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Only 31% of American Republicans agree that humans are a major driver of climate change

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>James Wilcox IV, a 28-year-old Army veteran, lives in Tacoma, Washington, as he wraps up his undergraduate degree in history at the University of Washington. His father is a fourth-term Washington state legislator, and his family has owned a farm since 1909, which today specializes in cage-free, organic eggs. According to his friends, Wilcox enjoys debating politics, and he describes himself as a moderate Republican.

>Wilcox rates himself as “concerned” on Global Warming’s Six Americas, and of his fellow Republicans, he says, “I could certainly wish that more Republican politicians were willing to be scientifically literate.”

>Wilcox has company; 31% of American Republicans agree that humans are a major driver of climate change, according to public opinion research by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, which publishes this site.

>While it’s tempting to stereotype one’s political opponents, Wilcox is an example of those who present an opportunity to galvanize bipartisan agreement on climate change. Extreme voices often grab headlines and stoke social media wars, but productive conversations take place more quietly, allowing a glimmer of optimism amid our seemingly intractably partisan politics.
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Anne Frank House banned Orthodox Jewish employee from wearing his skullcap at work

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>Barry Vingerling, 25, must wear his skullcap or yarmulke as an Orthodox Jew
>On first day of work at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam he was told he couldn't
Museum said it might 'might endanger the neutrality' of the foundation
>He had to apply for formal permission from higher-ups to wear it at work
>In the meantime he could only wear a baseball cap with Anne Frank House logo
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>WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court said Tuesday that part of a federal law that makes it easier to deport immigrants who have been convicted of crimes is too vague to be enforced.

>The court's 5-4 decision - in an unusual alignment in which new Justice Neil Gorsuch joined the four liberal justices - concerns a catchall provision of immigration law that defines what makes a crime violent. Conviction for a crime of violence makes deportation "a virtual certainty" for an immigrant, no matter how long he has lived in the United States, Justice Elena Kagan wrote in her opinion for the court.

>The decision is a loss for President Donald Trump's administration, which has emphasized stricter enforcement of immigration law. In this case, President Barack Obama's administration took the same position in the Supreme Court in defense of the challenged provision. President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday evening that the court's decision "means that Congress must close loopholes that block the removal of dangerous criminal aliens, including aggravated felons." He ended by saying "Keep America Safe!"

>With the four other conservative justices in dissent, it was the vote of Trump-appointee Gorsuch that was decisive in striking down the provision at issue. Gorsuch did not join all of Kagan's opinion, but he agreed with her that the law could not be left in place. Gorsuch wrote that "no one should be surprised that the Constitution looks unkindly on any law so vague that reasonable people cannot understand its terms and judges do not know where to begin in applying it."

>The case turned on a decision from 2015 that struck down a similarly worded part of another federal law that imposes longer prison sentences on repeat criminals. The majority opinion in that case was one of the last written by Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in 2016 and whose seat Gorsuch filled.
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Nazi messages found in diaper boxes

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>Target customers in several states are discovering white supremacist propaganda — with the phrase “It’s okay to be white” — tucked inside their boxes of diapers, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

>The laminated, index-size cards containing the racist message have turned up in Pampers and Up & Up brand diapers in Washington, DC, Florida and Tennessee.

>On the other side, the card lists websites of white supremacist groups, including The Right Stuff, the Daily Stormer and the Traditionalist Worker Party.

>“Picked up a case of diapers, because you don’t want to get the small package, you want to get the big package. So I picked up a box of newborns,” he said. “Diapers come in these two big plastic sleeves. You pull those out, and I noticed something drop and fall. And I know that sometimes companies will put coupons in boxes.”

>Russell was shocked after reading the card.

>“It said ‘It’s okay to be white,’ and I looked on the back and it was just five or six websites that I recognized the language that was used from the Charlottesville incident late last year,” he added.

>Target and Pampers are both investigating the incidents.

>The slogan has long been affiliated with the white supremacist movement, which has used the phrase on fliers since 2005, according to the ADL.

>Ku Klux Klan groups have also used the #IOKTBW hashtag on Twitter since 2012.
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the truth nature of the news and present day society

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The last years, a lot of progress is made in the understanding of the political reality of the world. We can agree that propaganda is intensively used as a means to suppress the masses: feminism, multiculturalism, leftism in general. The question now is: how much does the elite lie to establish their system? How far do the lies go?

Feminism and multiculturalism are only the tips of the iceberg. The rabbit hole is much deeper than that. The matrix is much broader.

In this brand new free 300 page document, the history, the tactics and the lies of the elites are revealed. Including the most important lie, the one that was not discovered until now.

