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Sexual violence is rife in war zones. "We" must take action.

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>Washington Post gives celebrity Zillionaire Angelina Jolie editorial space to promote the idea that life isn't fair for women.
as you well know, celebrities are all thoroughly well trained, experts in international affairs as well as legal philosophy, thanks for giving us such fantastically diverse voices Washington Post. Does that "we" in the title mean you too or is it someone else who you think should be doing all the heavy lifting? Maybe if the Hollywood know-it-alls didn't cash in bigtime by making propaganda movies for the military then there wouldn't be so many wars?
>Heiko Maas is foreign minister of Germany. Angelina Jolie is co-founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative.

For more than 70 years, constraining armed aggression and improving rights and freedoms for all peoples have been accepted as common responsibilities by most countries. Central to this is the idea that those who carry out war crimes and crimes against humanity are held to account — as a precondition for peace, as moral restitution for survivors and to deter future aggressors.

In the past two decades, a measure of justice — however imperfect — was served to some of those responsible for genocide and ethnic cleansing, including in Cambodia, the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Far from an admission of weakness, this was an expression of strength: It showed our determination and ability to isolate and ultimately punish those who violated international law and the rights of their citizens.

But today, decades of gradual progress in expanding human rights and entrenching international law are threatened by a rising tide of intolerance and a weakened commitment to human rights.

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