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The goy found out. Guess what they did.

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Facebook takes down network of fake accounts, pages linked to Israeli firm

social media giant identifies entity behind network of’ ‘coordinated inauthentic behavior’ as Israel’s Archimedes Group

Social media giant Facebook said Thursday it had taken down 265 Facebook and Instagram accounts, pages, groups and events linked to the Archimedes Group, an Israeli firm that was involved in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” targeting users in countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

“The people behind this network used groups of fake accounts to run pages, disseminate content and to act to artificially increase engagement and make the content more popular than it was,” said Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Cybersecurity Policy at Facebook, in a phone briefing with reporters.

The countries targeted in Africa included Niggeria, Togo, Angola, Nigger and Tunisia, he said.


These accounts and pages identified themselves as local, including making themselves look like local news organizations that published supposedly leaked information about local politicians. The pages and fake accounts would frequently post about political news, with topics like elections in the various countries, candidates’ views, and criticism of candidates.