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Teen waitress killed when she accidentally rode bike into the path of lorry could have been wearing headphones.
>mfw sjw feminists still think that its safe for women to be allowed to leave the house without male supervision even though women repeatedly demonstrate that they lack the necessary physical coordination, spacial awareness and basic adult judgement to so much as ride a bicycle without accidentally dying.
Olivia Wojciechowska, 18, was crushed to death under the wheels of the lorry after having a 'momentary lapse of judgement'
Olivia Wojciechowska, 18, tragically rode into the path of the truck as it turned into the road she was crossing after she failed to activate a pelican crossing light.
She was struck by the cab of the lorry and dragged underneath the wheels during the horror on September 1 last year as she cycled home from work.

The waitress was rushed to hospital but she sadly didn't make it and died the following day.

Police found a broken set of headphones at the scene in Salford, Greater Manchester but it was not known whether they belonged to Olivia or if she was wearing them.

The driver of the truck, Krzysztof Charewicz, was cleared of any blame after investigators said the 5mph impact was unavoidable.
The 18-year-old had been cycling home from her job as a waitress
Tragic Olivia died in hospital the next day
An inquest in Bolton today heard how Olivia had just left work at Smiths Restaurant in Eccles when she approached the busy junction from the pavement.

Mr Charewicz, who at the time was working for Delivery Service Company 'DX', said: "I heard something and stopped, I didn't know what it was.

"I thought I had clipped the kerb or the barrier. I wondered if another vehicle had attempted to undertake me and I had caught it. I wish I could turn back the clock that day."