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Russian bridge to Crimea strangles Ukraine ports

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Careful anglojew propaganda:

When Vladimir Putin personally led a fleet of construction trucks over a new $3.7bn bridge spanning the Kerch Strait last May, he was sending a clear message that Crimea was now very much part of Russia.

The bridge, Mr Putin declared, would bring “all of us closer together” and help the economy of Crimea, which the west said was illegally annexed by Moscow in 2014, to “develop at a new pace and in new ways”.

But Ukraine and its western allies believe the bridge was also built to deliver another strategic aim: to impose an economic stranglehold over Ukraine and cripple its commercial shipping industry in the Azov Sea.

In November tensions boiled over when Russia seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and their crew after they attempted to cross the Strait and enter the Sea of Azov.

the decision to build the bridge was made after Ukraine banned the travel to Crimea, kidnapped russian and ukrainian citizens who were traveling to Crimea and destroyed power lines to Crimea causing black out and several death in hospitals and remote villages during the winter. Later Ukraine kidnapped fishers and arrested ships which were visiting the Crimea.