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Students walk out when vigil turns political

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>a tranny and gay person shoot up a high school's STEM department >>393545
>a student was killed trying to stop the faguettes
>his name was Kendrick Castillo
>2k person candlelight vigil
>multiple speakers, mostly democratic politicians
>politicians begin preaching about gun control
>politicians continue preaching about gun control
>30 minutes into preaching STEM students get mad and leave
>STEM yell "this is not for us!", "political stunt" and "we are people, not a statement." as leaving
>outside they continually chant "mental health, mental health!"
>did I mention the shooters were faguettes?
>students refuse to speak to journalists
>students outside chanting push and scream at journalists
This is why im a STEM major.
Because STEM is based. and liberal arts is.. well, liberal