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Please help raise awareness

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Hello dearest channers.

I am trying to raise awareness for the Sovereign State of Good Hope (SSGH). A newly founded country who succeeded from South Africa because of the terrible crime. I am, however, being unsuccessful because there are blockages everywhere. The SSGH has lodged a notification of secession to the governmental parties involved on 24 Sept 2017. The final arrangements are now in place.

We need international rep - lots and lots of it (to counter possible plans to silently assassinate the Koi-San King)

Please do something with your beautiful life now and share this, I am not asking for money, I am not offering anything other than InfineHope.

#ChooseHope #InfiniteHope - please use tags

The whole world is a mess, I understand that. And it is foolish of me to expect your time, it is foolish and selfish to hope that we can still reach a place of hope, but if we succeeed we can recuperate, one country at a time. Liberty. True liberty can be found.

The SSGH has a legitimate opportunity to be the first gold-backed, multi-tiered, multi-cultural monarchial-democary in the world, something that would likely offer new hope on a global scale.

Many people in South Africa are are severely oppressed and there are risks of land being taken without compensation of any kind. According to the South African constitution property is not limited to land, but also to possessions. The government has finally achieved their goal of playing the victim to the point where the IMF is offering to help them achieve this full scale communism.

All we are asking for is awareness.