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BREAKING: Flynn Exposes Trump

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The first and most important domino has fallen. Democrat victory over Trump now an inevitability.

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn provided special counsel Robert Mueller with information about possible efforts to interfere or obstruct his investigation, according to documents made public late Thursday.

In a filing attached to his sentencing memorandum, federal prosecutors said Flynn “informed the government of multiple instances, both before and after his guilty plea, where either he or his attorneys received communications from persons connected to the Administration or Congress that could have affected both his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation.”

Flynn, a former national security advisor, not only told investigators about these communications but also provided the special counsel’s office with a voicemail of one instance. Prosecutors said in their filing that they were not aware of some of these attempts until Flynn informed them.

A federal judge has ordered prosecutors to file transcripts of the voicemail as well as transcripts of any other recordings of Flynn, including his conversations with Russian officials. Judge Emmet Sullivan said they have until May 31 to file the transcripts, and also requested the actual audio recordings.