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Paris Orly Airport shooting: Attacker was on terror watchlist

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Surprise surprise!

>A radicalised Muslim on a crime watchlist opened fire on three police officers at a road check before attacking a soldier at a Paris airport.

>The gunman launched his first attack after being stopped for speeding at a road check north of the city early this morning, shooting a policewoman in the head.

>He then held up a woman motorist at gunpoint, stealing her car and driving to Orly airport. In the airport terminal the attacker assaulted a patrol of three counter-terrorism soldiers, wrestling one of them to the floor and trying to take her gun.

>The man was shot dead by patrol officers as they attempted to protect the women and members of the public at the airport, according to France's Interior Ministry.

Religion of peace strikes again with yet more cultural enrichment. Aren't we Europeans blessed to have just diverse cities with people of all creeds and persuasions mingling together?