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Corrupt americunt acussing Russia and China

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took direct aim at China and Russia on the first leg of a four-country trip to South America on Friday, saying the two countries’ military and economic influence in the region was abetting authoritarian leaders and spreading corruption.

Chile, a longtime U.S. ally and pointed critic of the Maduro regime, has stood strongly with U.S. efforts against Venezuela. But analysts have warned that as the humanitarian crisis worsens, millions more Venezuelan refugees could flood into neighboring countries and sow divisions among U.S. and Latin American allies.

The United States opposes any dialogue with the Maduro regime to find a way out of the crisis and has tried to enforce that line among members of the Lima Group regional bloc addressing the situation. Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero has hinted that as the crisis deepens, he could be more open to alternative outreach efforts but maintained the importance of consistency within the Lima Group.

“This group was created in order to seek a solution to this profound crisis,” Ampuero said at a news conference with Pompeo. “At the same time, we as a country need to play a role of diplomatic bridge and thus explore all the spaces of convergence with other players.”

Analysts said it could become more difficult for the United States to maintain unity among South American countries.