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NHS To Ban Smokers And Obese People From Having Surgery

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The NHS is planning to ban obese patients and smokers from having surgery unless they lose weight or kick their habit, setting a ‘dangerous precedent’.

Under controversial plans drawn up in Hertfordshire, the NHS say obese patients ‘will not get non-urgent surgery until they reduce their weight’, unless their circumstances are exceptional.

This harsher criteria comes despite an existing policy which delays surgery for up to nine months for those with a high BMI, requiring them to lose at least 10 per cent of their weight.

The restrictions mean those with a Body Mass Index of 30 or more will be set targets to reduce their weight by 10 per cent over nine months, while those with a BMI over 40 will be told to cut their weight by 15 per cent, report The Telegraph.

The new criteria also means smokers will only be referred for operations if they’ve quit smoking for at least eight weeks and will introduce a forced breathalysed test before their referral.

The plans will also see cuts in IVF provision and provision of medicines, causing concern the wealthy will simply pay for treatments while those on lower incomes will simply have to go without.

East and North Hertfordshire CCG and Herts Valleys said they hope to encourage people ‘to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, wherever possible, freeing up limited NHS resources for priority treatment’.
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What I want to know is what is antifa planning in nov?

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin

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>shit which wester media ignore or post changed

Thank you very much.

I am not sure how optimistic it will sound, but I am aware that you had very lively discussions over the last three days. I will try, as has now become customary, to share with you what I think about some of the issues. Please do not take it badly if I say something that has already been said as I did not follow all the discussions.

To begin with, I would like to welcome Mr Karzai, Mr Ma, Mr Toje, our colleagues and all our friends. I can see many familiar faces in the audience. Welcome everyone to the Valdai Club meeting.

By tradition, this forum focuses on discussing the most pressing global political as well as economic matters. This time, the organisers, as was just mentioned again, have come up with a fairly difficult challenge asking the participants to try to look beyond the horizon, to ponder over what the coming decades may be like for Russia and the international community.

Of course, it is impossible to foresee everything and to take into account all the opportunities and risks that we will be faced with. However, we need to understand and sense the key trends, to look for outside-the-box answers to the questions that the future is posing for us at the moment, and will surely pose more. The pace of developments is such that we must react to them constantly as well as quickly.

The world has entered an era of rapid change. Things that were only recently referred to as fantastic or unattainable have become a reality and have become part of our daily lives.

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Mother put children in oven, turned it on cooked them while alive

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An Atlanta mother accused of killing her two young sons put them in an oven and turned it on, according to an arrest warrant.

Authorities said that Lamora Williams called police Friday night, Oct. 13, and said her children were dead.

Authorities arrived and found the bodies of 1-year-old son Ja’Karter Penn and 2-year-old Ke-Yaunte Penn.

A third boy, 3-year-old Jameel Penn Jr., was also found. He was unharmed.

The father of all three children, Jameel Penn, says Williams called him to tell him that his children were dead.

The mother told police that she left the three children with her cousin for nearly 12 hours. When police arrived, the cousin was nowhere to be found. Authorities now believe that Williams left the children home alone.

According to the arrest warrant, the crimes happened between midnight Oct. 12 and 11 p.m. Oct. 13 -- a span of nearly two days.

Williams is charged with two counts of murder as well as cruelty to children in the first degree. She waived her first court appearance on Monday and was denied bond.

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Richard Spencer at UF Live Stream by FOX

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Florida man rewarded $37,500 after police mistake doughnut glaze for meth

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A man arrested in Florida after police mistook doughnut glaze in his car for meth has received a $37,500 settlement.
Daniel Rushing told the Orlando Sentinel that he received a check last week from the city of Orlando.

Rushing was arrested in December 2015 when Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins spotted flakes of glaze on his car's floorboard and thought they were pieces of crystal methamphetamine. Rushing told officers it was likely sugar from Krispy Kreme doughnuts he'd eaten, but roadside drug tests were positive for the illegal substance.

