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Florida police sergeant fired over on duty sex with cop

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>female police sergeant who had sex with an engaged officer while on duty is FIRED after handing over an X-rated video and a selfie of her lover exposing himself in his SWAT police uniform

>Amy Walling, 43, a Florida police sergeant, had a secret affair with fellow cop Sgt. Jason Vansteenburgh. Both have been fired from the Jupiter police department
>Walling was fired Thursday after she surrendered to her department a graphic video of her and Vansteenburgh having sex while he was on duty
>Walling also provided Internal Affairs with a selfie from Vansteenburgh, posing in his full SWAT police uniform and bullet-proof vest - with his semi-erect penis sticking out of his pants
>Vansteenburgh then turned over a photo of bare-breasted Walling that she texted to him
>Meanwhile, Vansteenburgh was engaged to another woman and the situation turned dangerous at a popular Jupiter bar in April 2016
>Walling and the other woman got into a fight at the bar and she bit two of her fellow officers when they tried to restrain her