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Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about to endorse Jay Inslee for president?

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Ocasio-Cortez sure is taking her sweet time deciding who to endorse for president, but that is because she is researching each of the over 20 candidates carefully. The most important issue she will be looking at is climate change. After all, her signature issue is the Green New Deal. She has called out several candidates such as Beto O’Rourke who she doesn’t think is strong enough on climate change. However, one recent tweet reveals that Ocasio-Cortez may be warming up to Jay Inslee as her endorsee.

> [email protected]’s climate plan is the most serious + comprehensive one to address our crisis in the 2020 field.

>It meets key marks:
> Big enough
> Fast enough

Both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jay Inslee have made climate change their signature issues, so their priorities are obviously aligned.

Whomever Ocasio-Cortez ends up endorsing is expected gain significant support from her endorsement. Polls currently show Joe Biden as the clear frontrunner with multiple candidates vying for second place.