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Times up for women only programs at University of Michigan

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>Mark Perry is on a mission to rout what he sees as rampant discrimination against men in higher education.
>Perry's efforts are part of a larger push in recent years to challenge women-only programs on college campuses by invoking Title IX, the law banning sex discrimination in education programs that receive federal funding. The federal Department of Education has launched a slew of investigations into such programs. Perry argues they are not only illegal but outdated: For years, more women than men have graduated from college.

>"I called it gender apartheid," he said. "They had this prime space on campus where they were discriminating against half their student body."

>But Kristin Mapel Bloomberg, a professor of women's studies at Hamline University, says efforts such as Perry's abuse Title IX. "This is part of a longer-term backlash against gains women have made in education and the professions," she said.
Enforcing equality on women is violent abuse.

>Macalester says it simply rents space to a national program that puts on the camp. St. Thomas said programs like its STEPS camp recognize that one factor in the shortage of women in engineering is a drop-off in interest in the middle grades.

Our hero is ending Segregated Diversity, Isolated Inclusion, Deed Equality, Blasphemic hate crimes, original sin of privilege.