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Man arrested after shouting ‘womp, womp’ and pulling a gun on immigration protesters

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/pol/ does it again!

The gathering at a park gazebo in Huntsville, Ala., was by no means the largest of Saturday’s nationwide protests against President Trump’s “zero tolerance” border policies, though it was memorable for other reasons.

It began around noon, as an Episcopal priest delivered a prayer to about 100 protesters gathered around the gazebo and a man marched back and forth in front of her, shouting “womp, womp!”

This was not the man’s only message. He held a sign above his head on which was written “ICE ICE Baby,” and he occasionally shout-sang the notes of a hip-hop song by the same name over the prayer.

The man had a handgun tucked in his cargo pants, according to police.

After he had disrupted the first half of Holder-Joffrion’s prayer, a few protesters began drifting away from the audience to confront the man. A woman paced backward in front of him, holding her own sign in his face as he marched forward — “Super Callous Racist Fascist Sexist Braggadocious.”

“Where are your ancestors from?” someone asked the man.

“Alabama!” he answered.

Holder-Joffrion felt her stomach tighten but made up her mind to finish the prayer.
“Holy and ever-loving God . . .” said the priest, Kerry Holder-Joffrion.

“Womp, womp!” said the man.

“We pray for the children of this nation and all nations . . .”


The man was parroting former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who had uttered the same sound on Fox News several days earlier during a discussion about migrant children being seized from their parents at the border. Lewandowski’s sarcastic “womp, womp” revolted many people — but also apparently inspired a certain segment of Trump’s supporters, as the people at Big Spring Park were now discovering.

“We offer your love to all of our children . . .” Holder-Joffrion continued.

“Womp, womp!”