readers in Indonesia raised alarm bells on Reddit and elsewhere on social media about what they said were anti-Christian and anti-Semitic messages in some panels of the comic.

>The messages that jumped out to readers in Indonesia appeared to refer to political frictions there over Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, who is the first Christian governor of Jakarta, the capital, in more than 50 years. He is up for re-election this month.

>Some images in the comic appeared to refer to hard-line Islamist opposition to Mr. Basuki, who is also known by the nickname Ahok. Others seemed to have less to do with Indonesian politics and more to do with anti-Semitism, the critics said. The artist who sneaked the messages into the images was Ardian Syaf, an Indonesian citizen.

>The uproar added to headaches for Marvel, which was criticized in recent weeks after one of its executives seemed to blame a sales slump on reader disdain for female and nonwhite characters.
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Alabama senate votes to allow church to form own police force

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>TheAlabamaSenate has voted to allow a church to form its own police force.

>Lawmakers on Tuesday voted 24-4 to allow Briarwood Presbyterian church in Birmingham to establish a law enforcement department.

>The church says it needs its own police officers to keep its school as well as its more than 4,000 person congregation safe.

>Critics of the bill argue that a police department that reports to church officials could be used to cover up crimes.

>The state has given a few private universities the authority to have a police force, but never a church or non-school entity.

>Police experts have said such a police department would be unprecedented in the US.

>A similar bill is also scheduled to be debated in the House on Tuesday.
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Youtube Channel

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This poor excuse of a father needs to have his youtube channel removed. Please go and flag his channel for child abuse. - channel name is "daddyofive"
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In Travis County custody case, jury will search for real Alex Jones

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>At a recent pretrial hearing, attorney Randall Wilhite told state District Judge Orlinda Naranjo that using his client Alex Jones’ on-air Infowars persona to evaluate Alex Jones as a father would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in “Batman.”

>“He’s playing a character,” Wilhite said of Jones. “He is a performance artist.”

>But in emotional testimony at the hearing, Kelly Jones, who is seeking to gain sole or joint custody of her three children with Alex Jones, portrayed the volcanic public figure as the real Alex Jones.

>“He’s not a stable person,” she said of the man with whom her 14-year-old son and 9- and 12-year-old daughters have lived since her 2015 divorce. “He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin’s neck. He wants J-Lo to get raped.

>“I’m concerned that he is engaged in felonious behavior, threatening a member of Congress,” she said, referring to his recent comments about California Democrat Adam Schiff. “He broadcasts from home. The children are there, watching him broadcast.”

>Beginning Monday, a jury will be selected at the Travis County Courthouse that in the next two weeks will be asked to sort out whether there is a difference between the public and private Alex Jones, and whether, when it comes to his fitness as a parent, it matters.

>For Naranjo, who has been the presiding judge of the 419th District Court since January 2006, it is about keeping her eyes, and the jury’s eyes, on the children.

>“This case is not about Infowars, and I don’t want it to be about Infowars,” Naranjo told the top-shelf legal talent enlisted in Jones v. Jones at the last pretrial hearing Wednesday. “I am in control of this court, not your clients.”
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Gay Porn Kingpin: Protect America From Muslim ‘Barbarians’

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The United States and the West in general must protect themselves from Muslim “barbarians as vigorously as they (Muslims) protect their society, their way of living, their way of thinking,” Michael Lucas, a gay pornographic film actor and director, charged in a radio interview.
Lucas recommended strictly limiting the U.S. refugee program and other immigration to cultures and societies that “share our values.”

“We can be like a sports team,” argued Lucas. “We can choose the crème de la crème. Doctors. Engineers. Programmers from all over the world. But from the world that is sharing our values. That is my very strong belief.”

Lucas is founder and CEO of Lucas Entertainment, New York’s largest gay adult film company and one of the biggest gay porn production companies in the world. He is also the director and producer of numerous documentaries, including “Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda,” released in 2014.

Lucas made his comments in an interview to air on this reporter’s Sunday night talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

Lucas was speaking about recent reports in the international news media of gay men being jailed, murdered or tortured in the Russian republic of Chechnya. He was also referring to rampant reports of gay men being murdered by relatives in Islamic honor killings in the Middle East, Europe and at times the U.S.

Asked what can be done about the situation of the LGBT community in Islamic countries, Lucas replied:

We can’t change their society. We in the West always want to fix the problem. We always think that it is fixable. We always believe that we should be able to do something about it. Well, not in certain societies. Particularly in a society where we have absolutely no mechanism of such change.
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KFC mixes pizza, chicken in making Chizza

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The mind-boggling fast food mashups just keep coming.

Last month, there was the Taco Bell fried chicken taco shell. Now, KFC’s “Chizza” – combining chicken and pizza – is lighting up the Internet.

KFC Singapore says the Chizza contains “100% chicken fillet,” and pizza toppings like pizza sauce, chicken ham, pineapple chunks, mozzarella and KFC cheese sauce.

Unfortunately for adventurous KFC fans in America, there’s no word on when Chizza might come here.
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Medicare for All Executive Order

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Last known survivor of 19th century dies at 117

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"World’s oldest person, Emma Morano, passes away while sitting at home in her armchair in northern Italian town of Verbania"
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