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dapp.com Q3 report

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Dapp.com, an innovative and cutting-edge ecosystem dedicated for decentralised applications,
which helps and inspires developers and users to embrace the exciting blockchain technology with confidence,
is being launched by Kyle Lu and the team.

Awareness of dapps and what they have gained huge traction in the blockchain developer community, especially
on Ethereum and EOS. Ever since EOS launched its mainnet in June, the so-called "Game of Thrones” of the blockchain has kicked-off officially.
Ethereum, the most established blockchain, EOS, the operating system designed for dapps, and high-speed blockchains including NEO, Steem, and TRON,
are aggressively expanding their dapp landscape. As the facilitator and enabler of dapps, Dapp.com produced the “Dapp.com Q3 Market Report,” to recap
what happened and where we are with dapps, especially regarding Ethereum and EOS.

The EOS ecosystem has performed very well in Q3 -- 70 active dapps within 4 months, and
transaction volume of over 60,000,000 EOS for a 4-month-old blockchain.