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Qatari and Turkish linked Muslim Brotherhood lobbyist donated to Trump and Clinton

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Trump Donor Faces a Second Federal Probe
Businessman whose interactions with Trump’s inaugural have been under scrutiny is ensnared in probe examining work with foreign governments

Trump donor Imaad Zuberi accompanied a delegation from Qatar to New York’s Trump Tower in December 2016.

By Byron Tau
April 17, 2019
A Los Angeles businessman whose interactions with President Trump’s inaugural committee have been under scrutiny is now ensnared in another federal probe that is examining his political donations and work with foreign governments, according to people familiar with the inquiry.

Imaad Zuberi, who was a major Democratic donor before he abruptly pivoted to support Mr. Trump after the 2016 presidential election, was first named in a wide-ranging document subpoena issued Feb. 4 to the Trump inaugural committee by prosecutors in New York City. Mr. Zuberi contributed nearly $1 million to the inaugural festivities and hobnobbed at exclusive events for top donors, according to public records and people familiar with the situation.

In recent months, a different team of federal investigators in Los Angeles have asked Mr. Zuberi’s associates for records concerning his business entities and work with other nations, said the people familiar with the inquiry. Prosecutors asked questions about Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Turkey, according to one of the people.

Another person familiar with the matter said investigators seem focused on tax issues related to Mr. Zuberi’s companies.

Mr. Zuberi’s political donations also appear to be a focus of the probe, two people familiar with investigators’ questions say. A senior prosecutor in the public corruption section of the Los Angeles U.S. attorneys office is involved in the inquiry, one of the people said.

The U.S. attorneys office declined to comment.