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Florida Panthers Accidentally Created a #QAnon Conspiracy Meme

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Depending on whom you ask, the upcoming Florida Panthers season is about to be exciting for two wildly different reasons. If you have a normal brain and enjoy hockey, great — the Panthers just hired a new coach, Joel Quenneville, who has a long track record of success and piloted the Chicago Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup wins.

If you're a paranoid shut-in who follows the absolutely nuts QAnon conspiracy theory, then you're also in luck. Earlier this month, the Panthers made a bunch of posters and a literal billboard emblazoned with the sentence "Q IS HERE" — a reference to Quenneville — and some of the absolutely stupidest people on Earth now believe it's a reference to QAnon.

Because everything on the internet in 2019 is broken and depraved, a few prominent QAnon-following Twitter accounts posted photos of the billboard. The images are now cycling through the websites chan and Voat, two online cesspools of hate and racism:

For the uninitiated, QAnon is a batshit-crazy, pro-Trump conspiracy theorizing that prominent Democratic politicians, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, run an international child-rape coven, and that (accused sex predator) Donald Trump is working behind the scenes to arrest every member of the child-molesting Deep State. Like most bad things on the internet, the theory began on the website chan. A user named "Q Clearance Patriot" started claiming in 2017 he or she had inside access to the president, and people quickly began to believe Q was posting insider intelligence about President Trump.