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'Queer feminist mermaid' Dem aims for Senate seat of Maine's Susan Collins

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A self-described “queer feminist mermaid” is running to unseat U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, prompted by Collins' vote last year that helped to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Bre Kidman, 31, is the first person to throw her name into the 2020 race for Collins’ Senate seat as Democrats, who initially warned of recruiting a strong candidate to run against the incumbent, so far haven't found a credible challenger.

Collins took a political hit at home for voting to confirm Kavanaugh, seeing her approval rating decline temporarily after the vote. But she has since rebounded and her latest approval rating indicates that more than half of Maine residents support her, according to the Morning Consult.

Yet Kidman, a lawyer who was born female but doesn’t use feminine pronouns and instead prefers “they or their,” claims the senator can be defeated.

“Like all other politicians, whether or not they want to admit it, I’m a human being who has grown and changed over the years,” Kidman told the Sun Journal of Lewiston. “I am funny. I’m weird. I’m serious. I’m happy. I’m sad. I’m a lot of different things.”

“And I want to be in a culture where it’s OK to be a lot of different things and also take part in building what we as a country are.”

But Kidman’s social media posts are likely to be a hindrance for the campaign rather than an advantage. “Criminal defense attorney by day & radical fat queer/performance artist/model/musician/activist most other times,” the candidate’s Facebook reads.

On the website for the Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony (MESH), Kidman is labeled as a “queer feminist lawyer, mermaid, writer, activist, and artist,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.