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Healthy sane white American IT worker, 23, chops off his penis, testicles in eunuch bid

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IT worker, 23, chops off his penis, testicles in eunuch bid

Trent Gates, 23, on the right, did a do-it-yourself castration and now feels freer without his penis and testicles.

A wacky Washington IT worker has hacked off his penis and testicles in a bloody bid to be a eunuch.

Trent Gates, 23, revealed that he used a razor-sharp knife to do the dreadful deed in his pursuit of being a “nullo” in 2016.

Nullos are extreme body modification enthusiasts who remove their genitalia — and often their nipples — for a smooth look.

Photos of a castrated man inspired him to do the same when he was 15.

According to The U.K. Sun, many nullos identify as “eunuchs”, some are asexual or submissive homosexuals.

Trent Gates really didn’t want his penis and testicles. So he cut them off. FACEBOOK
Gates told Metro U.S. he identifies as non-binary, adding that his bait and tackle never felt “like part of me.”

“I have no desire to be a woman. It’s kind of a middle ground in-between the two, an androgynous in-between,” he told the newspaper.

“I saw a photo [of the emasculated man named Gelding] online – it was like, bam, first photo I saw, that’s me, I want to be there someday.”

He cut off his penis at his Washington apartment and then a year later removed his testicles in a North Carolina hotel room. A friend watched to make sure there were no medical complications.

In both instances, he was taken to hospital and stitched up by a doctor. He was also referred to — surprise — mental health workers.

Trent Gates now says sex with his boyfriend has never been better.

Gates used painkiller oxycodone during his do-it-yourself castration.

The headshrinkers apparently declared him sane.

He now uses a catheter to urinate. Gates added that sex with his boyfriend is now “more intense.”