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Rachel Rodriguez Arrested For Election Fraud, Illegal Voting In Texas

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman has been arrested in connection to alleged election fraud and illegal voting, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Wednesday.

According to Paxton, Rachel Rodriguez of San Antonio was “exposed in a Project Veritas video” ahead of the 2020 election regarding vote harvesting and acknowledged what she was doing was illegal.

Rodriguez is accused of election fraud, illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail and unlawfully possessing an official ballot, according to Paxton. She could face up to 20 years in prison if she is convicted.
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Almost half the active cases on the planet are US-Americans now

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The USA, a small country with only 4% of the world population, now produce 40% of the global Coronavirus infections. Tendency rising.
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China’s economy grew faster than expected in 2020

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China is likely to have been the only large economy to grow last year as it rebounded from COVID lockdowns.

While much of the world struggles with the resurgent coronavirus, and the economic pain it is bringing, China has recorded a positive growth rate for 2020, likely making it the only large economy to do so.

But with many of its export markets now facing renewed restrictions as their COVID-19 cases rise, some analysts have predicted China may not be able to sustain the rapid rebound it posted late last year.

For the whole of 2020, gross domestic product (GDP) expanded by 2.3 percent compared with 2019, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, faster than the 1.9 percent growth rate projected by the International Monetary Fund in its October 2020 forecast.

After the virus emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, it quickly spread, forcing authorities to lock down much of the country and its economy.

GDP shrank by 6.8 percent in the first quarter of last year compared with the same period in 2019, but as lockdowns were lifted, it rebounded by 3.2 percent in the second quarter. It accelerated to 4.9 percent and then 6.5 percent in the third and fourth quarters of 2020 respectively.

The fourth quarter growth rate exceeded the median forecast of 6.1 percent in a poll of economists carried out by the Reuters news agency.
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US citizens fearing persecution, seek extradition

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Russia and other countries report that after the chaos caused over the last month as trump's presidency ends and biden's begins, many US citizens have been either applying or inquiring about foreign citizenship or political asylum, fearing persecution under Biden regime.

The Jan 6 occupation of capitol hill was dumb and biden is expected to use it as an example, like emperor palpatine did with alderaan, and use it to tighten his grip on freedom
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Chinese spy working for NASA faces 5 years in prison

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>Senior NASA Scientist Pleads Guilty To Making False Statements Related To Chinese Thousand Talents Program Participation And Professorship

Audrey Strauss, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (“USAO”), William F. Sweeney Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), and Mark J. Zielinski, Special Agent in Charge of the Eastern Field Office, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office of Inspector General (“NASA OIG”), announced that MEYYA MEYYAPPAN, a senior NASA scientist, pled guilty today to making false statements to the FBI, NASA OIG, and the USAO. MEYYAPPAN pled guilty in Manhattan federal court before U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel.

Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said: “Meyya Meyyappan held a trusted position at NASA, with access to valuable intellectual property. In violation of the terms of his employment and relevant laws and regulations, Meyyappan failed to disclose participation in a Chinese government recruitment program, and subsequently lied about it to NASA investigators, FBI agents, and our Office. Now, having admitted his crime, Meyyappan awaits sentencing.”

FBI Assistant Director William F. Sweeney Jr. said: “Members of U.S. government agencies are strictly prohibited from maintaining undisclosed affiliations with foreign entities, especially those that are actively seeking our intellectual property and technological advances. Meyyappan violated this sacred rule, and then lied to FBI agents about it. Actions like those carried about by Meyyappan can have security implications, and his charges should serve as a warning to others thinking about engaging in the same type of activity.”
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Federal court reaffirms government position that herion is still illegal

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>Appellate Court Agrees with Government that Supervised Injection Sites are Illegal under Federal Law; Reverses District Court Ruling
In a precedential opinion, the Third Circuit ruled yesterday that it is a federal crime to open a supervised injection site or “consumption room” for illegal drug use. Local nonprofit Safehouse planned to open the nation’s first such consumption room in the City of Philadelphia, where individuals would be invited to inject heroin and use other drugs under supervision. But the Third Circuit ruled that doing so “will break the law” because Safehouse knows and intends that visitors to its consumption room will have a significant purpose of using illegal drugs. In agreeing with the government’s interpretation of the Controlled Substances Act, the Court explained that, “[t]hough the opioid crisis may call for innovative solutions, local innovations may not break federal law.”

“The Court’s decision re-affirms that ‘safe’ injection sites are a violation of federal law,” said Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen. “The Department supports efforts to curb the opioid crisis ravaging this country, but injection sites are not the solution. There are more productive ways to address drug abuse, and today’s ruling by the Third Circuit has confirmed that these sites are illegal and therefore not the answer.”
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Jack Dorsey had disappeared

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Jack Dorsey hasn't tweeted in 5 days, which is his longest drought ever, although there was also a recent 4 day gap that ended with a big tweet storm on the 13th. Nobody knows where he is, Twitter has offered no explanation for the disappearance, however the website businesses' stock being off double digit percentages recently might have something to do with why @jack is missing.

Q-Anon revealed to be a Bolshevik psyop

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You CANNOT make this shit up. Unreal.

>'Q-Anon' Bears Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik Psy-Op From 1920s Known As 'Operation Trust'

>"Operation Trust" was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists' takeover. Here's an except on the "Trust" operation from pages 13-14 of Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn's book, "New Lies for Old":

-pic related-

>The similarities with the Q-Anon "Trust The Plan™" psy-op are remarkable.

Continued at:
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Ghislaine Maxwell Appeals Bail Rejection in Third Attempt to escape jail

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Ghislaine Maxwell is appealing a judge's decision to deny her $28.5 million bail as she awaits trial for sex trafficking—in her third attempt to get out of prison.

The British socialite faces charges that she groomed girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to abuse in a trial due to start in July. She denies the charges.

Maxwell was first denied bail over the summer when prosecutors told the Manhattan Federal Court she was a flight risk.

She made a renewed plea to be released from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, which was denied by Judge Alison Nathan just after Christmas.

Now The Guardian has reported that a notice of appeal has been posted on her behalf.
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