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Thank you americunts! Ukraine is offically a dictature now!

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The head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (KS), Stanislav Shevchuk, by a vote of 12 judges, was deprived of the status of a judge. Thus, he lost the status of the head of the court. According to the "Country", instead, Natalia Shaptala, the head of the CCU, was elected as a judge in a criminal case on the usurpation of power by Yanukovych (for voting to return the 1996 Constitution).

Stanislav Shevchuk has already declared that he considers his removal illegal.

“Today an anti-constitutional coup took place in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the seizure of state power by those who held the posts of judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. , with gross and flagrant violations of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On the Constitutional Court", the Rules of Procedure of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. that Poroshenko is behind this crime, who makes every effort to retain power by maintaining control over the main state institutions. I don’t intend to surrender and tomorrow I will go to court and law enforcement agencies, "said Stanislav Shevchuk.

We note, since the law on the Constitutional Court does not allow for the resignation of its head (except for the option when he himself wrote a statement), Shevchuk was dismissed through the dismissal of his position as a judge (according to Article 21 of the Law on the CC).

In fact, according to the lawyer, President Petro Poroshenko, ex-deputy head of his administration Alexey Filatov and Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court Alexander Tupitsky and a number of judges who are guided by the current president are behind intrigues in this body.