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Feminists try to have men's charity removed from annual run

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>Five community organizations are expressing concern that a Canadian registered charity associated with the men's rights movement is participating in the annual BMO Vancouver Run4Hope marathon.
>The Canadian Association for Equality Vancouver branch is one of eight community charities involved with the annual run.
>Each year, run participants ask sponsors to donate to any of these organizations, which are listed as community charities. There are also national and official charities from which to choose.
>The men's group says it advocates for men and boys. Johnston says CAFE is an "evidence-based" organization that gets its statistics from neutral organizations such as Statistics Canada, and is not sure why his group draws such fire for trying to shine a light on male mental-health issues.
>"We are not making up numbers here," he said.
>But critics disagree.
>"This organization pushed their agenda by perpetuating information that is not accurate in regards to sexual assault and domestic violence that happens across Canada," said Greg Oudman, executive director of the Vancouver-based Health Initiative for Men.
>Run Vancouver sent CBC News a statement in response, which read in part "Charities are not sponsors of the Vancouver International Marathon and their participation in the marathon should not be construed as an endorsement by the marathon."
>"Nonetheless we take seriously any and all concerns brought to our attention and will review this matter thoroughly to ensure that our guiding objectives are indeed being fulfilled."
>BMO did not respond to CBC's request for an interview.
>According to CAFE's website, its mandate is to "[achieve] equality for all Canadians."