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crossdresser can wear a bra and rub his nipples at window

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A crossdresser convicted of breaching the peace by wearing women's underwear in his home in full view of neighbours has been cleared after high court judges ruled he did not commit a crime.

David Wotherspoon, 41, was spotted wearing a bra on a number of occasions and was seen rubbing his nipples.

He stood at the window of his flat in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, and in the hallway with the front door open.

Shocked residents complained to housing bosses and Wotherspoon was convicted of breach of the peace at Glasgow Sheriff Court in August last year.

He was sentenced to a community payback order with a requirement of 18 months supervision.

He launched a failed challenge to his conviction at the sheriff appeal court but after taking his case to the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh it has now been overturned.

Three law lords have said that while his conduct was "exhibitionist" and "provocative", it was not criminal.

They said that prosecutors have failed to prove that Wotherspoon had caused alarm to members of the public who had spotted him.

Lord Carloway, the Lord Justice General, sitting with Lord Drummond Young and Lord Turnbull, said: "The appellant's conduct may have been exhibitionist, provocative and even perverse.

"None of these descriptions render it criminal.

"Although the wearing of clothing more suited to a different gender has been held to constitute a breach of the peace in certain circumstances, the court is unable to hold that a man wearing a bra in his own home amounts to conduct which is either genuinely alarming to any reasonable person, although it may be to some, or that it threatens serious disturbance to the community.