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City of love welcomes the poor, the hungry and the cold

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>> Paris installs boulders under bridge to prevent makeshift migrant camps – activists

>> “These big stones crush little hope that remains for those people who have already suffered so much… We want answers to these shocking methods,” the organization said.

Countries have always put up walls to punish and suffer others to die: Elsewhere.
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Coders Rescue NASA's Earth Science Data.

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ON SATURDAY MORNING,the white stone buildings on UC Berkeley’s campus radiated with unfiltered sunshine. The sky was blue, the campanile was chiming. But instead of enjoying the beautiful day, 200 adults had willingly sardined themselves into a fluorescent-lit room in the bowels of Doe Library to rescue federalclimate data.

Likesimilar groupsacross the country—in more than 20 cities—they believe that the Trump administration might want to disappear this data down a memory hole. So these hackers, scientists, and students are collecting it to save outside government servers.

But now they’re going even further. Groups likeDataRefugeand theEnvironmental Data and Governance Initiative, which organized the Berkeley hackathon to collect data fromNASA’s earth sciences programsand the Department of Energy, are doing more than archiving. Diehard coders are building robust systems to monitor ongoing changes to government websites. And they’re keeping track of what’s already been removed—because yes, the pruning has already begun.

Tag It, Bag It

The data collection is methodical, mostly. About half the group immediately sets web crawlers on easily-copied government pages, sending their text to the Internet Archive, a digital library made up of hundreds of billions of snapshots of webpages. They tag more data-intensive projects—pages with lots of links, databases, and interactive graphics—for the other group. Called “baggers,” these coders write custom scripts to scrape complicated data sets from the sprawling, patched-together federal websites.

It’s not easy. “All these systems were written piecemeal over the course of 30 years. There’s no coherent philosophy to providing data on these websites,” says Daniel Roesler, chief technology officer at UtilityAPI and one of the volunteer guides for the Berkeley bagger group.

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BREAKING: Trump sacks attorney general

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>Donald Trump has fired the acting US attorney general, after she questioned the legality of his immigration ban.
>Sally Yates, who had been appointed under Barack Obama, earlier ordered justice department lawyers not to enforce the president's executive order.
>In a statement, the White House said Ms Yates had "betrayed" the department.
>Dana Boente, US attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, replaces her as acting attorney general.
>In a letter, Ms Yates had said she was "not convinced" that the president's order was lawful.
>"As long as I am the acting attorney general, the department of justice will not present arguments in defence of the Executive Order," she said.
>But the White House said she had "betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States".
>"President Trump relieved Ms Yates of her duties," a statement from the press secretary said.
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Was Kim Jong Nam Murdered by Woman Wearing 'LOL' Shirt?

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Kim Jong-nam two female assassins
but only 1 on camera. Damn North Korea has vampire assassins!
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USA Spies?

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> Russia suspected over hacking attack on Italian foreign ministry

It could "easily" be US spy-guys. This is what spies do: they spread false data--LIES--while simultaneously hacking other countries.

Their psychotic president is a presentation of the sickness that infects most of the usa population; the world.
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Rupert Murdoch-owned outlets get only questions at Trump-Japan press event

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President Trump only chose media outlets owned by conservative mogul Rupert Murdoch to ask questions during Friday’s joint press conference with Japanese President Shinzo Abe.

>The White House typically says in advance which outlets will be allowed to ask questions of the world leaders during such events, most often on a rotating basis.

>Trump called on reporters from the New York Post and Fox Business Network, two outlets that are owned by Murdoch's News Corp. No other American reporters were called on during the press conference.

>The Post’s Daniel Halper, who published a book critical of Trump's presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, in 2014, asked Trump about his reaction to a federal court's ruling on Thursday that kept his travel ban inactive. Halper also asked Abe about his response to Trump’s decision to drop out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multi-country trade deal that included Japan.

>The only other question from American media came from Fox Business's Blake Burman, who asked follow-up questions along the same lines.

>This week, the Financial Times reported that Murdoch sat in on Trump’s interview with The Times of London, which is also owned by News Corp. Murdoch has reportedly sought a closer relationship with Trump after initial skirmishes between Trump and Murdoch's Fox News during the Republican primary.

>During the campaign, the GOP nominee sat down for regular interviews with Fox even while his face time with other networks dwindled.

>Roger Ailes, Fox News's former president, also reportedly advised the campaign after leaving the network amid a sexual harassment scandal.
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How do you build a robot army?

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How do you build a robot army?
A deep dive into building robots from scratch and their controlling hive mind.

Warning this is a long read.
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"UK woman Kimberley Taylor joins fight against IS"

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>Former maths student
>No previous military experience
>Headed to Syria with the primary aim of "Taking photos of the action".
>Wants to be part of a force of "women with strength"
>said she sometimes "feels a bit stupid" when filming the fighting
>Doesnt want to scare her family

She does realise that I.S. would just machinegun her without even blinking... right?
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Dead A.I.

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> Making A.I. Systems that See the World as Humans Do

Machines will never have souls and spirits, merely a perverted mimicry of it. They will never have emotional intelligence. Only pretense and artificiality. Fake intelligence will always be dead and useless, fooling only the ignorant; who would personify a computer program written by a group of anti-social, socially-stunted science or business guys without answers, only greed and lust and lacking the spirit of cooperation, sharing and fair.

Anyone else remember Saturn 3? The more mobility they give machines, the more destruction they can do when they do break, fail to mimic, as psychopaths go off the reservation at random. Mostly it will affect only the people the machines kill, but sometimes their families will be upset too.

I am all for plain tech that can help us, but extravagant, flashy solutions possible only by burning exorbitant amounts of energy--that pollutes the earth and kills us--is not helping us. There is no "ingenuity of man."
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Finally! YouTube removes degenerate porn video posing as "art" after backlash

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