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No one noticed that they never answered our president's question.

So, how is it in the interest of US citizens for the federal government to import hordes of primitive, lawless, illiterate, uneducated, diseased peasants from the world's most dysfunctional nations, many of whom are infested with the Muslim enemy or otherwise organized, murderous cartels? We, The People, are owed an answer from our elected representatives in the US legislature.

The entire premise of the suicidal, lawless immigration labyrinth run by the kleptocracy is that some "best and brightest" peasants are fleeing their shit-holes for a better life. If you remove their shit-hole premise, then the rest of their notions collapse upon themselves. After all, if their homelands are just as nice as ours, then repatriating their wayward families back to their homeland (intact and whole of course!) should be nothing but joyous for everyone. Family values! Moreover, a "best and brightest" should buck up and perform its civic duties, instead of fleeing from them, especially so for the racially pure homelands they brag about. That is, the "best and brightest" stay and fix whatever problems they have, rather than abandon the lesser blessed of their own civilization, right? Harboring these lawless cowards isn't helping anyone. Anywhere. Finally, on their tired dog-whistle of "racism", to the extent it has any objective meaning at all, the word well depicts these primitive hyper-tribalists who ferociously maintain ninety-something percent racial purity in their homelands. It most certainly does not depict the tiniest minority race who built the few nations now under invasion by the majority races from the rest of the planet.