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Chinese Boot Camp Turns Boys into “Alpha Males” to Fight Rise of K-Pop Culture

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K-pop culture has been gaining popularity across the globe, but in China it is considered a decadent trend that threatens to destroy the nation’s future. To combat this menace, a former schoolteacher has founded the Real Man Training Club, a children’s boot camp that promises to turn boys into alpha males.

The Beijing-based Real Man Training Club offers members a variety of activities meant to boost their masculinity, such as American football, wrestling and boxing, as well as character-building treks through deserts and mountains. Founder Tang Haiyan leads the boys in chest beating and slogan shouting to build up their confidence, and makes them wear headbands with the words ‘Real Man’. Even their shirts and tracksuits feature English phrases like ‘Anything is Possible’ or ‘Power Leader’. All this is meant to develop the boys’ macho character to fit Tang’s perception of manliness, and make them immune to the taint of K-pop culture.

If you are promoting these effeminate figures it’s a calamity for our country,” Tang Haiyan told the Los Angeles Times about the rise of K-pop in China.

Tang is convinced that men are the pillars of a family and a country, but he is worried that China’s next generation will not be able to fulfil its role because of outside influences promoted by the media. K-pop inspired pop idols with their delicate beauty, dyed hair and pompous clothing are ruining the country’s youths, making them soft crybabies. And that’s where his alpha male boot camp comes into play.