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top 1% comprise up to 60% of 38 Universities

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Scratch the surface of a conservative and underneath you will find someone who hates change -- scratch the surface of a liberal and underneath you will find an aristocrat

Students who are from families of Americas top 1% comprise a larger portion of the student body than all students from below the 60% in each of Americas 38 most prestigious universities.

Crunching the numbers this means that the group which in an egalitarian society would comprise 1/99th of the student body at this school instead compromise an amount roughly 6000x larger than would be expected.

Over in California, students of Stanford University are suing multiple other colleges for the recent massiv university-bribery scandal where rich people were paying bribes to get their children into school:


The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco and alleges the students were denied a fair opportunity for admission.

Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods say they were denied a fair opportunity to apply to Yale and USC.

They say the alleged scheme allowed "unqualified students" to be admitted to "highly selective universities."

The lawsuit also named the University of California, Los Angeles, Wake Forest, Georgetown University and others.

More than 50 people were charged earlier this week.