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NPR accidentally makes the case for the ethno-state using gun crime statistics.

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NPR tries to compare American gun violence to other countries but sites either overtly so or practically so, Ethno-States to make the case. Thus weakening the myth that multiculturalism is in any way a strength.

all of this is from Wikipedia or otherwise data links are below.

Singapore is 76.2% ethnic Chinese.
Japan is 98.5% ethnic Japanese.
Indonesia is more like the United States with a rather small majority ethnic group 40% and many diverse others. - see link below
Oman is 73% ethnic Arab. link below.
China is 91% ethnic Han Chinese.
South Korea 99% ethnic Korean.
I'll skip the UK, but will say the UK is over 50% ethnic "English".
Iceland is 94% Ethnic Icelandic.
Bangladesh is 98% ethnic Bengali.
Romania is 84% ethnic Romanian.