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Who can sell their poop?

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VEGANS! You Can Make Money Selling Your Poop - Here's How

Now you can REALLY say your job is sh!t...

Could donating your poop make more people turn vegan?

Last week, animal rights charity PETA launched a campaign asking generous vegans to donate their, ahem, poop.

According to the organization, fecal microbiota transplants are becoming more popular as a treatment for patients suffering from debilitating stomach ailments.

Saving lives

A spokesperson said: "Since fecal transplants from healthy vegan donors are considered the gold standard, PETA posted a call on its website this morning urging vegans to sign up to become 'super fecal donors' through stool banks OpenBiome and Advancing Bio."

The charity hopes that by helping people beat serious stomach complaints, vegan fecal donations will help recipients see the value of going vegan themselves in order to save lives - those of animals and, potentially, their own.

A healthy whole food plant-based diet means 'better' gut bacteria
But what is a fecal transplant?

PETA claims: "A relatively new medical treatment called a fecal microbiota transplant [FMT] - which involves taking the stool of a healthy person filled with 'good bacteria' and transplanting it into the colon of an unhealthy person with 'bad bacteria - is becoming a more popular treatment for patients suffering from inflammatory colon diseases like C. difficile (C. diff) and Crohn’s disease."

And PETA says you can actually make money from donating your stools: "According to OpenBiome, a nonprofit stool bank, some 30,000 people die from C. diff-related causes every year.

"The company is now seeking healthy donors to enable it to offer potentially lifesaving treatment for people with C. diff infections.

"Donors are paid $40 per stool donation. Yup, you don’t even have to give it away!"
Better poop