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Porn industry reeling after sex assault allegations, deaths of 5 actresses

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>Even before the allegations against Harvey Weinstein in October and Hollywood’s Time’s Up initiative to combat sexual misconduct, adult video had seen scandals, including star Nikki Benz’s claims of on-set sexual assault last year against producer-director Tony T. Benz said via Twitter that the director stomped her head and choked her after she yelled “cut.” In 2015, multiple women alleged porn actor James Deen assaulted them.

>Both men have disputed the allegations — Tony T. even sued, and the case is being appealed. He said Los Angeles police declined to pursue the case, but the LAPD hasn’t confirmed one way or another. Meanwhile, Deen continued to release titles through his production company last year.

>Jeremy, accused of assault by multiple women, was cast out of AVN, but he was spotted at the XBIZ conference in Los Angeles last month before, organizers say, he was removed.

>Since November, porn has faced another scandal: a wave of tragedy that claimed the lives of performers August Ames, Olivia Lua, Olivia Nova, Turi Luv and Shyla Stylez.

>Ames hanged herself after she was cyberbullied for implying she didn’t want to work with a male performer who appeared in gay porn. Luv, a.k.a. Yuri Beltran, died of a suspected overdose not long after she tweeted that she needed a hug. Causes of death of the others — Styles died in her sleep — were not immediately known, as the coroners’ conclusions have been delayed.


>At the awards show last month, Ames’s husband, Kevin Moore — an adult filmmaker who is now working on an industry mental health initiative — told the crowd, “There can never be another AVN Awards show that has a memorial full of young women ever again.”