The intro video can be watched here:
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Youtube Shooting

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"B4n aLl AsSaulT Weponsss"
...shooter used handgun
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>DOUMA, Syria (AP) -- Syrian and Russian authorities prevented independent investigators from going to the scene of a suspected chemical attack, the head of the chemical watchdog group said Monday, blocking international efforts to establish what happened and who was to blame.

>The U.S. and France say they have evidence that poison gas was used in the April 7 attack in the opposition-held town of Douma, killing dozens of people, and that Syrian President Bashar Assad's military was behind it.

>But they have made none of that evidence public, even after they, along with Britain, bombarded sites they said were linked to Syria's chemical weapons program.

>Syria and its ally Russia deny any chemical attack took place, and Russian officials went even further, accusing Britain of staging a "fake" chemical attack. British Prime Minister Theresa May accused the two countries - whose forces now control the town east of Damascus - of trying to cover up evidence.

>The lack of access to Douma by inspectors from the watchdog group, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, has left unanswered questions about the attack.

>OPCW Director-General Ahmet Uzumcu said Syrian and Russian officials cited "pending security issues" in keeping its inspectors from reaching Douma.

>"The team has not yet deployed to Douma," Uzumcu told an executive council meeting of the OPCW in The Hague.

>Instead, Syrian authorities offered them 22 people to interview as witnesses, he said, adding that he hoped "all necessary arrangements will be made ... to allow the team to deploy to Douma as soon as possible."
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Archaeologists Find Ancient Knife-Hand Prosthesis On Medieval Warrior

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In a discovery worthy of the Walking Dead, Italian archaeologists have identified a Medieval warrior whose right forearm and hand were amputated and who appears to have compensated with a knife-ended prosthesis.

The skeleton was found in Povegliano Veronese, a Longobard or early Medieval cemetery in northern Italy dating to the 6th-8th centuries AD. Numerous burials of adult men with weapons at their sides were discovered, along with a pit filled with a headless horse and two greyhounds. One man, however, clearly suffered a traumatic injury to his right forearm, and his case is reported in the most recent issue of the Journal of Anthropological Sciences by Ileana Micarelli and colleagues.

Researchers closely analyzed the bones and teeth of this older male adult, making a 3D model of his amputated right arm with a CT scan. They found that the amputation was the result of blunt force trauma to the forearm, but could not definitively conclude why it had been purposefully removed. "One possibility," Micarelli and colleagues write, "is that the limb was amputated for medical reasons." However, considering the Longobards were a warrior culture, "a loss due to fighting is also possible," they suggest, or perhaps his arm was amputated "due to judicial punishment."

Even more fascinating than the survival of this man in an era before antibiotics is the possibility he had a unique prosthesis. Micarelli and colleagues examined the ends of the man's forearm bones and found that "there may have been a biomechanical force placed on the stump," such as the pressure of the bones against a prosthesis.
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Sacramento city hall meeting disrupted amidst continuting protests

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City Hall meeting in sacramento disrupted by protestors
Protesters outside of City Hall forced their way into the atrium as metal detectors fell down.

Protesters later moved to Golden 1 Center, blocking the entrances to the arena. The Sacramento Kings were scheduled to play the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night.

The Kings released a statement saying the game would be delayed and the arena entrances were “temporarily closed.”

>night time, guy is breaking into cars in a neighborhood
>helicopter starts following him
>guy continues breaking into cars
>police arrive on scene, man runs, hops several fences
>man begins to hid in a backyard
>police close in on him
>when police arrive in back yard, man pulls out cell phone
>police think it is gun and duck behind corner for cover, order him to raise his hands
>man continues coming towards officers
>they unload their magazines into him
>turns out he hopped fences until he got into his grannies backyard and has two kids
>he dindu nuffin wrong, police are bad guys
these protests have been going on for over a week now
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Trump contradicts himself over Comey firing

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>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he did not fire James Comey “because of the phony Russia investigation,” contradicting his 2017 statement that he ousted the FBI director last year over the probe.

>“Both of those things can’t be true,” Comey said in response when asked about the president’s comments on ABC, adding that he still does not know why Trump fired him last May.

>“It matters that the president is not committed to the truth as a central American value,” he said on the television network’s “The View” program.

>Comey’s ouster came as the FBI investigated alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion between Moscow and Trump’s campaign. The firing prompted the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to lead the inquiry and look at possible obstruction of justice.

>Trump, who has denied collusion with Moscow, on Wednesday posted a tweet referring to “Slippery James Comey” and said he “was not fired because of the phony Russia investigation.” Trump did not elaborate.

>American intelligence agencies have said Russia interfered in the 2016 election through a campaign of propaganda and hacking in a scheme to sow U.S. discord and help get Trump elected. Russia has denied interfering in the election.

>Trump had told Comey in a May 9 dismissal letter that he could not effectively lead the law enforcement agency. Two days later, Trump cited the Russia investigation in a televised interview with NBC News.