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Trump supports white supremacist terrorism by refusing to fund program that fights domestic terror

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Report comes less than a week after 3 domestic terrorist attacks that were influenced by Trumps' rhetoric.

>The Trump administration had already canceled a grant for a group that fights white supremacist terror.

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration, which already canceled a grant for a group that fights white supremacist terror, now appears unwilling to renew the anti-domestic terror program under which it was funded, despite recent high-profile attacks like the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and data showing a spike in attacks on religious minorities.

The Obama administration launched the Countering Violent Extremism Grant Program in 2016 to fight domestic terrorism. Managed by the Department of Homeland Security, the program was given $10 million to distribute.

In the last days of the Obama administration, DHS awarded the money to more than two dozen groups around the country to counter violent extremism of all kinds, including right-wing extremism. Data from the Global Terrorism Database shows there was a spike in attacks on American religious organizations in 2016-17.

The money paid for the development of new approaches to prevent terrorism before it begins. Programs that develop training materials for law enforcement, mental health counselors and schools to better identify warning signs of extremism so that terrorism can be averted were designated to receive funds.

Other programs built relationships, like a project that pairs Boston Police Department officers with young Somali-Americans. Another program in Illinois was developing the best ways to intervene with people who are leaning toward extremism before it's too late.

But weeks after President Trump took office, the funding was put on hold.