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Ford makes room for new self-driving vehicle, moving EV production to Mexico

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>Just months after Ford cancelled plans to build a plant in Mexico and not move some vehicle production south of the border, the automaker says it plans to shift future production of an electric vehicle from Michigan to Mexico.

>The move is part of a larger plan to free up production space at the automaker's plant in Flat Rock, Michigan so it can build its first autonomous-drive vehicle.

>That vehicle, will be a gas-electric hybrid model capable of operating 20 hours a day.

>"You're starting to see the foundation of Ford's bet on A-V's (autonomous-drive vehicles). We're very excited about what we are doing," said Jim Farley, president of global markets for Ford.

>For now, Ford is not revealing many details about the autonomous-drive vehicle it plans to build in Michigan except that it will have commercial grade performance and durability.

>"While others are focusing on A-V's for ride-hailing, our business model will be much more diverse," said Farley. "We'll move people and goods."

>Earlier this year, Ford announced a partnership with Domino's Pizza to develop self-driving cars to deliver pizzas to customers. Farley says the automaker will announce more commercial partners in the months to come.