A state crime lab test cleared Rushing several weeks later, and he filed a lawsuit.
Orlando police ended up training more than 730 officers how to properly use the field-test kits.
Riggs-Hopkins was given a written reprimand for making an improper arrest.

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Sprott CEO Will Ask Board to Demand Marc Faber's Resignation

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Sprott CEO Peter Grosskopf says the company’s board will be asked to demand Marc Faber’s resignation as director immediately, following the publication of a report in which Faber makes racist claims, Bloomberg News's Danielle Bochove reports.

The company will speak to Faber to ensure no "mistake" was made but expects to push for his resignation immediately.

Grosskopf said the company was "deeply disappointed" and shocked by Faber's comments: "We take pride in the fact that we are a global organization with a racially inclusive employee, client and investment base. Our policies in that regard are crystal clear and well known. As such these comments and thinking are completely unacceptable and we will be taking immediate steps to distance ourselves from Mr. Faber and request his resignation from our board."

Faber wrote in his investor letter this month that "the U.S. would look like Zimbabwe" if it had been settled by black people instead of whites.

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White flight attendant turned model now black

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A white glamour model who spent £50,000 on surgery in a bid to transform herself into an 'exotic Barbie' appeared on TV to tell the world she now 'identifies as black woman'.

Former air hostess Martina Big, who claims she is 28 and a size 6, has boosted her breasts to a size 32S, and used tanning injections and her own powerful 50-tube sunbed to achieve her 'dark, crispy brown' complexion.

The German tanning addict, who claims her breasts are 'Europe's biggest', appeared on The Maury Show where she told the host: 'I am black. That is my race. I can't wait to go to Africa because I hear the food is tasty.

'It's better to be black, the feeling inside is just better.'

In January, Martina had three melanin boosting injections that have turned her a deep shade of mahogany.

'I am the proud owner of black skin,' she tells the audience. 'If they start fading, I won't feel less black. I will ask them for more.'

Martina, who describes herself as '80 per cent black' because she still 'has a lot to learn', was joined by husband Michael, who has also had the tanning injections but identifies as 'medium'.

When asked if she thinks she's offending people who were born black, she said: 'No, I don't want to. I know some feel attacked but it's not my intention. I do it for myself and only talk to people who want to talk with me about this.'

Martina first began dabbling with surgery in 2012, when her boyfriend encouraged her to take up modelling.

She once aspired to look like Pamela Anderson or Katie Price but has since decided they're 'not curvy enough'.

'I wanted to look like a Barbie with long blonde hair and long legs but much bigger breasts,' she explains.

'I look at Pamela Anderson and I want to look like her. I like her curves. I am making myself a real life Barbie.'
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Germany’s First Sex Doll-Only Brothel Opens

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And it has been a ROARING success, because apparently dudes are sick of human women’s sh*t and they’re not going to take it anymore.

Each doll is booked as many as TWELVE TIMES A DAY, for $25 an hour, which – if my math is right – means Evelyn is bringing in $3300 a day, without having to have any Actual Employees. The dolls won’t need sick days, maternity leaves – they won’t ask for PTO time or holiday pay. They don’t need healthcare.

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Vegas Shooting Jesus Campos

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New timeline...

Jesus Campos now reporting he was shot at 9:59 pm, six minutes before massacre occurred. Before he was shot in the leg (really a bullet ricocheted into his leg) he said he was responding to a door alarm. Bullet hit and he just stayed there? it says another maintenance worker came up to the 32nd floor..unrelated and campos helped him to safety. why didn't he help himself to safety because after he supposedly did that he sat outside of the room while there was gunfire. Police did not arrive for nearly twenty minutes. NO ONE heard the 200 rounds fired at campos. how could no one hear that in a hotel? why did he wait so long in between shooting into the hallway to shooting the crowd? also say that he checked in on sept 25 as opposed to the originally stated sept 28.
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