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Celebrate Columbine High massacre with hunt for armed woman

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>The lockdowns come just days before the 20th anniversary of a mass shooting at the school that killed 12 students and a teacher.
This sentence is so much more important than the threat details that the article wrote it twice! Its that time of year again that coincides with Hitlers birthday.

>The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the FBI says 18-year-old Sol Pais traveled to Colorado on Monday night and made threats but they didn't provide any details about the threats. They say she was last seen in the foothills west of Denver, where some of the schools put on lockdown are located.

>Columbine High School and about a dozen other schools are on lockdown as law enforcement says it is investigating what appears to be a credible threat possibly involving the schools.

>School officials say the doors were locked but classes were continuing Tuesday at Columbine and two other nearby schools and at other schools farther away in the district.