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California initiative to stop giving driver's licenses to illegals, and revoke those already in use

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Theheght against licenses for illegal immigrants in California may go to the voters in November.

Don Rosenberg’s son was struck and killed by an illegal immigrant driver in San Francisco and he’s working now to get an initiative on the November ballot to repeal A-B 60 – the law allowing illegals to get driver licenses: He says the stats point to the law’s failure

“Well, if you’re willing to say that over 12-hundred deaths are acceptable for the million people that have been given driver licenses in California, then we’re better off. But I’m not willing to say that. And that’s just deaths. That doesn’t count hit and runs, that doesn’t count collisions.”

He said he tried to persuade lawmakers in Sacramento that the bill would fail to make the roads safer.

“I was the only person in the state -which is pretty hard to believe considering how many people are here – who testified against AB 60 – the drivers’ license bill and I never once said they shouldn’t get a license because they’re here illegally. My testimony was all based on research I had done; that they had been terrible drivers and you give them licenses and it’s not going to make them any better.”

His website is FightSanctuaryState.com